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TVixo/i % Landslide; HHH2nd 

Republican urcsidential nomi- 
nee Richard Nixon swept to a 
clear victory in the HARBIN. 
GER poll with a UndsUde 960 

NlxM o,a-poUti the tw* 
•ther caiididatef. Vice Preti- 
*emt Hubert Humphrey and 
George WaUace, ai weU aa a 
•wtes af wrtt»4B aalecttaw. U 
'•«"■» *• Baryar CaBefe 
eboice for presUeat. 

Hanvkrey M itt i is vttk a 
H ^m H •! 3M baMt. GMrga 
Walacc l aBawa d cloaely wttb 


was crumbled into an unmarked 


The total balM waa 1,747, 

excluding tboae caat for tbe 

mottmfttl comedian, tbe na> 

fortunate porker and tbe 

"comment" ballota. 
The return la the largest hi 

the hiatory a« tbe poU which 

attempts to gauge on-campas 

Harper atUtudes. 

The poll was conducted dur- 
ing the registration . period. A 
ballot box was in position at 
SUtion 20 — the last sUtion in 
the registration prooeas. 

Nonnally, the HARBINGER 

The vote rails hi far 
Mary Umi (tocaa 

the baNata ta Ikia 

the HarMagrr PoU as Kxecattv* 
right) aad staffer DiaM 
the Uggcat poU M tbe serias. 

The trend ehiaely matdiea PeU is carried 
.41x00 's national paO 
Ha la«li IB thoaa. wl _ 
nj aad WaDaea MranfaUiv 

in the 


la ttw writ»4a aiaa (mm 
peered «b Ike paB fora 




FVaak llcG«vens 
Prea. Lyndea Johaaon 
John LhMnjr 

G«B. Win. Waetroofvland 
Mayor Richard Daley 




Cam ed lea Pat PauUea 
paled ^a ba ls U . Six mm 
torn Im tte Vlppl. p«g. 
Pear Mtaia wan Mctod: 

"1 eaa't mark this baOat" "I 
wwMat vnta^tor anyoae." A 
ihlH had a larfe "X" on tbe 
the tourth 

tear out the 

they wish, 

lot in poll boxes 

In this 

was printed on sheeU tH by 4 
tt aafcad for the choice 
of the United 
the ranrllilBHa 
■t fla the tetb- 
ballot. Humph- 
rey, NbMa aad WaUace 

As hi earlier HARBINGEK 
polls, the reaalU af this oaa 
wfll bo Boal la the majar aroa 

faculty aai 
ef dM caBegv are aalfwn ta 
poll topics. Place aD 
hi the aaaipi^ai 
boa, FMHty Boildtag 4. H«pv 
Grave. > 

Election Swing on 

Campaifntng (or the atudcat 
MMie M adv vajr. A tatal of 
» paMUsaa afll he ODad hi the 
election acheduled for October 


tahc place el 
Grave aad Per- 
oil View eaavaaaa b el a iaa 
!:•• aad f:tS at Elk 
Gravt aad 4:U aad l:U 
el Forest View. 

to suhoUt (by September 98). a 
petitioa iifned by at leaat SO 
are o 
lo rwL 

Harper rta d ea U iriU 

A hi«a waihar af 
are aipaelad la appear oa the 
haBet. The peaaliility o< a pri- 
mry oiectioa haa baaa dteciM- 
aed. but the chancea of a pri- 
mary beiag haid aeaai aiiikt at 
thla time. 

witti veMd Harper IJ>.'s 

The I.D. caN wfl 

be p aa nhtd wbea a bdhrt ia 

gtvca oat at the voU^ stadea. 

All ballota will be aurkad bf 

the ballot box guard «Mi a nb^ 

bar stamp, aa 

marked wffl be 

may caat eaa voU ftr op la it 

If a primary were held, 
ever, it wouU occur during the 
ireek of October 7-10, with the 
wfider alectkai bajug h^ the 

AttK all voting has ended, the 
hdkt hmea wfll be opened with 
only the mcmben af Oie senate, 
the HARBINGKR and the Diree- 
ter of StadM AetMtte praa- 

wfl be paalad oa Harper bdto- 
tia baattb aad publiabed ia the 

discounting primary 
possibilities and discussing the 
likelihood of a large ballot, Sw- 
■la PraaUoat Sean Ryi^ aaid, 
"Wt^ tifng ii ^ the atudaat 
vetan la e«t th^ votaa' eirijr 
lor theae eaadhktea that Vbtf 
kaew win do a food job in san- 
^•i hHtead of automatically 
vothig for It atraagara." 

As arighudty pl aaa id . tbe 
feH eteettaw were ta aalect IS 
new senators. Poor grades, 
however, resulted in 4 senate 
members loaiag their posi- 

caades maal aloe be filed. 

AH candidates wtao will ap- 
pear on the ballot were required 

■P Pytty e a a raapowe to tal- 

br dbdapandea niat occ ur red 

aat pear's elactieaa for 

ofOcart and 10 


eppareet derh^ 

lor tbe current 

efllcer«. held laat Apr! tt aad 
W, when 475 ~ 
with aaly 4« recorded 
la tbe senator electleaa of 
May is-za. wbea oaiy at Mto- 
dea«s w»re registered. 344 hal- 
ieta were tallied. 
Next week'a election wiU be 
the third and final phaae of the 
Mriaa of staate eiection that 
beg« laat April and wiD pR>. 
vide Harper with a full comple- 
' bf fovemment members. 

Vol. 2. No. 1 
Monday, Sept. 30, 1968 


Students Cram 
EG Campus: Crisis Jam 


A population exploaian brim- 
ming lo crisis proportions with 
the jem of cars has hit Harper 

Pull and part-time regiatra- 
tion has soared to more than 
3,800. And 1,415 parking spaces 
far studanta and facuHy have 
flaara^ dmlad the traffic prob- 

The record aaroUmeat aad 


the hat have 

Dr. Jaaaea Harvey, daaa of 
atadanta, waved Ua anna and 
iaaued the age^iid call: "Help!" 
Harper Security Agent. Rich- 
ard Cote, one of the faree oader 
tbe coQuaand of Rabert J. 
Saperia teadaat of 
Groaada, eotimat 
ed that S,«t itadiat parking 
permita aa wfO aa W flacirily 
■d baaa taaaadby the 
af i~ 

the p re a aur e." he said. 

Students at the Force* View 
campus report no problems in 
parldng there. 

ttadinU at the EG caaipaa 
"wore waraed net to park la 
fb« laaea. Elk Grove 
issaad parking ctlatlaaa 
sack laae vM 
c Wati aa s carry a no ftac. 
Thia whopping perktaig prab- 
lem ia the reoult of doohfad rag- 
iatration numbers. 
Dr. Robert Labti. Harper Col 
Bs aearly a 
yea( ehead sf s r kidal i la 
ierass af — nrtgil 
oa a year-to-yoar 

He looked ahead and foreoaw 
populatioa preasurea- on the yet- 
to-be-completed campus. 

The continued riae in enroll- 
seoid well 

wfaeqftiea wholly ina 

over the SJM mark. The gaa- 

eral. career aad special pr»' 
graau cilod 

)aaa H. SUm 

raportad that paychalagy 
aadology are among the aeot 
pepalar cauraaa beh^ takea by 
yiiBgii alodMla. OUar al» 
daata, he saU. prefer boriBMi- 
orieatad aabjacts. 

Where the DIews is 

l*»^JMaaagin£ Editor 

You-U aUy in the know «llh lea. 
your "subecnptlon" <!• thia. the 

Mi win 

Wcks; Forest View wiU handle 
OB. That's a total of 143S 

Aa addMonal to spaces is 
crammed tai the Uaa's peel 
parking aree. 

Grave ttepplag Plaaa. the ed- 
laarstholic charch 
Hughee explafaied that ar- 

pafkkg M theaoatham half ef 
the It inning plaia pnikh^ awa 
I the pUxa with tmplk 
to arrive at 
the BC campuB. 

"I would like to see stadnrts 
aia thia sarvke. to cot 

Itat -wihacrtphon" priee is 
inr hided in your itadnt activi- 
ty fee 

Twice s month, it's tinae for 
the HARBINGER and you'll find 
it in these spoa 

The aula eatraarc area af 
Eft Grove HS. the EGHS 
cafeteria: BiUldhigs I. S aad •.. 
•r Harper Grove: the Foreat 
View HS cale«crta. 

A number of editlaM aM wili 
be fauad M drcaladM pBlBiB af 
the big Harper 



reports aad co m meata on the 
overall campua acosM. 
The oU adiago "mlad pear i 



play a«l |BBtk» dauad iL" 

alaisM '■•pottight.'' 'aad I 
flaaa la t«iag a leag. h^ 

riews Agaacy aad 

Kcvfer Drags la 

EvasB Rco- 

naip waa year eaa^ 

Shoot all the dope along. Cnaa 
it tnio tBe HARBINGER mail 
box er bring it to my 







— and the 


trafflc jam waa yet to come 





-.—.^-jj,^- i tt HI 





;;l^ • 



Page 2 


Monday, Sept. 30, 1968 

Success Formula: ^he Erf.w Sfeat. 
Work, Study, Fun 

Welcome to William Rainey Harper College. As new or 
returning students, there are a few changes which you 
mtfst acclimate yourselves to, whether you spent last year 
in high school, at another college or at Harper. 

Collegiate authorities 4cnow that students who are aca- 
demically successful spend three hours of home study for 
each class hour they are carrying. Specifically, if- a stu- 
dent is carrying one three hour course, he should spend 
nine hours in outside study. Other authorities maintain 
that two hours of home study is acceptable The point is, 
such study is mandatory for academic success. 

Assiuning you are going to follow our advice regarding 
academics, we should also enlighten you about the other 
division of student life — the social adjunct. 

College life is what you make it. Our advice: Become 
involved in an organization in which you are interested. If 
skiing is your answer to filling a cold winter weekend, the 
Harper ski chib is focusing on a series of outings. And 
don't forget about the language clubs, the newspaper, the 
yearbook and the student senate 

If you like athletics, there's inter-collegiate com- 
petition and intramural fun Become involved at Harper. 
Obviously, your involvement is optional, but we recco- 
mend It. 

Off The Record 

listiining to students in the 
haOways can sometimes be. an 
interesting experience. Since 
the (all semester iMgan, I've 
taken the opportunity to eaves- 
drop 00 several between classes 
coQversatkxis. From my sampl- 
ing, I've found that the primary 
coocern is not relatad ^o aca- 
demic achievement, but to the 
lack of parking facilities. One 
student cit«d his experience of 
driving around the parking lot 
five times. Finally, he saw wbAt 
be thought was a parking stall. 
He said he acorio-atad to a high 
speed, sw«Bg into the yellowed 
rtall only to discover an im- 
ported mini-car occupying two- 

thirds of the stall. Fortunately, 
his brakes were in excellent 
working condition. 

By the way of introductions, 
I'd Uke to take this opportunity 
to introduce myself and the rest 
of the HARBINGER staff. My^ 
name is Terry Babb and I'll be" 
editing the campus newspaper 
for the coming year Working 
with me on the executive edito- 
rial staff will be Mary Liod. ex- 
ecutive editor, and Karl Butts- 
tadt, managing editor Paula 
Alexander will be selling adver- 
tising this year. 

For the new Harperites and 
fbr returaiac Harperites with 

short memories, the HARBI- 
NGER is published twice 
monthly. It is the official stu- 
dent publication of William 
Rainey Harper College. 

The HARBINGER will deliver 
nothing short of good service to 
the student body. 

We'd also like to take this op- 
portunity to ask you to com 
ment on any campus-related is- 
sues in the form of a letter to 
the editor. Our only require- 
ments (or letters to the editor 
are that the letter be signed and 
the year, either Freshman or 
^afimaan, of the anthor be 
stated. Names of authors will 
be withheU upoe request. 

Prez Welcomes New Horde 


VIsw Fron 

EdHor's Dssk 

■ • 


'iVetc? hook For Senate 

An oflen-lMfnl criticism of student governments that 
is voiced on college campUMt nationally is that they are 
iMMlly social "clubs" that exist solely for their members. 
Harper College should consider this. 

Vimt dwtiUof OB past mittaios rarely does anyone 
modi food, mojr cm toach vo la a M s lessons. Last year's 
senate seemed to involve Itself in too many social affairs. 
At timoi tt tngiod iB knots, uao l o si dobatos and quarrels, 
with far to6 fsw nmnbtn aetnally involvod in the business 
of goveminf . 

ms ymtt aooaU and its president. Sean Ryan, has 
I tlMt pMl mtatak o s have been recognized and that the 
sonata is going to stop socializing and work more. The 
piMM for a new "Student Activities Committee ' are a long 
slapi forward. 

This naw committee could channel much otherwise 
1 Stodent interest into a field that is often improperly 

Wo at th e HARBINGER support creaUon of an effec^ 
**»• *J*"*fovamment. and we fool the Student AcUvi- 
tloi Cnmniltl a o could be an important stop in that diroc- 

Mail Call 


)«•*«• fM a grtpe. wmM 
air a ww ar aa 

I Aaara a a ttat clear i 

•r rtewalaiM 

aaS lUptt MadM HAKBIN- 
ont kw la raoitjr BeM- 
i^r «. Harper Grvre. Far Ike 
•f c a« e« e M« aa. Haia 
I* US 

tag (ftvakaaa. 

If VM waM 


The Harbinger 

Terry S. Babb. Editor 
Msry Lind. Executive Editor 
Ksrt G. Buttstsdt. Msnsging Editor 
David Garland, Sports Editor 
Paula Alexander. Business Manager 

Roxanne Hansen, Barbara Rumatz, Allyson Green. 
Doug Koehler, Pat Tenerowicz 
Advisor Henry Roepken, assistant profossor 

SIO Ck enM« 

•«< ••f tfi# Mw^tfitv 

<■< WMIjsm a«<n«y 
VWaa*. M. C0007. 

T«HpHww: 437-7000. 

As the tan 
Dr Robert E. Lahti, presktent 
of Harper CoUofa, estaodi his 
we lco me to iacoming (raakaan 
and returning aopbomocva is a 
sUtcroent given Uw HARBING- 

Dr. LakU UM. "We arc ex- 
treaaly plaaaod to welcome 
yM to Baryor CaBage ia tu 
i«co«d year af apcralioa. 
The respoate from ow caaa- 
■oaity Is estrciBcly gratify- 

■aiy aUH 

iaa la aervtag ■!»• 


■to aai 
tk* a*M 

aMto ta fulfllliag 
altoaal asplratioa. 



you- Miggestioa as 


how wa 

atay taafrova ov 

He cootimiad, "As 
you are alreedy aware of aoroe 
of our temporary facility prot>- 
lema and the limltatioiu impoa- 
edepoa « by not being able to 
oeeopy oar own campus. 

"I hastaa to remind you that 
Itaa quality of our educational of- 

Landlords Say 'HV 

ne isaasiac powth of Har- 
per CWhti raaiitotf to adteg 
a sapoad tamparary caropua at 
Foreat Vtow High SckeoL Pria- 
fipal L. & tMaaas of Pemt 
Vtow. ■dniaiiil tka 

la a me«»aKr given tkt 
HARBLNGCR. J#wMa* ttata*. 
"Oa bakair af Um atoiaato 
aaS alafT af Faraat View I 
iha a M Hke to etieaS a vd- 
CMae to Ika 
Rarfor COaa 
ataOnU wh* wll he 
oar fadUtiet tkfa year. 

wtok yM Ike heal «r kMk to 

ta af your a iU i M la s . balk to 

ike daaaraaa aaS oaS." 

Aa Haipar CoOota bogka tts 

Boeoad year at dw Ik Gobn 

tcmporuy casipas, Prladpal 

Robert HmImB of Bk Grove 

Hl^ Sefepai oaiaadi Us hdb l| 

farings are not being compro- 
mised even thoogb aoBW «< your 
extra curricolsr acthritlos may 
be limited. 

"If we kx* to the fuUire with 
the same fine spirit demoostrat- 
edUat year, the opaatog of our 
nHP campus in H ip toiii bai of 
IMS wlD be evoa SMre oajoy- 
abto for eecb of ns." 

Dr. LafcM n e r toSti. sayfc«. 
"Omet agato. walcaaaa to oar 
con m unity of tckotara. May 
UM ISIS4S roOege year he 
rich ami rewar4tog for each 
af yaa." 


WOcoaie to Elh Grerr Hlfh 
Wa tkar* ikcac fadU- 
yaa. koptog Ikal yaa 


ocToaaa i— 

^r iMw< ( 

Wrttttl. and 


Qr wa iw i M « » 

■OOx 0MO. 

M Sod a* 

Hock Vailry. 
~ at Harprr 


to s hWi school see- 
ls aot as sadrfactory aa if 
you ware ta your Oae asw cam- 
poa BOW 


001 of h; sad I kaov thai the 
uppwtwlllik mSUbkt at Har- 

tempor ary kMaavaai«ee of 

raruHy Wnair i n to ai 1 ]0 a m 
w RoaiB tao at ni ~ 

Crow Hldi 


Be weal aa to say, "Wc arc 
of our boOdhv and the 
that wa have devolop- 
od hwa at Foroat Vtow. Wc 

tor oar plaat. 

"We want you to uae our fa- 
ciUtiea. and we hope that you 
will help ui keep thHi sarrksc- 
abto for all who want to make 
■se of than" 

"May I 

to create 
the year. 
Already you arc familiar wtib 
the traffic and parking 
We do aoiidt your 
in abidiag if the rv 
Mt iufib by iho JoMt 

"Aa ymmg adalu. kiwarcr. 
yoa caa rcaSliy rc«llie Ikat 
praktoa caa he 
hy ratea aaS rcgala- 
Uoai. tt. Ikcrefarc. kacaoMs 
aeccaaary tar cack aaa af aa 
to prarttrc roarlciy aad 
Ikaaghtf atacsa to oar cf aaiad 
caaMttaoa to arScr for a* of 
aa to reap toe grcatoat h^ae 
flto froai a ptoaMat araSemic 

In cQocluaion. HaakaU aakl 
"We at EOi Grwa Bigk flehoal 
wlah you a 

tao at 
orroBca i-io- 

-t Bk Cro««~-Moo««y ttMo^aS 

t SB to t OS To nk Crow 
Sc*aol mttttoriwn 

Campus Facilities Told 


Harper CsOege 
fadlittoa at the roreat 

The FV cafeteria is open to 
coUata atodeoto from S.M pm 
oBta d» dose of dsMas. Vaod- 
iag machines sobotttale fSr food 
sorvicas in "D" haOdtag. 

roreat VieWa library wiD be 
opaa to Harper stodeato from 
3 » to 10:00 p.m. The Ifirary 

i^)CiUttascao be uaed^-retaraaca 
nuterial. mSgasinea. and books 
- bat aotUag caa bo checked 

Than is aa special aectioa 
where the caDage itialiKi most 
ait. The entire library ia open 
Raaonrc books, if rwpiaatad by 
iastmctors. caa bj obtaioad. 
' The Ubrary ii on the aecood 
floor of "B" buiklii« 

Ml aw« aaaiwi amk Van*y. 
DofM* 01 aMk VaUty. Tk* iwvt 

<S3^IU wMi Tnioa « Harprr 
•I I »p m 

orroaca II— 

l.aM aay tar tultMn rtfana* 

Ist Mixer 
Dances In 

Stadcou danced into the cols- 
gisto tonpo wiik the music of 
the Cahfanda Praoe Advtaory 
Ooaipaay aa FYklay. Sapt V at 
the that mbmr of the ISW fan 

Tito dance was in the Elk 
Grove HS cafeteria to wekromc 
aew mambars of the Harper 
fi'wp aad |e ealcrtain aopb- 
onoraa wtto were laliimlij to 
rcgaiaiag tbetr sodal slsaai«s 

H r r h BayHa. Mphamarc 
chainnaa af Ifce.oocial con- 
miUee. taM plaat arc^helaft 
made tor aevcral iaformal Saac- 
«7 awash. A Mmt-faraial 
>■ balag ackadaM far 

Monday, Sept. 30, 1968 



\J^<0«Att:S AOVtCt 


Page 3 

HC Pompon Hopeful 


Fans at the intercollegiate 
basketball games will see the 
newly - formed cheerleading 
aquad and Pompon Corps in ac- 

Tke weaker, of aatomaUoa catck-|ke toter- a*«*<alt UlevUwo cameramaa. Daa Harria. 

e«l of (left to right) Arthur Maskat. ckair^ TMa was Uw fint open houM of the coUege'i 

maa of Harpo^'. Nwaerlcal Caotrd pragram Namerical Coatrd proram. Displayt of aa- 

advlMry committee; AuUlaat Deaa HaroM tomated avdpaaaat drew large erow4i to Elk 

am. HC career program*, aad ctoo- Grove hlgk irtiiil aa Wadaeaday, Sept 11. 

Pbysicsl Education Instructor 
Martha Bolt, the sponsor for tiie 
c h ea ri ead e rs, has beea recruit- 
tag far tbe two groups in her 
physicsl education classes. Miss. 
Bolt said she is "thrilled over 
the abundance of interest" 
shown by studento at registra- 

At least 40 girls have ex- 
pra,.aad interest in the cheer 
leadiag sqaad. each hopii« to 
be ooa of the eight lucky girls 
who will lead Harper College 
cheers ia their marooo-and-gokl 

The girls began intensive 
practice last week in prepars- 
tion for the try outs. The group 
will be judged by the physical 
education teachers for their 
poise, appearance and over-all 
school activity, as «ell as for 
their knowledge of eagle jumps 
and splits. 

But there's an experiment 
afoot. The Pompon Corpe is try- 
mg a new approach. Mias Bolt 
is encouraging all girls to join 
the corps 

All who cin keep up with the 
pompon routines and show en- 
thusiasm will t>e invited to con- 
tinue with the corps. 

As many as 80 gir^ sro in the 
Pompon Corps. 


Staff Chosen 
For YearbcHik: 
Re8*»ler Editor 

AppointrocoU to the executive 
sUff of the Halcyon, the year- 
book, (or the ISM taaue arc.« 

Jadltk Rassler. editor: Ckrii 
Paacrata. amoclale editor: 
Pakrieta TtM r ow ks . anaag- 

Hskyoa Adviaor, 

Prof aaao r Hcory Roepken. aho 
asMd Haroki Wambacta as 

Ike prcvtow Halcya*. Ike Mi 

'Tor Mia Roaator." aaid 
Roopkae. "this sgata plaoas har 
at the helm ai^aa bapattaat 
Harper CoUoge pribttcattae. 

"Sbe'O have the reaponsibility 
of coordinating the activHtoa of 
the encoltv^ staff as well as the 

ycarkaa h . Rocpfcca ca- 

c lose iy re- 

Ikaa (kc 

aemktos a 
Iraditioaal ye^koak 

"There is no empbaata oo to- 
dividual 'portraito' of dam or 
graduatiag meoibert.. The on- 
to Ue « taetahepfeo. 
clear capy aad ta- 

The original staff of the year- 
book was ttmited. With this new 
sua appeal, the range of the 
*^ staff baa baco broad- 

Pancrats and Soorus will fill 
aew poau as will Wambacta. 

Tbcoe aew appatolits will 
ke barkMl In fhrlr rolM bv a 
aew Starr that airfady hat in- 
dicated promise of good ef- 
fort, said the adviaor. 
Students interested ta work 
ing for the pubUcatkm ahooM 
see Mias RessJer in the Halcyon 
office, Buikbng 8, Harper Grove 


^^^^»»^ m, ■a'w^aMM 




S y< Campbell Sf. 
Arlidfltod H»i9)ifi. Jll. 

Onr IS,Oae psrtrtock toaks ' 
Onr 3.080 tMtt 


Stiitfy Mtn. Msfsziatt. 
ttttXmi Csrtfs. Cin<ir 

PHONE 2S3.g«41 

Open 69ihf 5 i m - 10 p 


■ ^iuhionj now showina at 
* oLorrain* ^ ../nuit .^mop 

II W C«mab«lt ArCitfUa HaifkH 


"SPOITSWEAI" faaturmg Co<-Cob (sizes 8 18). Popper 
tree Jr. (sixas 5-13), Oarlan* (tixas 6-20). 

"OinSO" footunng J, P.. Betty Barkloy Jr.. 
Biooker Stroot (sizoi 6-18). 

"tLOUSIS - All Styl« by New Era. Jaywn Ooswc*. 
and Popportroo. 

**Ca-st«rrtaf" Glon PtakJ. • Chech, Harrinqbona and 

•a — — — — — aaaassssaeessssaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 


lata the 

Rol^ng Meadtnct Shoppinn Center 


Rugged stretch denim 
gives you built-in 
comfort! Trim, masculine 
Levi's styling gives 
you the look you want 
... the Levi's look! 

T aSA Starfm-U«o lia ta aaiela wWi 
Dwoiad lor 
Mnoio cytiidir oKv. power 
awkM Sitrfifo Kt Mo a kSta wito 


Complatt StIactioRS 
of Ofliar Uvi't 

$4.98 to $8 

CAMPUS SHOP . . . Dotcnstairg 

Special Clearance 

Cycle Ranch 

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Page 4 


Monday, Sept. 30, 1968 

Harriers Win First; 
Golfers Miss Twice 


Harper's harrier* galloped to 
a win in their inter-collegiate 
ddMit againat Tiitop, but- the 
Hawk golf team was stroked 
into the dust in its two starts. 

Tke crMS-CMmtry Hawks 
teek aecead. lUrri. fowth. 
sixtk ami teatk p e rit i— i la 
Ike tkree-oUle ru at Trilaa's 
k o m « eoane fai Sel 
WM4a Ust Wedaeaday (i 

It was 25 for Harper; 30 for 
Triton (low score wins). 

^cott Hupka placed second to 
be the first Hawk across the fin- 
ish line. His time was 15:56. 
Barry Johnaon ckxked in at 
16:07, third pocttion; Chuck For- 
bes, 16:15, fourth; Mik* Bwart, 
16:S, sixth, and Torn Dvytr. 
17:87, tanth. 

Ooach Robert L. Nolan took 
tiM win in stride. He pointed to 

"Tht flfflt tear OMB war* only 
n aaMBdi apart. With mtn 
wwteuts «• dmikl be ahia t* 
run the first five men eloaer to- 

r«r dw 

kat (• aa wcfl. IV Hawks 
ky Mackkawk 

la a BicH m Sept. 


^ they loat t* 
Prairte Slate aad Wright e«l- 
IbIIh flnt matt the laam to- 

- in. 

Haipar— IM. 
rm Bita iad tiM Hawln vitk 

la Ike aac«M 
m4 Rick Jakwt— w«r* tow 
BMS wHk tl's as Ike Hawks 

The Hawks will face Rock 
Valley and Wright colleges on 
Oct. 1 at home. 

Harper's varsity cross-coun- 
try squad looks good even 
though only eight runners are 
working out with head Coach 
Robert Nolan. 

So far, Nolan has managed to 
gather dght runoers wfaoare ex- 
i miffiraH men. Nolan hasn't 
abated out any one man to lead 
the pack yet, but there are kev- 
eral athndouU aftar the Orat few 

are varsity Mtamaa, eilkar oa 
the school or college level. 

Leading t%c way in ex- 
perience is Soph Steve Beooche. 
Bwocha tattered ji Bradley 
IMwamty as a frvahman white 
roMiiiV varsity croas- c ou w try- 
Howevar, he'U get Strang eoaa- 
pctitlea from Clnick Forbes, 
Barry Jehhaoo, Mike Elwart. 
Ton Dwyer and Scott Hupla. 
Forbas wen two varsity croas- 
coymnr letters and one track 
ktlar at Proapact ffigh School 
JohMoo tottarod la both spotta 
at MaiM Waat nghSdiooL A- 

and baaeball pUyer at St. Via- 
tor. Dwyer lettered in croaa- 
Tom Dwyer aad ScoU Huplca. 
was a soecar player at MahM 
Esat High School, while Tsaa 
Day. a Marine veteran, win 
round out the team 

The squad meeU will be man- 
afsd ty Tom Smith, a fomor 

8 Tough Jaycees Face 
Flad&linsr Hawk Teams 

Harper is in the inter-coUo* 
giate wars againat Amundaee, 
Crane, Mortoa, Prarte State, 
noratoo, mton, Wilson and 
Wright CoUoifes. 

They all are in the Eastern 
Divisioa of the Northern Illinois 
Junior College Conference. Be- 
sides golf #d cross-country. 
Harper will field teams in bfs- 
inUMU. wreoUing, tennis, baae- 
baHaMt track and field 

Harper's athletes, they're 
tiM "Hawks." are wni#f the 
wiag el an esperieaced ceock- 
1^ staff. Maay Jwdor eel- 
leges kave WfWaHy gettiag 
eaaches a( a kigk caliber hi 
tteir first year of t*m- 
petitiea: kewever. through Ike 
efferls of Atkletie Dhector 
Jeha Gckh. Ike sckeal kas 
keen aMe I* recruit ceack es 
wIm kavr w«u aa Ike 
giaie level. 
Gokh will bo 

aad pttckiag coack at the aai- 
vcnity el IlUaoto after bolia- 
lag DecaMur - Eiseahewer 
Hlgk Schoal lata a sute 
ikampia^hli ehrit hi 1062. 

Tke UUal ran ap a respect- 
able <~^Z4 mark daring tke 
Umclhat HiBioa was thsrc. 
All of Harper's coaches wiU 
be woridng on s r s teas od-time 
baaii ratbv than the additional 
paymaat ajntam often used in 
other institutions. Uadar this 
system, the cgach's dntiiiBS wiU 

be included as a part of his 
regular class tead as a teacher. 
BalMlag aa lalerrellegialr 
■yarts program at a Junior 
eaUege Is seatetklag which 
takes time aad effort. Gckh 
is very optimistic about Har- 
per's first year. 

Geiek p fp k ested: "It'i jut 
a matter of time la buiMiag 
aa iBtn--c«lleKlalc sports pr*> 
gram at Harper. We kave kei- 
ler cMcklag tkaa mast new 


1%8 Cro88-Country Schedule 

Da> ItoU O fj t f f t Lm«IIm 
Tkan . Or« S— Witooo. Cr«B». 
W>4 . Oct. »- Wilton. OuPm 
Tan., on. IS— BUrk lUwk. 

rn . on is— Joii»i^H«rp»r -^ ■_. ,^ . 

Th»r» , 0«« !♦— CjjnJer»oe» ■l««|--«et« • «»» 

y«. rJ— K--tion IV »••«— DaawH* . -^ ^ 

M«*. a-Colfcse oC DuPbo* liivtUUBiial-DuPwt 

■ran* *P p.«— H arpr 


Golf Schedule 



3 00 p m 

3 SO p m 

4 00 p m 
3 00 pm 

U 00 ■.m 

Tha Hawka opoBsd the 
«■ wKh aB tho rwaws kB fsod 
Aape. aceordtaf to OoMh No- 
tea. In Ms awa wwdL "I'm 

tar, aftsr havhif 
ant coach at Dliaoa Sate Uni- 
vcrsfty He doubled there sa 
(rosiuian basketball coach and 
aiaiitaat varsity coach oa a 
laaa that loo^ toorth plaea hi 
tha WMteMl rspmiti AA hat- 



The Hawiu 

State — III 
■ M 

BMre men out tor the team " 

law abet ■ M. Bek tact Coach Nolaa la 



4 The pr o c ti ca a ara at 
t:M pm. OR Tuaodajr aad 
"nnrtday, aad st S 00 p m. sa 
Moaday, Wodnsadajr aad PM- 

AmanSM* a«wli V«ll»>. 
Wrtslit-IUrpvr 1 *> »■- 

Sauk V«U«r WaMhoawM. 
DiU>BO>— daiik I 10 pi 

OCT. N _ 

•nilea llsqwr I » p"» 

OCT. It 

•la^iwsr ""Tjop- 
^— ti 

|l« I a> P in 

■Mki a Art 

Eight Sports Draw 
400 Participants 

Last year. Harper students were azpoaed to the begin- 
nings of what is shaping up to be • good athleCic pro- 
gram under the directum U Intranmral Director Roy 

Over four hundred men have participated in a pro- 
gram of eight sporU. If this is any indication of the type o( 
•nthusiasin shown by the athletes at Harper, the Hawks 
are in for a successful year of compeUtion against olhtr 

Ttw majority of the participa- 
tloB was ia the ap«ts s( hashot- 
SB Of 

at ISU, ho 


Haipor's Iraeh aad IMd lad 
mias iiiMdij sipoih Trill tri lai 
der coach Robert Notea White 
a cooch at the University of Dli- 
Boia, Chieaffo Cbrte campua. 
a's taaan raa a soUd \^■^^- 
1 wi»4Bat4ted rooard m dual 

M 00 am 

^ ^ Math's c^ 

€0 TOifg y 

Put Yourself 

In Tlie Picture 

Nt Wi Trail Yn Tt: 

wH ha oASnd oa an tn- 
■ateas waO as an 
iatraraural baste thte year. 

At the fall roflatratiaB John 
Geteh. athtetk dfavetor. report- 
ed forcral 
ap isr tha 
Harper wiO offer on an iator- 

Last year's intramural baa- 

of _ 
wtfl be out (or the 
year, in additioa to pteytag to- 
tramursl faatt. 

Hawk faaa sboaM have s lot 
to cheer about at basketball 
te additten to the haM- 
ihows. Harper has re- 
a muBhor of athteloa, 
have tranrfarrad trtm atte- 




Y«« a**^ ••If 
kilMaW tin 





lOWH tlVIl 


M A 


•i law •«* feast' 
■ssi |ow SM "sffiur' 

Wiw ywir TUefcr". mM WIFOM 
ky sat ol Ike tn cfoos. 

Giimt rx3' full color 

mil David StaMberQ Ori9inal 

Love Calendar 

from September '41 — September 'fcf 

^ \ 

MumH Cory , m Hm mi 
Isanfraw, n lookiai Isf )wa( laaet. 
«sr I S. y-Sjr . lOS-130 »».. sttfK 
ttet, smMMI 


I la load 
support, ospsdaUy ia bashotboU 

All Harper studente are «a- 
eoarafod to support their athlet- 
ic taaau thte year in its first 
year of competitioa. 

■Ml suh^we • sa^BB*- •• ^aw ia j|i 
rnpua Maav AMbwiaa IH^tepaH*. haVftif 


TTlMt^ .de»ta' 

la V 

Mas mn Rtttcl Birts 
tsJk-lMa — 1M>--*M 



Ceast to Co«st 
tat sea to our area) , 

A year of entertainment and in- 
(oriaation. this giant two feet by 
three feet calendar, especially de- 
slgned for the school year, is a 
maaterptec* of contemporary Pop 
Art. wrttten by young panrie for 
younc people ContalBO wH pay- 
chedeHc art In full eoler, siocans 
and definittona "In humor" 


Kow d har st — Lawor Lavol 


hM«t<«ttt<t«MMC»<Mt%^<MMMC1««WC1t<C<«MrtClt«t«^ y^n%<pty H V% : i 

« --., 



** V 











Vol. 2. No. 2 

Monday, Oct. 14, 196S 



496 Cast Ballots; 
Abate's 294 Leads 


Freshman candidate, Miss Jo 
Ann Abate, led balloting returns 
with 291 votes as Harper stu- 
dents selected senators for 19 

StudenU cait 4M balloU in 
poUing bootkt oa the Elk 
Grove and Forest View cam- 

SSHC President Sean Ryan 
thanked chairman Edward 
Dopke of the elections commit- 
tee "for a fine job which saw 
many non-government students 
helping." • 

Thirty-one candidates appear- 
ed on the ballot. The top 19 
will take their senate seats after 
a special meeting which, Ryan 
explaioed, will be called this 

J« Km AbaU 

P»l Tearrowlri — 

Terry B«>rr — 

Mikr Xllbnii 

find} Kwrrti — 

Usvr Studnlruv .: 

HoXBIIIir HlBM'll 

UoBBs WaKBfr ...—■ 

M»r> Bog»r» 

Strvr Ooldea 

-Saadra L«rliM»Ka ._ 

for* Pmm' 

Pkil BMfard 

fUrhara FltBCPraU ■. 
Mkki ChakoBU ..__ 

Hur MfDadr 

faal KrrdrMiaaa — ~ 

Tfrry CarWr ___- 

Uaa I a(rr — 

Virki AadrrMa 
Barbara K>mkow»ki 
tiar Aaa Mllirr 

— Uorulhy Kril 

■•■Bl* 0«Uaibl*«n*l 
Prcgtr Jaaaa 
Sar ('aatrtt 
Marir Crlbbra 
rrrrrll Park* 

Patrirla Ta»kM 

(aral Soakop ..__— 














Ckn, stretching from here to there — aad beyond. 

—(ike MMCt «mU 0/ •xhoMit rues tnm the happy /oih. 

He said the first meeting of 
the full senate will be at 2 p.m. 
on Monday. Oct 21. 

Ryaa said that wider pr»- 
vitiMS tt the SSHC UMse 
wiM M Mt win acute seaU 
wlU lerve oa the grwip't *t»- 
deal activities comaUttee. 
Thto groap b la cftarge ef 



I'arlrar Pyr 

Ryan said the balloting 
exceptional in that "there 
not one false ballot." 

After the selection o( a tre«i- 
urer cboaen from the entire a»- 
•embly, the SSHC will he up to 
full strtngtta with five officers 
and 25 Moators 

Three day* ef baltottag cM- 

maaed rampalgniag wkidi 

saw the capMales distrilMla 

ate every techaiqac t« garaor 




Vktn will be DO 
llMnday •vmim. Odatar M. 
at bath tfat Bk Grova aad Fw- 

aatVhw i i«|i Qmmwm 

at Am VtU 

Probe Perks- As EGFD Poses Questions 
About Rainey Daze Fire Safety Status 

Ibf DMB«f 

Dr. G. KeniMth Aadaaa. Ha ex- 
pUioed that tha high sehaoii 
had trftn ^- ' r* tmtiOtm that 

ta «aha amafMMU 



Ite fubm af tha Raipey Dm* 
Goltea Baaaa Mqr ha feBiiil 

U. DaMid Um rf thi Elk 
Grova Fire Pyt —it w M ha 

adta ,«h« MiidHit faHl* Prw 
■ Ryan *0Md Urn the 

i«r tha 

saM ha taM Ryaa 

Ikat he weald apprave i< «he 

•♦M tha 

Evans Lectures On 
Language Problems 

Harper's 1968^ lecture ■eriei o p«wd TtMday. Oct. 
8, with the return m mn m m A of Dr. Berten Evant. 

Evan'f lecture. "UiKkritMidtog - U\miaM)diBi:' 
dMb with lMV>«e jfiMmat that hamper oomnranlcationa. 
Ha alao iBkiiiI IrwMlarkin proMema and their effects on 
Intenuitional relationa. 

Kv%n'* flra* afp a a mire helare t6« H arper a ta- 
dentn wa« laat Manli. He spate aa "Hw Irrelevaaee 
of Ctfrrrrtneaa"— that what ire Mjr b more tmportmot 
thaa how we aay it 
EvArw Is a well-known author and lecturer. He has 
written a number of book*, including the witty Dtctiomtry 
of Contemporary Ameham Uaage. Evwia Is prafCMor <rf 
EnglLih at Northwestern University. 

All lectures tre open to Harper students and faculty 
upon presentation of ID'S. 

— In this editioa 

Page t 
Page 2 
Page 2 
Page J 
Page 4 
Page • 

tha lartHt batag 
area. Thehack 
af Iha sMhaa unit ia in 
Director Fred Vasl- 

eaaa la tas 

that a fh« 
ed in a 
coffee roaot 
Jamaa Harvey 

tha buiUiBt a« aa tha celfac 

aaU that ht •«^fi*^> 
^ ■!«<. rasa eat tha aw sf 

Znr OWMi HihtiBg 

5^ Tha aaffee house ia dseofslad 



bracket lart year 

atoadlad aaBk Grova 

In ooBUMnthtg oa Iha 

capacity. He esUaatad 
to be safe la r 

The Elk Crave flirt 
■CM amear aaM that he weirid 

at the celTee heme. If Che fa- 


he aaM. a baa ceald be plac- 


hM haea hi oparatiaB ter tha 
peat three Ihnradays and li 
spanaow d hy bHtnictor Aaaa 
Mar^ Barik «« tha eeOsfs's 
eaMSalhv dqwrlmeot. 

Aa ateWoo ot 2S oaaU la 
charfad for thoae who attaad. 

'Prunes' Triuiupb At Dance 

J the is«isri far tha CaM- 
fomla Pruaa Adviaory Board at 
Harper's firrt aOaar, fl ap t s mhw 

As the music began, flaafaiag 
«nba hghia h«ad tha daaesra 
ta the flssr. Iha Dk Orava 
caitUrla was Qllad with wild 

I gyrations 
tfaar« is f a l alia r aad "The 

greap Is lerrtfte.'* 

Heft BayUa. sacial ceaunittae 

The Califonua Pnme Adviao- 
ry Board, formerly the Califor- 

nia Spectnan, ii ea a 
lodiaaa, lawa md OBaaia. 

Mamhan of tha frrep firr f^ 
yeart are Scott KafaUt. had 
giitariBt: Dsva Bsrkh^haaa 
gMBsrist: Jay flhIiMB. r^lfess 
gyitarist: Pat Shields, alapr; 
Alan Dak. drammer. and Gary 
Martin, singer and fm^ 

Some prrM«<i do ride the Harper shatth> 
hm. Mr*. Bariwrm t>eCa*o, a part-time 
freshman <«t«lent. prepares to board at 
the Elk Grove shoppfatK pla»- She dea- 
dibed the bus — "aa a {ood aervioe. A 

real car saver." The bus runs from the 
pfaun to the EOHS campas, then on to 
to the Queen of Rosary school parkling 
lot uid back to the shopping -" 
(Story on Page 2) 





^ /.. 

-T» ^W HWHi raryty-f 

Page 2 


Monday. Oct 14. 1968 

Join a Club: Cars Submerge Streets 

Get Active 

Monday, Oct. 14, 1968 


To date, Harper College Student Senate officials have 
recognized and approved five clubs. 

Nqw that you, as a student, have hopefully planted your 
roots in academic grounds, we think it's time you became 
involved in some extra-curricular activities. 

The i^ecognized (^lubs are: 

1. Ski Clvb 

2. Nursing Club 

S. Future Secretaries Club 

4. RusKian Culture Club 

5. Folk Singers Club 

Talk about a Veterans' Club, a Theatrical Club and a 
French Club is also circulating the campus. With all of 
these clubs and activities, every student should belong to 
at least one organization. 

Obviously, activities aren't limited to such organisa- 
tions. The list is long for those who want to search lor 
things to do outside class. ^^ 

A swinging coffee shop, the Rainey Daze, offers a goSl. 
bright spot once a week. The publications, this newspaper 
and the yearbook, offer challenge and training. 

Atiiletic outlets abound. There are inter«oUagiate 
teams (golf, cross country, wrestling and Iwirtillwll) For 
those with more limited athletic horizons, there is intra- 
mural competition. 

Basically, don't overlook academic effort. The hbrary 
offers the "equipment," books, books and more books. 
There's a bortmi in them that can pull you into the world 
(A tomorrow's mooaas. 


Vitw From 

Eilifor's Desk 

A 'Forceful' Call; 
All Invitation 

01 UQS-DMfCI^ 


A law dayi aco, unld the coo- aboot Um 
sklerable flutter and pile o( lag 
ru bbis \»m t ttmmaag 

a rathar 

b tMt what callc«e h aO 
Upaa daaar iMpartioa. Warn- aboot? Sane «< 

faadaatlM rawlM a eoBaaa ttmtm ahairid ba a 


tba JaatrMclaiB ia hk divuion. 
in wWcb ht w<iaa»ij tbat tbair 
students bt subtly "( 
to attend Ian Taaadajr'B 
bf Dr. BarpB CvaM. 

ia aa cuolaBl ipoak- 

■aajr warliMMb tliinc.s 

to aay, aad «• wmM hop* that 

naqr ataiHto wmid dadda to 

attaad oaa of Ma lactma. 

W# would voffioflf , howtvtr. 


tor what 

wiU ba "faoi" tor feiai. iHtmc- 

tort are oftaa oafar to toil hb to 

accept the additioaal raspeasi- 

biUtles of betag a coOafa sta- 

«lmt. but H Mcfns tl»y ara ra- 

lurtant to give ua the intrlliwfal 

froadom that foaa with it 

Tlito i r ai to iiiii ikw M a s t s mlai d 
ii ne faad a ay awt a and its 
about tiOM tor eaOafe faculty 
membora to faco up to this. Wo 
hope they will 

The Harbinger 

Tarry S. Babb. Editor 
Mary Lind. Executive Editor 
Karl G. Buttstadt. Managing Editor 
David Garland. Sports Editor 
Paula Alexander. Business Manager 
Terry Carter. Circulation Manager 
Bill Kimble, Photo Editor' 

Roxanne Hansen. Barbara Rumatz. Allyson Green. 
Doug Koehler, Pat Tenertwicz. Edward Spencer . 
Advisor: Henry Roepken, assistant professor 

^bllthad twiet monlMy by and for ttw tludvntt of WiHism Ratnty 
Harper Collttt, 510 Tk Crov* Blvd., Clk Orova Villaaa. III. (0007. 

TclapTwrw: 437' 

fcy MARY LIND-:-' - 

EsecuUve Eilitor 

Thoro are advantagaa to at- 
tending Harper CoUaga, but 
ample parking is' not one. 

Tardineas has become routine 
with students and teachers. 

If you are foftuoate, you 
may discover a parUag spot 
ia two BsisBtoo. bat tho saa- 
Jority «f poraow apoMi be- 
twoca tea aad twenty aUaates 
soarcklng for a place. Even- 
taaOy. a diivor wHI looc Ua 
pa U a i a c o aad park la a lire 
aoaa ar as (bo graas. 
Stndaato hava boon offered 
shottk buB sarvice. It Is pro- 
vidad batwaaa the Grovo Shop- 
ping Cootar locatod at Arlingtaa 
HalghU and BMIarflakI raada 
to tba fNot dear of tba Elk 

~Grove facility. The bus makes a 
stop at the Queen of the Rosary 
Church parking lot oo the way 
to and from the Harper G«»ve 
Campus. It runs from i to U 
p.m. every ten minutes. 

Elk Grove PaUce Sgt. ^R. 
Springate said. "I wish they 
would take the ton. Yoa havo 
U p«l up with a far aaly a 
year. Maay ol the coUagc stu- 
deaU. thaagh. ara oaky eo»> 
car— d akMrt tlMauaivoa aad 
not the geaeral pubUe." 

Springato was referring to 
parking oa tba raaidaatial 
straeU. Ordhianea Nuaibar M6, 
adopted Saptombar M, IMS, baa 
now prohlbMad paridag during 
elaas hours la tba foUowing 

Victoria Lane 
Laurel Avenue 
Tawer Lane 
Greevener Lane 


Chartog Crooa Road 

North a West 

Edgewark Road South 

Middlebury Road , West 

S«asex Court Baat 

Elk Grove BoutovarA ^ft 

Oak Street mrt 

Unfortunatoly, many students 

are net using the afanttla bus 

aarvico. The "Yellow School 

Biia" iMt INiaaday bad three 

paaaangars dorug IS uipa. 

Buikluv Supervisor Tbomaa 

McEnroe tsmarkod that the boa 

coats t36 a bight aad ■^gwstfii 

(Cbot Pago 5, Col. 1) 

Scholarships Offered 

Scbolarahipa to every fieki to- 
day are baiag afhrad to the cot 
lata stadent ChiUraa of Votar 
aaa. Agriculture. Hoaae Be*' 
aad Spactol 6>unty 
awarded by tlte 
Univwrshjr of Illtaato wiU begin 
ia Juaa or Septopihar, ittl. 

If anyone wisliaa to apply for 
oaa of tbeao acfaolanhipa, he 
WWt take the ACT examination 
Oaa wm bo 0fm m Oct. 19. 
IMS. On the taat daaignato the 
fottowing coda aanabars: list 
for Urbaaa. aad IIM (or Ou- 

for the schalar- 
eaiplato a Gartif i- 
cato of AppBc'tt fona wWch 
caa be obtaioed from couaty s^ 

a( adtoals ia tha eaaaty 
ithBi _ 

of Voter 

la awardod to 

to a cMU el a 

of WarM War I. tmt 

a cIM It 

at aay tlaae 
I emergency 

A caadMato far oaa if 
achoUrshipo amst aiteUt evi- 
deaco of his father's 
dance of hiB (athar's 
(boaorablo diaetMrga or 
Ut thereof), and an affidavit 
from the father or motliar to es- 
tablish the fact that tha eaadi- 
dato la the chikl of tha vatoraa, 
aad wiMther or not the fahor is 
(liraMait ar diaablod 
■ Tbe-taitoB ia for four 
aad Bay be oaad m any 
AagraM is eligible wtw ia a raai- 
deat af Btaoto aad of tha eeoB- 
if whaie appMeatiea Ib auda. 


county t^iara appbcaUoo is 
Boada. Ihft iiliiiliiiidii «iU be 
aiMpBnitefi if tha haUar to 
placed oa probatioa and can- 
celled if be is dr opped. 

The above schal a ra b i p B caa 
only be Mad at Tha Ui i ie witj 
of nuaato tUrbaaa aad Otefo 
Cirde rimpiiaaa). 

Five other aeholwaMpa are 
also avaiUbto at this thae. la 
chemical technology, two are 
aftsred from Uuvcrsal Oil 
ProducU and Moftoe lator- 
natiooal Inc. Both are worth 
•Maad wiD be avariid aa a 

taJtiaa, books, aad toea- 

1 1 S CM 


aze^oursJt On 

"It's fabulous." 

"It has a real coffee bouse at- 
mosphere." That was tba eath- 
uslasUc rosponae of Harper stu- 
dent Terry Beyer. It was typi- 
cal of the favorable remarks 
made by those who stteiutod tlw 
opening night of Uw new coffee 
house, "The Rainey Daze." 

Opeatog night was Thurs- 
day. Soptemkcr M. The Urge 
ta raoe t was mora than ex- 
pected. The doors opoaed at 
•:M p.m. By to 
were almost SB 
geeste. aad by M:U tbey can- 
Itaaed to arrive. 

The sito of the ooff ea bouse 
wu the atudent tou^to ia boikl- 
ug I. The quaation af iMa ar- 
rangemBBt daahiBg 
primary paqteBe of tba 
aa a atudy area waa raised. 

In the future, plans for the 
coffee bouse include the charg- 
ing of admission in order to pro- 
vide funds for popular talent 
and better equipment Admia- 
sioo wu free on opening night, 
however, in order to provide 
studento a preview of oxistiBg 
talent at Harper. "It was a aort 
of talent-ln,'' remarked 

Amoag those 
Tbaraday night 
aalod trio of inai 
Phil WoesteafoU. 
Otoaser; a aew d« 
Peggy: premlstog 
Jallaa Lambert; 
Ryan, a aUxer of 



aad Larry 
.Andy aad 
new singer 
ud Sean 
music and 

The Bateey Dm < fff^e Hotiae 
pc^ aedately. SuadiAg (left to right) 
Hevte Roeake. Bob Ward. Nike MDlbrats 
8MMas(Mt to right) Pec 

PreaUaiU JaHaa Lambert: Dave 
hi ehftrge of the ooastitatioa 
kMiaaiSae Bettls. 

HC G)aches to Broadcast 

Cbedtoa of the twe I 
raatiy to 
Utioo win 
oo "Barpar OoOagB aa tha Air." 
the aMalhiy broadcast of the 

They are 

laalaMharM. MM. agrtcekare aad baaae eeaaaah beaad aa aaad. safeatos 

iiliBiplHii IsnM mmH be re- ks, ara awarded to tha Ugh l i U'r iMp pa to al i a l . T 

taaiaat a( adtoab ia tha eaaaty ACT aeorara to thaaa greaps I* go Baard of 1 

The cal- 
of Tr a atoos 


bnlled to a^icnl- 

wMUa Iha 

coikge diotrtet. 


Harper Calendar 

Caocbee Itobert Notoa of 

of getf wiB N haari oa 
Mm program at S pja.. Baa- 
day. Oct M. oa WCUL M aa 

Natel hantors woa tbiir to 

HC Band 

0(«. M - 

•tt. IS - 



to au m S Ar- 

Harpar'a Baad 

OiwM at « 
TMnpu obtali 

a a m.. wcut. 

Itn HiKhlandnilnoU yS^Vf* 

0»»- SS — Rnalan CuKurr 
7 IB ajm. la nam aa at 

The HarMnger Calendar GIri fnr thi« Mlition i<t Mian 
Terry Carter, a freahman. The petit*' honey Monde ia 
active 4on the cainpu.<t. v>r\inK on the new!<paprr and 
working for the student govenuneat. 

kin* r 

m*9i at RaeCi p«in at II pm. 

L*at Say S^SlSSSSSi. 
Ort. M — Don'i nvrrlook thr Boa 
minutn frtim parklna let. 



may participate 
acfaedole permiU 

G>rp8 Practice 
New Routines 

"Music to Watch 6trls By" 
win be the theme of the 
fint parformance by Harper's 
ptoapaa corps on December 4. 

The pompon show will be pre- 
s^ted during half-time at tbe 
Hawk's first bona conference 
baskatbaO gnae with Triton 

The marching routinea will be 
performed to the beat of Herb 
Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. 

Tbe girU in the corps begn 
work on Sep t e m ber 30 aad dam- 
onsirated spirtt and derire 
tbrongheat tha weak. 

Ptoaa>ara«a*« aiada fto- to- 
tan perfonaaBeas dartag •half- 
time at area iigh aehoBl baaket- 
ball games. 

New members are still wel- 
come to Join tbe corps ontU N» 
vaniber 3. 

tt atoo WM tha (hit 
vldafy tor de- 

a( Ike »alk af^h* Ctob. 
was ready with an pnaasi 
slated that wWto 
I aet lack atady 
; for Ito sladwto. dMfe to a 
definite lack a( a plaea where 
in a real 
Since the 
coffee bouae is all that Harper 
has to offer at praaent to thto 
area, ba foais that "The Raktojr 
baa a good chance oil 

Maay studsato • 
opiatoasof "Tl 
while enjoying tbemsdvas 
Thursday. Former Senato lead- 
er Bob Wtoto tools that H U "a 
groat thtog." Barb BayUn 
added, "It brings tte studsato 
together, but the lounge aaada 
Cathy KarBhai 

was "a bit erewdad." 

"Tlia Ralaajr Daaa" was w«U- 
orgaatood and appean to he a 
It wID try to 
aad regular af- 
af aMBk, aaa0, forana. 

laa arc at Harper tor 
Ikat seaieatcrs. Maay of 

<te (be 

rti talk abent aoae af Ibe 
ibey aao totoata tbe 



Is baard oa WCUI 


Selected " 

The flrst cl 
for Harper's 
satocted. Tboae 
Doaaa Berg. Cora 
. Lockowito aad Pat 

Crtoa of "Yea, 

Interest la the eorreat senate el e et toM 
captured two aewatorial caadldatea (toft) 
Mha Bonnie Goiomblewskl aad Miss 
Terry Beyer. They're freshmeB who ea- 
tarad the henatoriaJ ItoU with bopea of 
achieving govemmeotad poaitioa at the 

IgMitljr. Poatert^ 



yalt ta tka 
t wa toe Rarpdr bapafkb. Tha 
giria awe to praettoa at tka 
ration for the October 4 tryooto. 
Ibe Harper proa- 
wcrc Elk Grevc pbys^ 
c a I eduratioa tostracton 
Loric Walker aad Margaret 
Moris aaaa, CBt Grave cheer- 
leadiag sp saaar Pat McGce. 
Harper pbysteal aia c a t iaa to- 
Btractar Martba Bak, caacb 
Ray Kearas. Harper Seaato 
»ic e -p nsi d «at Lori Woat aad 
p t esl d e B t fleaa Ryaa. 
The cbawtoadm wm rtted 
OB a 30 potatacatot^ their ap- 
pearance which 'incl-jded hak 
styto, sraito and eye contact, 
spuit, cheering, and Jumps. 

Miss Bolt, was pleased by the 
number cf girls interested at 
the first meeting. 

Ike s^iad waa formed to 
spirit at toter- 
"to snm- 

aiartoe, we have an 
tic and e aeige tl c 

raa^ to gas 

The midnight oil btuTiH for two HAR- 
BINGER H t a f f e r a, Execatfve Editor 
Mary Lbid and Managing Editor Kari 

Battatadt Ilwy eoaa copy after the 
drive for ditofflliw. Both of theae top 
staffers work nnder Etiitor Terry Babb. 



. J 











Qubs Organizing 
TV Start Activities 



Want to avoid tbe crowds that 
ire jamming Harper this fall? 
Try Joining a club. At preMfit. 
there ar«,aix clufaa organized or 
■tailed to aerve a itudent body 
o( almoet 4.000. 

[ tte few •rgaaiiatiHs 
MraHig Mcampv* 
to tte Batriir CaHtmn Clnb. 
B held Its fnt mMtiag m 
WtdacMlay. October • at 7:3a 
p.111. at Elk Grove la Been 

iHlnictor Judo Steven*, the 
teeoHy advlaor, stated that the 
cMk will meet every two weeks 
and that the dub ia •?« te all 
■tadMto intareatad is Bwrivi 
Ufa and culture. 

It ian't BtcaaiMy to be a Rna- 
fiati langBifla atiidiBt to Join. 

A potootial giant on the ctii> 
to SU Oat. Mora than 

tai tha cWi Artu 

No plana baro baai 

as yet for organiiattoBal 

Inga, allegedly due to the lack 


Projaetod plans include aev- 
«nl wtaMr OHtiBp. 

niayiiU to the affiH b a 

thfproblem. (He doesn't ski.) 
l%e dnU thuds of Hyiag 
bodies UttiBg maU aaaMUie- 
ed the retam of Jndo Clob to 
the Harper sceae. IW clab 
held ito first meetiag- last 
Itanday. October S, at t:IS la the Elk Grove fleld- 
hoHse. < 

Coach Roy Keams Is tbe fac- 
ulty advisor. Tbe club will em- 
phasize tbe theory and ptailoeo- 
pbyofjudo. Meetings are ached- 
uled for Mondays at »:40-10:M 
p.m. and Tuesdays and Thurs- 
days at 9:15-10:30 pjn. in the 
Elk Grove gym. 

Hm Harper Players, the col- 
lefe theatrical group, has previ- 
01^ been limited to monbers 
el the dramatics daas. lliis 
year, if aDoofh stadaota show 
■offlctont iotareat to tha group, 
than to a poiAiilty Alt BMB- 
beraUp will ha opaad to aO 
Harper stiidento. 

Vary Utttoiirfannatton is avail- 
abto OS tka aethrWaa of the 
Oob and Secretarial 


Hw eUb plana to By 
trip to the *i site. accMtttag to 
andlabto tond w ir a a . Any it»- 

ckA ar making ttao tr^ ahwild 
eaatact instructor Robert ZU- 
koaakl, the faculty «hriaor. or 
P«la Giaopetro. the dub pred- 

tha pbna of ttaaa two 
it will be reported. 

Tlia nk Jfneic C3ub of laat 
year tea lit a Mgb note o< sac- 
ceaa. Aa repertad In ttl> Mho> 
the dub^poiiHrad collsa hoaao 
'TTio Ratawy Daze" waa a ane- 
eeaaat Its opaoinc nigiit. Sipt 

1W eeff* 
tocaled to the 
to baMb« t. hna had evar^ 

II has 

HQFacuUy Wives 
Serve Luncheon 

Haipar Caitofa Faculty Wives 
aervad a aaacfaeberd a^ Sal- 
ad iMKhaaa «• 1Mtoead«y, 
Oct •. 

no toorhsM. to the Chrtot 

tvad a v^Mnfi^ Hand • 
wrWagwaa aaalyaad. 

HCFW TrMSorcr. Mrs. Roy 
Kaarw, repertad that tbe (acui- 
ty ffuip bos s membership of 

free, a oover eharga o( S 
a hawi to now being 
Paat cM praridaot Jerry 1 
itla to warttof « 

ta« Mi till tofRBOlo Iha 

fak dta^at roup. *mf ta^ir- 
eu eoManu« the did> aboold 
bo dtoactod to Mtai Anna Maito 
Batf^ the faculty 
AD dobtoodm 
tioa oooeeraiat 
■hBrtkl I wdar t tha dub bat ro- 
poctar. Bd Speneur. at tha BAB- 
BINGEB by piactog a 

Virki Andenton, displnys an 
elecIlM FMter slw created for her student ornate elec- 
tion c—f lg B. She was one of a bumper crop of sta- 

Students File For Petitions 

As the coOei^ enters the sec- 
' ins are underway 
"a firat gndnatloo 

: It 


Monday. Oct 14, 1968 

Harper Tour Organizes 

Harper College, in coopera- 
tion with Mount Prospect Vaca- 
tions, jnc., is sponsoring a 21- 
day escorted tour of Europe 
from August 2-23, 1960. 

Additional and deeper mean- 
ity of the culture and history 
of Europe will formulate while 
liaving fun, fnendslSp. and in- 
formal education within a coUo- 
giato atraoapbere. 

Ninataan cSies in eight differ- 
ent countriea will be thrown 
open to the tour grvu p. Eng - 
land, Germany, Italy, Switasr- 
land and France are only a few 
of the countries that will ha via- 

One a isat tog baa been tenta- 
tlvdy set far Oct 7 er Oct. M. 
Ttovaday to help prepare thaee 
iwho aregalag. During 
iittogi they wtU he- 
■cqwdated with what to 

IM Fied Vaisvil. director of 
placement and student aids. 

Deposits are $100 wfadcb re- 
serve your place on the tour. 
Final payment is due 45 days 
before departure. 

Befunds, 75 per cent of alr 
(are. can be obtotaied 39 days 
prior to departnre. Foil re- 
(aads OB land tT a aap e rtatte n 
costo will he aiade If caacella- 
are lyade aera than six 
before depaitare. 

ln ^.;iKU«i in the total cost an 
airfare, hotel rates. Also some 
tipa and taxes, meals and guide 
service and entrance (eea are 
included. Tbeae extras depend 
upon what city the tour group is 
in at the time. 

For more information about 
the tour contact Mount Prospect 
Vacations, Inc., 666 E. North- 
west Highway, Mount Prospect, 
Illinois. 60056. The |>haoe num- 
ber is 2S»:£030. 

College iifalif toba 
very thorough in iuptoMliief 
the eaUre tour. No place for the 
moating has beea deaignatad as 
yot For more iufetuianea ce^ 
^Mt Ftaoir BeraOl, dlractor of 

Depending on how hi xuri oaa 
year taalao are. eooto for tho 
tov ■ay-naga from |M to 
Wn. Two plans oftoriag flaaa- 
dal aaaistance, tho apodal Ba- 
Work scaoianaip trv- 
or the coBago work pro- 
1, can help iato r ao t o d Har- 
per itaiirti obtain tho apcoo- 
For detaila about 
of theae pngrans. 



S at Harper Oro«« oa 
, Oet t, Itaai 1 pan. 

to 7 p.oL 

Sterling Charms 

With a Meaning All Their Own 

Why you wear a froa wheoling llttto Honda, 
w a UMlno Ihnar, avan a tolaphona^ 
la a bacrat only you (or ho) can rova aL 
Whan llfo toao tandor. kaop thoaa prackxNi 
■MNnanto aa naar to you aa your wrtoL 

Wells charms 

Altho(«h the ceapator to 
shared with other peepto who 
hava terminals to thair ofBeoa, 
Iho naipiair to ao fast that ao 
detoya «« aniofloarail Qaea- 
ttoao are phraaad la plala Bif- 
Msh, and the ayatoa ia aMM to 

(hat are ceaeemod wMi wuuh 


< Iho daaBoaalrattoa wao tho 

Pfof e a o w Roy Sodrd. Db-ector 
of Data Proraoolng at Harper. 

who win 
die giWinatioa requiranoato 
and expect to receive a degree 
during or at tho end of this 
adMol year oiaat file a Petitioo 

for Graduation with 
Director of 
Regiatrar. A. Hkrrto 1 

SUtloo 11 at 
eetablished to aOew atadaato to 
complete the petition. Quali- 
fying stud«)ts who have not 
filed a petition should complete 
the peyOoa at the registrar's of- 
fice tocatod at Hupor Grove. 



S W. CarnvUH S». 
AHio^tei* HalyhH. IN. 

•nr IS.OOO pi>wtict tosttt 

9m ijm mn 


•nttiai Car*. Caaiy 
PHONI 253-1441 

Oprn diily 5 i.m. - 10 M*- 

Soldering of charm$ 
of couf$e. 





Monday, Oct l4. 1968 


Paia 5 


(Cont. from Page 2. Col. 5) 

that studei^ utilize theae facil- 

Happily, by press time, pas- 
senger loads had increaaed. 

But, there are two sides to ev- * 
ery argument You have beard 
the administration's. But what 
about the students'? 

When they are delayed for 
class (because of the parking 
situation) the instructors com- 
plain and tell them to come 
earlier. However, maay ftfhn 
atudeau' are unable to arrive 
sooser because ef a )ob er 
ether obUgatioaa. 

atudeata. as usual, had 
pieaty ef advlee. 

SaphoMere Julian Lambert 
coasuMatad, "I weald like to 
soa budN arraagad. if pao- 
slble. fren Palatlae aad other 
suburbs l« Elk Grove. This 
would altoviate the parkiag 
pr a b tow. to'aa esuni. Also. 
bavo a shuUie bus to Faraet 
View fraai iUlt Grave aad 

"I kaew that naay ef tha 
Studcat* would use this ser- 
Uafortaoaloly. I Iblafc. 
aro aulto a few otbor 
to be rctoived be- 
like dils ceaid b^ 

The view irom the back of th/hv Mkatee a lot 
of room up front. For thwae who are oataur tiM ahut- 
tlf M>r\ice. there's no rrowdioK. They pant eltlMr at 
the Elk Grove ahuppinK plaxa or in the lot of the 

Phil Samuels pro- 
aaother way of trans- 
portatioa; "The beat soiution 
wouU be to issue bicycles to 
oach'Stadeot to get fron a 
iorfa, eoatrally loratsd parkiag 

bit. Ihe administration woukl 
thea ho reapeaaible to provide 
parfctaf ptoeeo far the bicyclea. 

"ThiB would be cheaper than 
building a new parkmg lot and 
would defimtoly solve the 
eerious parkiag problem It Har- 
per Coltofa." 

Suppooe any sorvlco were pre- 
aeated to Um otadenU, woukl 
they mako aoe of if The ad- 
miaisfratioo has offered a boa 

Qaeen of Roaarv school. There's no charge for the 
parking or for the ride. The convenience wrnn com- 
mrnted on by the riden. Several mM It saved their 
from den(« and M-ratches. 

praasat bus aervtce win largO' 

aervlee which ia not too i 

1%o daci al aa whether ttm- 
deaU uke advaotagc (^ Ike 


Time to atudy, time to rr>n\fr»*>. Thi* un- 
crowded <ihuttk> pro\id«^ M>me Harp^'r 
atadtata with but-minute hni^Ui up itudy 
heloro ckuar* aa the bun n>IK tou ard the 
campaa. The buK run<» thn>aghnut the 

evenint* r\%ss vchettalr. It «tom at tha 
main FXiHS entrance on Flk Grove 
boulevard to di.<M-harKe and take oa ] 

THANKS to avarybody wtto 
hotped me campaign and 
all w*w votad for m« 


Bus drixpr Ki<-hard Rint(ham (he'« alwi port owner of 
the Harper •thutfie bu«) watrhes as Mr». Pauline 
Koehnke. part-time fre^^hman student, rtombera 
aboard for her ride from the f!:ik Grove nhoppinK plaxa 
to the fXiH.H rampas. RinKham is enthuKlastir about 
the sertioe. He estimated that about .54 stodenta 
ride comfortably. 

For Halloween Fun: 


Temporary Body 




Wigs, Maks-up, Mask's 

Costume Props 


Adult Party Shop 

Randhurst — Lower Level 



a^F^aPT. '%••♦» *W lonPOT fwoiifw m (wnni 

iff South Duntor 

Arlington Hetghl» :::•:•:: 


12 S. OhoIwi. Arliaftwi HtifMl 






■ "'.^ ?li l',f*fc*^dHf 4 









II ■ h 



The KolfinK Hftwks coosidrr the fine 
poifltii of a niblick (9 iron to you). From 
kff to rigiit: Steve Whikel. Bob Rodgen, 

Drop Fwe 

Hamr't vanity foif aquad 
haa bopped fivt of Ma iix 
maldM Titfa the latart d*ata 
$t the hands of DuPa«i. SaiA 
VaDay and Triton. 

Tba fcore: DuPaf* U7, 8mk 
VaOajr M4 and Harpv IBi. Tri- 
•pad am Hawks by sigtot 
»<!• at. 

Pete Hchn, Coarh WUliain Miller with 
his nibticli, Rick Johiuen and Craig Saar. 

FrMk PMc Haka M tke 

n igrtnit TriHa Mi an M In 


THIaa Stevt Wlakel ca 
an «: CM( Saar. M: 


In tlia triMgriar Urn Hawks' 
raeard iifiMod as Saar't score 
of « WM cteaat to Hate's tl. 
The Hawka ara now 14-1 

Coarh William Miller (left) offerx »ome la^t minute 
advice to Hawk Kolfinn whii. Pete Hahn. He\ th«- cur- 
rent low shooter on the team. Consistent in hu per- 
foffauuwca. Haha ia one of Um miastey)! of the fledx- 
■■I CMi nnai. 

CC Woe: Slow Pace 

Harpar's varsity cross 
try sqnad atartsd o«t w« 


WM the HawlH' 
BiM la Um Irt- 
wtth a at Radgcn 
a M as Wiakel 
sat ttw sfnad »iUi a 
the l»4ala auHek. 

ArrariMag la Hnwk 


by an^ iigfet 
team, evai 
was rsaOy 

by afsad 
Ika waathtr 

bi earlier matchaa: 

The Hawks' vanity falf taam 
(faiaOy snapped a 

four of thair flnt Bvs 
Iha latait dalaaU wars at tte 
af WBaoo and DoPafs 
had 21 points: 
and S3 (or the 


sad DoPage 
far Uw Hawks 
Bsrry Jofenaaa wllfc s 
IhM place flals^ la 17 tl far 

a tit with 
ia a quad- 
rangular meet with Rock Valley 
and Wright Colleges. The final 
Mais wart Rock VaOay 943. 
Wri^ m, Harpsr M nd 

Tba Wright 

ittdnn coat i«riMt Harper since 

~~4he Hawks have already gaaa 

against Wright thia yaar ii 

fersnce play. 

nan Pete Hate was the 
low man for the Hawlu as he 
sint so 83 for the Ifttele mstch. 
Ba shst par 10 times snd chalk- 
ed ^> s birdie during the round 
Seve Winkel, a freshman from 
Park Ridge, was second in the 
scoring with sn M. 

Afterwsrds, the scores bapM 
to soar as Craig Saar shot a JS, 
Bob Rodgvi, in, and Rkfc 
Johnaoi, i«8. 

According to Miller, 'Our 

sistsncv. We teve both our good 
dqri aMvOHT bad days." 

ta f<«lM. •^* bad 
ISO inBh af a ^vaad in oar top 
Ova rannars. A coopla of Do- 
Page rannsn lUppod in We 
;wore just spread too thin 
la five BiceU the Hawk* 
ar* ••ly crwIHed wlU tlirw 
iaaae* omrlally. WtHm wi« 
IsrctEd to forfrH an rarlter 
match sftar ■ mnner »•< de- 
Harad hMOicible. even flKnigh 
Ibey beat the Hawk* wbca 
the BMlch was nm aff. 

To rocap oarller meets 

Harper's vsrsity rross-coun 
try sqiiad woo its first meet, but 
came up on the short end of the 
score in its second outing against 
Wri^ snd Wilson Coifegos in s 
triangular maat held on Harper'* 
home eavM hi the Elk Grove 
Poreat Preaerve. Tba totala for 
tte Hawits' first iMnc meet were 
Wright », Wikon 43, snd Har- 
per 96 

Crane CoPaga waa scheduled 
to ba in the meet However, its 
score wsso't counted since Crane 
failed to tiaU a tMI team 

Rifpw^ tttMi Were higher in 
their initial meet against Triton 
In addition to tliat, only two 
Hawks were among the first ten 
to crass tlie flnish line in the 
race. , 

lYasbman Barry Johnson was 
-4op man for the Hawks as he 

hi seventh with s time of 
The next three 
in ttoacort' 
PoriM*, who waa laatti wtUt a 
I7:9g etaddng. Iflha Elwan in 
nth wlib a tlnm nf U 17 Scou 
Hupka cam* hi throa aaoeads 
later in 13th plac* wMb sn U:» 
ckiddng. Tan Dwyw rooadod 
the score by taUog Mlh vMl a 
time of 19 B 

Ihera were several reaaona far 
tte W0I tiOMa. aceordtai la 
Hand fanrb Bob Nate. "Kvary 

tte nesrt aae. Oon Is a vaiy 
Mlly, wooded type coarse with a 
lot of tmss. We just abnply 
dUst nm well. It waa ja« a 
bad mact all around We're 
much better potentially " 

Monday, Oct. 14, 1968 


^ Sport Scope 

Many of tte athletes trying 
out for tte teams at Harper this 
year will te faced with critical 
pnUams of eligibility. 

So far, this year half of tte 
men wte tev^signed for (aU 
sports, golf and cross-country, 
teva baan daclarad inatigibla for 
pwtk^ation lor at least a an- 

n^crippM tte Harper golf 
team befora tte flnt maat had 


lowing semester. This does not 
exclude tte athlete from the rule 
that te must carry 10 academic 
teun of worii during tte semes- 
ter foUowing his part-time pro- 

llie main 

being dedarad bMUfBda h Iha 
oanal cause grades. Tte 
out for sports at Harper are m- 
aware of tte Northern Illinois 
joBtar OoUafa Coaferaaea rales 

Grip Club 
r Judo Fun 

bas set down 
fl^adflcally if 
Ml graduated fnoi 
te ia 

provided that te is carrying and 
minimum of 10 ao- 
of college level 
of physical odu- 

IWi. te aai M . liBt tte an^ 

athletea wte are transfer 
dents, some teve (silad or 
pad out of school, 

BhwdUuraty Harper students 
can wgtcb Prank Locw and tris 
judo anlkwlnits try to break 
hi half three times a 
: aa tte Judo Qub continues 
it left off last year 
r-s Jodo dab w« te 
dM dkecttsa of Frank 
Laaw, a stadent. last year's 
Laew kaa keea ac- 
wtth dw orteatal arte 
af self -de f ease slace Ite age 
af eight aad has lyiaiii 
likree diffrreat Jade srhisls. 
Last year Loaw had 3S mam- 
bara in tte dab. Ha ai^eeU 
mora dte yaar. 

MiUbigi see hsU Maadays 
tram •:4a-M:M aad aa 
Tteadays aad Tkartday* from 
9:U-lt.3a la the I^Uk Grave 
gym. Ibe chab la ipsaaarid 

af tfw physical tdara- 

nii yaar Loew plans to em- 
phaoiia tte Iteory am 

fs). If tte < 
waa carrying Miy a partiai pi«> 
gram, te OMait bava paaad anc- 
coiifbQy lllii of gtet acadaodc 



Write us 
a letter 
— Harbinger 


Luscious Charms • Heavenly Jewelry 

I. 0. Bracelets • Old England Watch«t 

G^at Gifts for Mom and Dad loo 

Ftersin and F^obbln 

24 South Dunton Court 

0|>en Thunnlay and Friday to 9 p.m 

Arlincton Hetfhta 

Taaa — 

B S A Ltglitmnf ..»*•* tA« big twin - 
IwrncylinOart tvkinc«ft>urMcrs »rK 
twict tht *«cil«mtnl Hot Rot 
magafint cut LigMrnng k>o*« anc 
r acofriad th« highMi «p««d o< an> 
motorcycta avw laaiad . ' So \*v.f 
command, t^i■ kind of Light nirn 
only ttrikav ■> • "■>'!«•. 


'" 1800 N. Raftd Ro«l 
Palatina, III. 



• \ 




^ » 

- .1 

■-■r~- — - 




Bus Service 

Fading Away 

The shuttle bus is driving into 

Administration officials ex- 
plained that "47 passengers a 
ni^" doesn't warrant the ex- 
perse involved. 

Assistant Prefesior WiUian 
J. Mann, dean af bwlacM, 
M4 the HARBINGER that 
any deeisiea U icrap lite free 
shuttle service Will be (elteir- 
cd by at least another week of 
Mrvtco "U giTo stadeaU as 
fair a chaaco as possible to 
b ocowt regolar rMers. there- 
by saviiig the servtee." 
Man Mid that tte biM 
riet had playad a cole in < 
Iha trafBc aod parking sttaatioB 
at the Elk Grove campus. 

"la all fairness tr the stu- 
deoli aad to the coUege," he 
rnifiwil It vooU ba aawtoa 
to rmUmm m Hpwriw m(w 
viea. MuriiWy mv that avail- 
ahla parktaf ipaeaa la tte Bk 
Grove campus parking lot more 

than ofiaet the numbar ol ri- 

.« - - ft 

Tba avviea it latimatad to 


The decision to ready the 
ihuUle ruB for abaadounent 
yai made after eitcnsive sar- 
veys of passenger loads. 
Superintendent Robert Hughes 
of buikUngs and grounds band- 
led those surveys. 
He reiwrted the figure of "47 
M «e n gtr s a night." And be 
qualified that with a breakdown 
that indKated some 10 riders an 

"We were hoping." he said, 
"that IN or posilMy IM sto- 
deals would be aboard daring 
the alghtty shaltis sanrtce." 

He said be was passled by 
the lack of lataeaat. since the 
thattle praiidss traw- 
psrtatlBB la the campns fraa 
the Grove gbspplH Caatr .^ 
"At that araa. m parfcii« 
for the eol- 
la addtion, the 

itop OB Ika ikfittlt ma 
(Qoaaa al Baaary) pufan aa- 
othar 300 park^ r-'^^-'^ 
Bagkas said a 

bo kept oa 

aam the last day of ep- 
er a tiea. 

The last lonely stand for tha Yallow Bus? 

— Want goodbyt to an unhappy Blu* Bird: riderkn, abandoned. 


Vol. 2. No. 3 

Monday, Oct. 28, 1968 





Officials Post Crowd Ban 

Two top Elk Grove fira da- 
oOldab aaid tbay 
ba teoad to ctaaa tha 
Daia Ctfha Hiva If 
than IB paspla wara ia tha 

nra Odal 
and Lt. Doaaid KalHi 


(Oct. n). 

la Bad oaiy^io aiaaMaaa la a 

Raiaey Daaa 



Bn iflkiak aM that 
dMira la Impada or 
witk Um aadal Ufa 

Is aa 

Pirate Press to Publish Soon 

Blatter which af. 
lects iiasyaaa ' 
The fb« aflldalB aald that a 
dre lliflihii MBt ba !§»■ 
stallad. bi addttha t» tha tire 
aatiapi*ir. aocaas to the froot 
aad raar doors of tha boidii« 
aoit ha available. 
IkV mHhM that the cef- 
ba aMwad to 

Harper OoOafa 
about to bacooe tha liiuaaiMi 
tarpt «( aa 

la a 

daced flyer 
deals hi the 1 

la sl» 


Xttt eailan's admisistratloo 

Palcyon Search 
For Creativity * 


Barpar OoBsft's yoorbook, 
the Hak7<B, la aaaUag eraattva 
wriUif aad art wort that caa 
add la the portrayal of the IMO- 
11 school year. 



that arc ac- 

■ appear la the 

I aet be receat warm* 

Art work, two and three di- 
can alM ba ad^ 
Art that to cboaoa wfll 
ba phatairaBhid aad cradMd ■ 

traltn ar ofBoa ba|p. 

Sikayt piacaa to any of the 
two adkara-IUas Judy Raaa- 
Iw «r Wm Pat Tnarawks-or 
brii« IbMB la tha PubUcatioaa 
OOea hi BdUag • at Harper 
Grave. ArUdaa can abo ha left 
in the mailboK of the Halcyoo 


Iba dMNUaa la Nwauibar 14. 
If y«i bara mr 

aaaodated wHh tha 
may send in worts — 
• tadents, faculty, adminis- 

MiaB Pat TMHrawhs at tha Hal- 
cyan aJHra 

The yearbook staff alao 

eslad la wrllteg copyi taylag 
oat pacBB ar laktai^ffeela- 

Registration Tops 3^800 

"We are extremely plaaaad 
that the community is aring 
William Rainey Harper CdOafi 
to the extent that they are." 

TWa was Registrar Donn B. 
Staaabory's comment on the fi- 

tlMrtvy taaaad the rasaMs 

of ilaal ragMraUaa taUaa: Sr 


the fdl seaMaler. of i 

deals, ijm are 

deals: l.m 

sephoaNres: IJD 


Bacanae of laat year's second 
lamartai raOa 
iMilbnial wiB 
or wiD aqoal the f aP iMMrtsr 
regialiatlon. ^ 

Stansbsry alao beUeves that 
aext year's fall enrollment will 
ba sftproximatety 4.aP0 to 5.000 
stadaoia. Harpar'a aew campos 
win be the wricomhig acaae. 
The enpas stta Is at 
aad Al g ea ^ala roads. 
dale to tea Utl vdy 


Or. Jaaaa Rarwy, daaa «f 
said that eoanr aOat 
ba BiadB to caaiply with 
lira laplatiiM. 

Aaaa Maria ■*. 
■r of the etabaala^ 
aald. "wel alaipiy 
have la mave the 
Dsse to a charck 

Mtoa Balk added that she 
plaai ta OMat «Mh Harvay tartar 
ia Itoa aaak la dMMt «p a 

Dtoaeltr PfMk BarriB af ata- 
tnt activitiaa said Iha paMka- 
to aat iMrtliBiJ by Iha 
la «f HatparOal- 


•eewdhv la the 

flyar, to Iha Edaelie Irr«dar. 






aeraaa the campus shoot fire 

af the safety of 

Expert Says: Prune Words 


.CMf L. 

ages, wfeaa aaad la 
Mewart says that aay image 
lb said be dear as tbaagk it 
were heiag ei p l ah i e d la a 

iMMad If yaan af latesaaftd 
banaaaa wilUuf n bto raosDt 
artlde, "awrhif Yoor akwaeh 
Pun" hi the August IS, im, to- 
aie of Saks M aaage ms at . 

Bhrwaii wrote his article U 

help teachen aad stadeau as ^ .. ^ 

1^ 1^ auaaMd yea bad 

.«B la say, o fl wrw la o be 

have aaked yaa to speak. 

werM wllh llpa 




Cadet satuiHy tbrcas at bath 
Harper CoUata oampuses 
toillaliil la 


Priaurlly, tha force waa or- 

" 1 la I 

af itadwli hi i 

Several asa 

. They. Uke dM olher ca- 
hlrod aflor carefal 

Iha MBit to aB aula. 


■ajar )ab to to regalale tr^ 
Ac. prevaat cftaias (sach as 

lUra ftava to 

to Bia fint lauiaaUr iar wtA 
cadet sacurity activities, thara 
to a ffsad chjoioe that these ea- 
dals wfB ba a major element of 
■acnrity at tha Mfv 

All the 
are on a payroO. 
howavar, raatrtcta (ha 
of hears Ih^ caa wart each 

ki canyhv •^ *■ 
to *e haaal ef tts dbae- 
l^iitodiatiat Behert J. 
Haghet of batldiBgi aad 
and Asststaat Pro- 
Richard A. Wild, coor- 
r of the km 

to aid 
will re- 
words. Tbe 
careful aae of a few coodsa ad- 
Jectivas can eliminate laoaeaa- 

Stowart said: "Cutthig words 
to rimilar to a fardnor't task. 
One trims the exaaa foiafb of 
shndM sod what rematai stands 

AMhoagb idearbi a speech 
caa only, be Shawn throagh 
words. Stewart laBs the 
to tWak hi 

Woodwind' 5 Play in Series 

The second of 11 schedutod 
coDoerta in the H. rper College 
..Concert Sorias faaturad the Coo- 
taasporary Arts Waadwlad ^da- 
tet on Sunday (Oct 31) 

The tsactrt waa la a aMfC 
vela thaa the UgMar 
the la tati t has exMb-j 
ited to a ccoai paay The Cryia' 
Shames. The Bysaattac Eih- 
pire and The TroOa. 
Other ceocarts ta be hoard in 
the awiaa faichidc work by the 
Chamber Orchestra and Cboms. 
The groiqi will perform oa' Nov. 

17, Dae. M. March 9 and April 

Tlia Harper CoOaffB Choir aad 
CaaHaoBlty Baad will perform- 
on Janodh^ IS and May 35. 

Harper itaOtals aad faealty 
members are admitted wtth- 
oat rharKr opoa preoeatatioa 
of aa ID card. 

Commaaity members caa 
parchaae ticketa at the 
for ma each. ChOdrea 
12 are admittod 





.'\ • 






' t 



Page t 


Monday. Oct. 28, 1M8 

Coffee House 
Issue Brews 

The last issue of the HARBINGER bannered a story 
which garnered controversy. The story involved the Elk 
/Grove Fire Department's action on the Rainey Daze Cd- 
fee bouse. 

Our position on the issue shouljl be clear. 

We favor the idea of the coffee house to the hilt. We 
also favor safety The area of building where^i^ coffee 
house is sanctioned, is not safe— that's theofH^al opinion. 

As EUc Grove Fire Department t$^ri^\A Kuhn point- 
ed out. "What would the occupants orine ccrffee house do 
if some 'nut' threw a Molotov cocktail through the front 
door of the building?" 

Obviously, the coffee bouie participants would be 
killed or injured. 

Student Council President Sean Ryan told the HAR- 
BINGER, after our last deadline, of ^ move to use a bam 
situated on the permanent campus 

We would applaud and fully support such a move. We 
would even suppcHi a decision to relocate the coffee bouse 
to a section of the cafeteria 

Our only hope is that the administration of the coffee 
house sanctions the enterprise in a building thirt ic accept- 
able to fire prevention and health standards. 


View From 
Editor's Dtsk 

Staff Waiting 
To Hear Views 

SoBM o( the mm t/umnuk nm»»K% «( tht HABBIMIBK «■ 
lM*»Bitic«l by WW Ik* ^pMNMe of Hm lint IM« to the edttor 
for th> Wi FaB l«m. Tm ttas* who havMt, «• woold Uk« to 
caB ywr ittsatlw to M. 

llM drihwy e( tMs toltor to th» HABMNGBB edltorM «met 
was a cans* ior a aissr esMnUoa. Tks past tw« Issns sf te 
feavtcarrisd caOs ior lov»«ato lattws. and ttati ia tht Orst 

Tito esistaratioa occun«d becauae the Lattara to the Editor 
tisa is a vfeal part of sajr foad editorial pifi. Umppmb 

rtkiss pr— t to» mm iIiIiiI a <tow tor mm tiw 

and acniiiiw sdMsr to Iks. 

His IARBINGER has a rsspsasMiljr ast oaljr to ioiona, but 

to reflect the dniras sad assA of fks satirs Harper OoUsfls eom 

muiuty Without any plqrstoal fSrss s( toadback to oar sQorts to 

cofnmunicate with that nw aaass ity. ws can't do our job pnpariy. 

The raadars si ■AIRIWGWI hasa sa nasWy jnsat fsapsaiMi- 

tV HIM ^Mi I^^M ^^^^^^^W i^^ M^^^m ^B t^^^ w^^^m ^^^Ma Ia 

Harpsr sesas rsaOjr i h as i iss ssaM altoatloa. doa't Jtol talc aboot K 
to yoor frisadi, sr iMf to Am catolsrte. 

Tska tbs Usm to sit down sad pot roar rsmaits oa paper Hm 
drop off jroor Isttor In the harbinger mailbox in buildiag four. 

Olhsrwiss, ws hart at tha HARBINGER l«od to get kmeiy and 
baffai to woodsr wiMOar SRjrMy i* rssOy eat there instead of ■ 
hunch of iomWss aks enstoas n swip ap ti ' S . Bxespt tor an occas- 
ional lynek BMb SBMsHaf dswn «r dssrs, w» waadsr if aaTono 

Aajr sort o( caring provided by a lynch msb ws doat assd. 
What ws assd i> to be able to help you bs hoard Help ua hatp you 


Tfee Harbinger 

Terry S. Babb. Editor 
Mary Lind. Executive Editor 
Karl G Buttstadt. Managrng Editor 
David Garland. Sports Editor 
Paula Alexander. Business Manager 
Terry Carter, Circulation Manager 
Bill Bohndff . Photo Coordinator 


Reporters: Roxanne Hansen. Barbara Rumatz. 
Pat Tenerowicz, Edward Spencer. Pat Evans 
Advisor; Henry RoepKen, assistant professor 

Photographers: Dan Harris. Doug MacDonald. 
Lee Loeschen 

'WWitwd l»rte» monthly by and for th* ttudanl* of WHIlim lltlrwy 
Hvpar Coltaa*. 510 Elk Orovo Blvd , Dk 0r«va Vlllaao, W •0007. 

T«l«pl«on«: 43t-7000. 

H.C. FSAIndurts 22 Members 


Twenty-two members of the 
coU^e's chapter of the Future 
Secretaries , , Asaociation have 
been inducted into the national 
group of the FSA. 

Paretos aad frteada sMsaA- 
m caadtoUgto iiiiisiiaiii to 
Um brake Pwaeral Home. 
Park Ridge, m Saturday 
(Oct. 2«) as IS SM 
sevea sfflcers ptodgod 
leivas to prelesitaaal aware- 

aMSt to m» socrstartal Held. 

Director fVsd VaisvU of Har- 
per CoOege's office Placement 
and Sodsot Aids lauded their 
profassional choice. 

He toU the crowd about the 

need for continued excellence in 
secretarial pursuits. 

Miss Jane Spore, a soph- 
omore, is the president of the 
FSA chapter. 

iMtracter* Alice PhilUps 
and Mary EUen Ragg «t ■««- 
rctariai tcience are the co-ad- 

The charter grant of the FSA 
was preseatad to the HC chap- 
ter by rspressntatives of the 
sponsoring FSA chapter. Mss 
Pat Cicerchia, Mrs. JoAnn Lsr- 
son and Mrs. Gloria Dody. 
Veterans to try for organizatioo 

Veterans' Plan 

Veteram among the students 
are planning a poQ with the in- 

tention of forming a Veterans' 

Poll boxes to get reaction 
from veterans will be in the 
Harper student lounge and^the 
Elk Grove campus cafeteria 
from today, Monday t Oct. 28) to 
Friday (Nov. 1). 

loformatieii that the peO U 
seeking U the veteran's age: 
braoch of service; current 
mlUUry status. The veteran 
■hsoM 1st U» opinion siMMt 
tha poasIbUity of a rampuii or- 
gaaixatioB to reflect his attl- 
tuoes BBd needs. 
Records indicate that the col- 
lege has about ISO veterans. 

Msnbsrship will not he limit 
ed to vslsraas. Adha rsas rvtsta 

Our G)mpetition: 
Whose Worry? ' 

We of the HARBrNGER are aware that an underground news- 
paper is about to be reiesssd to the sladsat body But. we are un- 
ahto to idsal^y whs tltf^sdhsr «id Us asiistanU are ss they have 
■nt tatomsd saysae of owr aassss. 

WerUag 4a a ■eiiipsfii dsss ast only torahre siMag aswa 
aad teatore sta ria a. As adiler yoa aaat ki r aai ii|Hatolii wito 
tha IWd at joorMllaai. the stadeau 8ae■^rttog the Ed sti c Ir- 
m^ar arc totaRy assciaitolii wtth Ikls fleM a ev kaowtoige. 
Um prspsssd pabUcaHsa weald be sa amateur attempt 
AdMrttokv to alsa a toaia sswes sf fiaaaesa tar tha papsr. Par 
tbs nsdavaaad paiMr It aorid has* to OSBM dhaetty ftaa tta sa|>- 
sad aritort. GSmMv the BAmiNHCB: the p«ipto wha 
II most coB t H h Mto a t r s aiti to n s s m si t of time 
This second paper would also reflect upon the school ss a wbole. 
Will thia paper bring the type of recognition which ia dasirabis? 

Bsii« s kfitimate publicatian. the HARBINGBR arast reach 
cwtaia fsals fsr ito rsadm WiU thia paper bs wrlttoa to ths tatsr- 
of ths stadart hadyf WUl it infora^ satortata. aad toad stadMt 
I? Wm It ai^iasB vtoaa aad ulsoU? Avl will it provide a 

uaoBleattoa sasag dto stadaot body? 
The publicatian nnat aba face a rssponsibUity with the aUte 
a that it prinU oie s nitH g an individual's re p ot at t a n , ** 

A false Btalcawat. wrtttea ar kra a dcaated. wUeb toada to 

asked to participate in the poll 
and the poasibto formation of 
the group. 

Letters To 
The Editor 


1 WM hnpraasid with yaw 
tSBiioato caacoratoc "A ferce- 
fid' cai: aa iBrttaliaa." Ow 
rato la to imltrm stadeata a( 
sveata, aaS to ceerce them into 
carato eveato. Oa the 
Ihh* that 

a littte 

Jaat a Baa to tho Harper 

to the fara a( a rertew 
partormaasa wsald <he to ardor. 
Have y«B aaslpBsd a rertow af 
r's csacartf Parther. arc 
to msMM ist af the 

ariglpattag cot a( Mr. 
Uptoa'a office* 

A wrilsr aiay 

hv ds^^b^^^^^M vbv I 
Ths' aswspapsr prstosstoa te a k^ MStoi]! of paUk ssrdes by 
highly-trauied and motivalad la flMdaals. Tha chaOei^ of this ra- 
spoasttiility ia great, and we hoaastly wontor If ths tadividaals ba- 
irregalar are up to it 


af VaL I. N*. S. Keep detag tUa 


Adato. Assistaat to 


Harper Calendar 

Oct »-Ttas HARBINGER on 
ths aewiataadi: EC. FY cam 
pas calstorias: EG Bklgs. I. < 
tm t. Osptos d to l i to ala d at 

Hotel »-ll»a.Bi. 
-I XM p.m. 

. GT-W. 

-<Mr team lass off; 
IV BMct, Qliaoto Uaivonrity, 
NoraMl, m. 

Bkig. 1. 

1— lOd Term Examinatioa 
Good I^kt 
Perso n nel Work 
, Gt-70. Harper CoOege. 
Dr. James Harvey 
director. 13 ansa 

Charming >itphomore Betty DiiM|erdale provides some 
of the sophisticated asaod of this edition's Calendar 
Girl. Know of any photogenic candidates? Drop off 
ker aame at the newspaper office. ^ 

poll, infor- 
matioo-isthsriag poll boxes 
in Student Lounge. Bldg n, 
EG carapas cafeteria Poll 
tng continued from Mon . 
Oct a 

Nov. 2— Cross Country. Region 
IV Meet. Dsnvilie. Ill . 1 pm. 
-Fob Music Qub Hsyride, 
Sat evening 

Nov. i-The HARBINGER 00 
newastaadi; EG A FV campus 
cafetsrias; BG BIdgs 1, 6. 7« 
* t. 

Out To Lunch *- 


tCH HEH II&h! 

Monday, Oct. 28, 1968 


Beefs Blossom 
On H. C, Scene 

Natloaal Experta In cosnomnlty college 
student planning examine the workshop 
kaodbaek for the Harper College sponsor- 
ad GT-7t aessioa. Left to right: Michael 
J. Rabalals, Hlods Junior College, Ray- 
mond, Miss.; Miss Barbara E.' Palmer, 

Hutchinson Comsnunity College, Hatch- 
inson, Kaa.; Dr. James Harvey, Harper 
dean of students and workshaf dlraelar^ 
and Littletun H. .Mason, Chattaaaoga City 
College, Chattanooga, Teaa. 

W h^ t are students com- 
plaining about 00 the Elk Grove 
and Foreat View campuses? 

LJke a jack-oat-of-the-box the 
quickest reaction wu: "Park- 

The rcasea tor presoaltog 
theae caaplalato is I* spark 
iaiprcveaieats. A pfctlasMher 
aacc saM> "Give a peraaa a 
ach aat and he will have lemc 
Ihtog to gripe abMt. ttudeaU 
aad teaclMrs aUkc." 

Ed Spei|cer complained that 
the teachan aren't available 
when you nasd them. If a stu- 
dent was giveo a definite time 
whsa hs could sas ths laaeber, 
maybe ths pnditom esuid be 

gripe Into oae world. "Food.'" 
A aether cemmeBt coaceming 
feed was Fraak Gerts't com- 
platot about the ketchup 
aatoared tray of kalf<hc«cd 
toad en the tables. 

splatot was that 
whan yea sit dawn, relax aad 
have a cigarette yea discever 
aaaalMray. . 

Maay stadssu srgsd that the 
cafetcris riteaU suy open kmg- 
er as aome atudeats have late 


A llttto Ute to csrreet. hot 
maytte naxt year, Steve Haad- 

to Isa naksd aad that a 
St hive time to 


One male Harpsrite sUted 
that some teachers aspect the 
studsola to know jm much as 
thagr do. "Dool they realixe 
I ars ast as old aa they 
1 ws too assd time to 
sa BBch SB thsy da 

, Wlh dto dratt the 
ry, Qruoe Wsraer 
know why Harpsr 1 
aa R.0 T C program (I 
Nato: Harper docs partidpoto to 
a I y ea r RX}.T.C. program for 


Registrar Doan B. Stansbary waves aa 
cxpiaaatory arm as he auikaa a paiat 
dartag oae of the Palatiae camp as baa ed 
of the three-week workshop. The 

stady group concentrated oa dlvena as- 
pects al ■— ■1«*f stadient orientation. 
scrvieas aad pteeement. 

But, not 

Roxanas Hanaen sakl, "I doat 
have aay gripea. TUa achsol to 

Psvth' Con' 
Meets Nov. 2 

was Gary nabhsrfs 

Be addsd ttoa Ibvs 


ptoys, is thsrs 

National Workshop 
Studies Students 

sa stu- 
work is laider- 
way wRb Harper Csfisfs as the 

James Harvey, dean of 
ia the director of a 
thrss wsak la u l sis nc s that 
started OeL H aad to ssbadutod 
tosadNw. 1. 

as a aMBhsraflhe 
Group TSa C3aaBBia- 
aity Colleges for the T0« (GT- 
TS> to heat for the fcderaBy- 
spaaaarcd wcrkshep. Its aiai 
Is to dearly eathae and to 
help warkshop particlpanto 
h a a d I e st ad ra t perMinnel 

"Our presidont. Dr Robert E. 
LahU, and ow board of trustees 
share the philoaophy that stu- 
dsat psiasanci work shouM be 
aavbastosd. They hsvc pro- 
vided the sUff and resources 
lor s food program," said Har- 
vey. •♦ 

he saM. 
kcca Uoght by aaiversity pre- 

Oassflte sMqr U^ spate on 

p re s e nt ati o n «f Dr Jamas 
Chapman, aaaodate dean of ittf- 

at the Univentty of Iowa, 

Ctty. Bto, 




S W C*mah*ll $« 

AHiit^M H«;e*^. "I 
•lar iS^m pssirtsiti toato 


Sww^Uil^ ^^^wS< ^wi^^ 

PHONI 2S3.t441 
Opaa Ssiiy S tm 10 »m 

tact OhtoaasU in Harper Grew*. 

Chapmaa saM Ihe IWvcr- 
sity af lewa has aae at Ihe 

aatiea'* mmt miDtaat cha^ 
ters ef Ihe Studeat* far a 
DrmatrBlto Isstoty. 
All the maay sspacto of Junior 
cotlete work in coaoection with 
ia botog rsviewsd aad 




The taDu are 
the Pstotine campus ( 
trpttve afllcss) 
Shsratsa-CUcago hotel 

aad at the 

For The New 


^ in make-up. Go to 
the be»t stocked 

cotanetic bar around - 

.._ C^...... 



Luscious Charms • Heavenly Jewelry 

1. D. Bracelets • Old England Watches 

Great Gifts for Mom and Dad too 

F^ersln and Robbfn 

34 South Dunlon Court • Arlincton Hei^te 
CLearhroolc .1 7900 ^ 

Open Tliumlay and Friday to 9 pja. 


^ *r 







Pace 4 


Monday, Oct. 18, 1968 


S Sport Scope W^P^i^ti 

Harriers Run 7th; 
Johnson 18th in ISIJC 

BiMk Hawk fobbled up tbe 
croM cooBtry honors (or the 
second straicht yanr as the HC 
Hawk hnrrien lagfsd in at sev- 
•otta pUn. m poiaU, in the 
cea i ereBce meet (Tliiin., Oct. 

Barry Jofanaon ran Uth, poat- 
k« a time of 17:40 on a wet. 40- 
decree day at RUs Park, Chi- 

Black Hawk wee with 11 

«f tke finrt ifai p isl ti iai. Fer 
Harper, it was the first fatt- 
scale Malereace nn. 

Nine teams (ieUed S5 niacn 
in tha NoctiMn lUiaoia JMtar 

Tke HaH ITiMJiH Hawk karrlert 

for a "family partralt." Top row (left ta 

right): Scott Hapka, Mtte Elwart, Barry 

Coack Robert Nolan. Front 
(1. to r.): Daa Schneider. Chach 
Forbes, Tom Dwyer. 

VaBsy. iewlfc: 
•I DnPaca. IWk; 

THE ACE OF the eraaa coaatry aqaad demonstratea 
MB pace. Barry Johaaaa la one of tbe bright stars of 
a» team. Coarh Nolaa daacribed him as "coaaisteBt, 
With contlDned IndicaiiaM af Improvemeat." 

Sm Mr. WfMrtI 

'« 1 

■Mki a Art SafeMM 

L . 


Grab Bags or 
Stocking Stuffers 

ieautifully Gift Wrapped 

Value of 11.25 to $2.59 





253-9631 • Townhali Level 

• \ 

Greensmen Shoot 2nd Wm 

Baipar OhOafs's fott aviad 
ptahsd ap Ma iMaad wlB ef the 
hi a <|aa*««Blar aMit at 
(Oct. »). 
The Hawks aUppad by Bgh- 
laad Colkta hy ttn ^tnkm, 
HMM, beUnd tbe hoat Blgia's 
340 and Illinois Valley's 946. 

la aa earlier BMCt at Itapn- 
iMi. the HawU taek MM by 
a lartc IS atraka 

loo and an a at Bfto. 

flirini w doflo Ib booi 
vMh « and 07. reapee- 
tivaly. Oalg Saar was third 
•t M and tr. 

The fowth 
to bath asaUbsi wtm le Bob 

Tborwtaa. sixth: Harper, sev- 
eatk. TrttMi aad Craae fal- 

The Hawk performance saw 
Scott Hupka run 22nd at 17:57; 
CBuck Forbes, 2Sth, 10:13; Mike 
Bhvart, 39th, 10 34; Tom Dwy- 
er, 30th, 10:45. Dao Schnefalar 
was ckKked at 10:20. 

A regional moat ia acheduled 
for Saturday, Nov. 2. at Dan- 
ville, although tbe harriers hope 
for a wann-up rim tentatively 
rbiH^^M for today. 
In two earhar aweto: 
The harriers picked op their 
third win of the seaaea agaiaaC 
Joiiat-2l-a»-after kMbig to laat 
fair's enn i erence cbampioas. 
Black Hawk. >« 

Barry J«hM«a waa tbe 
Hawk's Mg man in halb 
MMta. plaetac Ant agalMt 
Jottei aad eighth hi the Black 
Hawk meet 


the winning 

MM, the Hawks took 
ef the Brat five piacps. 
's wlaabig lime was a 
10:42. 17 MEoads bet- 
Ibe rematadar et the 

VaBey ka4 ip. 

Pole Uatoi led Uhi aqoad ta 
with a 77 at Thore- 

of n 

ang 00 at TbaraOan. and 00 aad 


Cbacb WUUam Miller's tinfca- 
■en have aaw won two and tied 
oaa ta 17 daal 


17:04; Scott Ib^kM, 17:05. and 
Iflha Bvart. 1732 
The hot Hawk to tally ta the 

Tan Dwyer roaaiag ta 
eighth place with a thaa of 




Wtd«tt mitfimm of ^t re erf 

turrirngt in Ibe 

Purchaee 5 pair — 

Gvt the oaat pair 


Fbherty Jewelers 

2 N Duntew 
Downtown Arttagton 
ArhaKton Hei^tB. DL 

Rolling MeadoicB Shopping Center 


B«LB W«RI • 

1(00 N. Kmi Rd. 


Rugged otretch denim 
gives you built-in 
oomfort! Trim, masculine 
Levi'a ftylii« givea 
you the look you want 
... tbe Levi's kxA! 


Com pitta Salacfioas 
of Other Uvl's 

$4.98 to $8 _ 

CAMPUS SHOP . . . Doum$udr» 




. ' t..J- '' 

















< "I 



Election Hassle to Senate 

Ftrmmr ttadeat electkMu chairmaa Ed- Tcny 

ward Dopke (center) Ulks wttli Har- 

btnger edlton Kart BvtUtadt (left) and probe 

Hw, Iba IfeNc nairfM 
■sed by Dopke bi the dcctlM 

A move to invalidate the n- 
cuUs ot the recent student sen- 
ate elections was deliberated 
and referred to the student sen- 
ate in a special committee hear- 
ing on Friday (Nov. 1). 

The plea for a new t i e tt if 

was Itrmigbt by the stadent 

eloctta chairman Edward 


He apf>eared before the spe- 
cial bearing committee com- 
prised of Dr. Jamee Harvey, 
dean of studento; AthMk Dl- 
reotor John Gelch, i m^ ewiiitliiu: 
Asaodate Prafawir Jabn Hr- 
kboh. praaidmt of the tecolty 
senate: Aarittaat ProiaiiBr La- 
rew M. OolUatcr, representing 
Inatmctor Anna Marie Badk, 
ohainnan of the irtiidfiit peraeo- 
nel committee, and 
Profeasor Haarjr 
Dopke's faculty i 
Ihe c«MBdttee 

for three hoars. 

Dafka, SSBC PresM— t Sean 

Ryan. DMM 

ef ihiiiBt BiiUiMai mi a < 

standing and/or ad hoc cooi- 
mittees" reaU with SSHC. 

The furor created by Dophe'a 
formal charges brought vigor- 
ous dentals — and o cc asiooa l 

PractlcaUy aU levris of 
campus autiwrity became in- 

Ryan, in one of tiw couiter- 
cfaarges, insisted that Dopka 
had every channel open in the 
normal procedure of the SSHC 
to file an election comptaint. 

Ryan said, tor exaaspla. 
that Dspka shoirii have pta- 
sealed aagr aBegei itiegda- 
rtttesUIhe SSHC ceastitatioB 
That eeataslttee 
fonaed te date, 
said Ryaa. 

Dopke, in turn, aaid that were 
such a "MwwiH— in existence it 
van Id -ba temperameoftally 
to adjudioals such a 

Vol. 2. No. 4 
Thursday. Nov. 7, 1968 


ne committee's oflidal state- 
ment folknrad the hearing; 
"A haarli« was heU in (he 
of the student govam- 
elsctioa. Oa the haris e( 
an the avidsM 

is that there 
irracularitka la Ihs 
■Miftlad la la- 
Id a lack e( eaaa- 

Ita aUagiafBca. aakl Dopke, 
«aaU ba la ilB aiastar group, 
Iha HBC vhich uaatiid it. 

Dopka said that a stii>«bod 
pTDoadara — cootrar^ to specif- 


'Our baiW oa the 
it *aaM ba 

Amf aeMs. to 

said Dapke. er aay ae- 
Ma te which ttat [■■■Mil 
k Iffsaad vMbIm ArtWe T. 

l; IsMsr B ef «M aa»> 

riHrUy after the OoL 10 
iHial tabulation. 

ahal orgaa- 

Passengers Vanish; 
Bus to Disappear 

the sita- 

■a said a 


The boa sanriea ends on Thura- 
dqr (Nar. 7). 

The official dniaa a( the baa 
ran which pravUsd ■adans 

pertdBffiAlba Asked dxMt a pMHos drfv* „ ,. ^ 

•^ fir a baa lanrlea to cany ata- »»«■•• « 
daatai to aad tnm tha Bk 
Grave aad Paaat Vlaar caaivaa- 
' as, Maaa said aoeh a baa rva 



Valpo* Artist 
On DupUty 

Prey, asatkfst p s i iasB r of srt 
at Valpvatoo UaNwaity, Valpa- 
raiso. Ind.. is dtaplayad la tha 
Harpar Uttla OaOiry, 
hi fta Mrary «r te a 


J. Maoa, Harper's 

_ ^ weald be "totally jaipraftjpsl J^ 

to ssaae M i iijiii a He said thM iprtbig tMOMaa Ae dbedvaataiaa of 

he iipi^ii " sreat ttMt fsod at eMhor tog tor ridas, ha said, tor eatr 

caapus. The propoasd bos ssr- weigh the advantages 
vtea riaaply aeald art, he 

lnm\mt» added , wrve the be rt totore rta |» ha _^ 

the lack af "Mere ttaa «• paridag dkg if 8Mb. Iha crikp. ha 

paiticipattaB as "dto- apaeas ware avalahto aadv Cha eaplainad, b «ot eqalpped to 

- - - baadto a 


cerdii« to Afticto 7. Sectien 3 of 
the au- 
to "creato. dbsoive and 
of any 

toeaer ef ait, aaid 
dkptoya aril ba< 

The oibUI befH Nev. 1 aad 
will I iiBtlaiii threap the sod of 

fsea sytoa^" ■apes raiatod. I HalcvoD Staff Lofles Camera I 

Ae dbadvaataiae of cberg- I J 

Ibe staff of tha yeerboek, the 
Halcyoo, rsportad tta hes of a 
eamva, e M aallbaator Poa- 
tax, to paitoe threap the eel- 

wha can oflor 
ing to tha 

ef the 

FUm Series Offered 


Every Monday Evening 

Vafaisd at aara ftai 
caoaara's two aarial 
have basa refaQfed to 

A reward to iHsred to 

can be givea to MiaB 
isslsr, editor of dto 
Rakyoa. Hor haedpertoa to 
the Hafcya aOee, BriMtof I, 
Harpar Orava. 

As part of the stodeot acUvt- 

cheas with Death wWlc the 

ttoa prereas. Bhas era boiag 

Plagae ravaga BMdtoval Ka- 

preaiMed to rtadsMa aad facul- 


ty «he ail be atebtod free 

Navaahar U, AaAral Wsjda's 

ivea piiiMtaHna ef tbrir ID. 

APa aad Dtoaoods wiU be 


shown. The atory giva a dew 

AO fihaa win be ahawa at 1:15 

portrayal of a mmmaalit 

p.m., 00 Meaday eveaiap to 

aodety. It bara the eoeflkt of 

Raoai m. Elk Grove Hip 

htoahato aad toettoet to a yaai« 

aebasL Ibere will be six flhns 

rsBtotoaea flptor eibe aaaeai- 

praaeano. ^ 

nates the wroaf bmb at the eod 

A iBiiriiiibii ported win follow 

of WorU WW n. Wajda'a ea- 

each Sfaa tf time permits to ex- 

actii« styte talUatod a Pritab 

^ore the laal^de aad implica- 

film reoaiieaaee nd teedflid to 

tlaae of tba fiha. 

the destructivaiea of poltttoal 

The Urst fltoi wB he shewn 


Navcaher 4. The title Is "The 

Francois Truffaut's first toe- 

Beveaa Seal." aa lB|^ar — 

tare fUm, "The toO BIowb," 

Bergaaa'B clasalc. It is Bevf- 

win be shown December 16. It 

aaa'B dtepry ef aaa's 

involva a yoong boy turned 

saach tor BMantog to We. 

outcaat. Not toved at home or 

Tte rttry iBVilvsi s nl^Ma 

wanted at adax^ he atak: fabe 

^^^ fl^l^nlAtf ^MiMa 9rmt^ Ap 

a private and fngi^ia_eaMMn 

araada. ptoytag a gaae ef 

that leeda to reform BGbaaL 

The Harbinger's comtnanlty cirrniatlon 
program hat beea met aitb open arras 
by members of the Harper commaaity. 
Joe Bodor, maaager of tbe ArUagtoa 
Newt Agescy (lefl), preaeati 

Wtaeeliiig resident Miss Raady Cafttas 
widi a reeeat evpj of the campwi pab- 
lication. The newspaper is dlstrfbated at 
seven other commaiiity oatlets from Des 
Platees to BarriagtoB. 




1 1 ^ I ■■■ m w i i m 





■■i»r' ■■'"\-. ■■ ' •*- 



Thnriday, Nov. 7, 1M8 

DouMe Trouble I Who 's Parking WHere? 

Twice a Boref 

Seeing double? Hearing double? Thoee could be 
serious symptoms. But, if you're a Harper student, don't 
be alarmed. You've again seen Dr. Bergen Evans and 
you're about to again see Studs Terkel. 

You saw and heard both last semester. They're back. 
So don't be alarmed if for a moment you suspected serious 
phy^cal Impairment normally suggested by double vision. 

Why repeat in this fashion? Why not use that in- 
novative technique of this marvelous media age and tape- 
record both. Then flash their pictures on a light-colored 
wall for recorded playback. 

In tfait fashion the college could save the fees thaae 
"entertainment" re-tread« charge for repeat perform- 

Both gentlemen are fine speakers oo the long after- 
dinnar aad fdwation circuits. Why deny them appearance 
time in BtniUmliy or Cucamonga by again inflicting them 
again on the students? Isn't there any one else in the wilds 
of the Chicago metropolitan area who could wann the 
cultural chill at Harper? 

And by the way, if Evans and Terkel could be lured 
back for anooraa. why iin't former Chicago Baar Oaiikar- 
back Jdtaay Morris baiag paged. He was the bifgest stu- 
deat draw last samaster, outpulling Evans and Terkel's 
combined crowds by at laast thraMo-oaa. 

If thera have to ba douUa-tlakm rapaat speakers, take 
It to its logical coociusion. Ra'^scheduJe all of last year's 
spaakars, and at laaat gat in a sponky parftemar — Mhi 
Morris — who can brtng out a crowd and carry Vmm 
across the popular goal line. 

If samaaBa naads a list of possible spankars, dent 
think that ean*! ha prapared. Hare's a saggaatad list to 
start soRw action: What about Paul Homung? Lou 
Boodreau? Jasaa Owens? Tony Zale? Hugh Hefner? Mike 
Royko? Lcn O'Connor? 

flB faculty, give the stu- 
deals a break. ' — TT 

Reoently, we've noticed that 
varioua faculty members are 
paridof tfaair can in the 
croaaaa atnoaoi paruB(W. 

Superiolaadaat of buikBi«i 
and grooDds Robert J. Hucbas 
is providiflg ■ palroM parking 
tot fcr taeql^ aiMJbwi in front 
of the Elk Grove boildi^ 
Ob a tpot ebock. we al^ 
abaat tkree-qaar- 

ey Daae Coffee House ia moving 
to larger and safer headquar- 
ters. An official announcement 
pertaining to the new locatioo 
has not been made yet. 

• • « 

The Harper yearixMk the Hal- 
cyon, is kMkbig for contribu- 
tions. According lo Judy Reaa- 
ler, editor, the cootribotlons 
may be poetic, pbotographk ar 
litarary. tte cootributioo drive 
ends Nov. 14. 

ckrcttlating the 
Iba Balo- 

Saw a 
l» ofca eae <f 
ivy dam as the EG 

campav her arsu loaded 
wtUi books. Aloai came a 
hosky yoaag male. Ot»livio«s 
to her pUght he yaaked open 
that dear, shialiirii past her 
and la. akaast kaatklag over 
Uul (Up •( a ywng lady. !t 
was all the caeM da to jamp 
Mo the bulMtag balaea that 
daar agaiai 

What's happening to class at- 
tMdaoce? Is it trua tluit some 
daases are running at half at- 
tendance? What's the trouble? 
Boring lectures? Apathetic stu- 
dents? Who has some answers? 


Letters To The Editor 

Woukl you baUeva that* 

Barpar OaOate? At laMt 
not DO Um Sundays that the 
Bualc coBcarU are haU. I 
warid Uka to rapiy to the 
aaaay writtaa oa the sup- 
a( at» 

second ! The 
Evaaa' lactura wm a "sail- 
oat." What doaa thia sigr 
about the mature d e cis ive- 
aaa af Hanwr 
As far 


the laat concert could have 

been heU in aayaaa's 

of this rrnJssalnail qaabty 
vouhl have bsttor attaod- 
anca. It cartaialy gave a 
dismal pictora of tha cul- 
tural cUmato af our ool- 
'tafa. I. for oae. was am- 
lar our achool, 
pe that the eoHMTta 
be csarslid daa to 

lactare Tba 

Oaa groiv 


fkw. but with aa aaroU- 
meat of nearly 4,000. it 
would seam tttat a.coacert 


waa the 



>y tett, as I 
woukl. that 
and facoky 
of rocogniting the 
opportunity to 

No ana 
Intact. I 
than adghl hav* 


■§■« iJI^Ttoaa 

tendance of i 
people for the flrat 
than » 




Letter Reply 

(WkUe the HARBI>rGER tries to promote nmpus events 
as mach as staff tad space limitations permit, readers 
should realize that oar faaettoa b primarily to report news 
eveata. We have pa hH iliad articles ea the CMWcrts aad 
Evaas' leetare sad Hsted these events ia oar regalar fea- 
tare, tlM Harper Caleadar. Those concerned with promot- 
tag campas eveats should consider advertising in the 
HARBINGER as a ragalar practka to hMare aiitiaatn 
advance notice.) 

(Wklle a Uterary aad pUiaaapMeal rritlqae of aa adi- 
tartal to somewhat rare, it to aona tha lets welcome. We 
had hapad tkat av ahviaw eisggnaWsa of the sitaatlon 
waald prrreat aay bitter feeUngs aad we feel that they 
served to help Uhistratc a valid point. > 

SSHC Sessions? Harper Calendar 

Tha stadant sanato of this coitofa certainly has se^ — • 

1 t .ii I wi 1 1 II ■ u u r^ an^^m^BB^^B^an^^^^^BHm^^i^i^ia^^^^Mwnaama^ »••• T — ■araiaair 

Tha stadant sanato of this mil^p certainly has se- 
lected an offbaat tfana for tts naaatings. 

The luirmal, scheduled sessions of the group ara at 2 
p.m. on Mondays. Now that's a fhia time for a normal, 
day-scheduled college. Consider flia fSMt that Harper 
classes don't begin until what a normally scheduled school 
caUs "evaofaig dhlitoa'* hours become effective. 

For that rtnoB, mula sessions should be haki ia tha 
evenings, with proper considerations made for the seathig 
of ohaarvars — rtudents who might just want to listen and 
to watch tha proceedings. 

The majority — the overwhelming number — of Har- 
per students should be entitled to such a consideration. 
For this majority appears here for class schedules in the 
evening — from the first class in tba late aftamoon to tha 
last session near the midnight hour. 

Certainly this could be arranged by Uie senate. 

' The Harbinger 

Terry S. Babb. Editor 
Mary Lind, Executive Editor 
Karl G. Buttstadt. Managing Editor 
David Garland. Sports Editor 
Paula Alexander, Business Manager 
Terry Carter, Circulation Manager 
Bill Bohnhoff, Photo Coordinator 


Reporters: Roxanne Hansen, Barbara Rumatz, 

Pat Tenerowicz, Edward Spencer, Pat Evans 

Photographers: Dan Harris. Doug MacDonald. 

Advisor: Henry Roepken, assistant professor 

Publi«h«l hoic* monthly ty and for Iha Mu«*ntt of Wlltlam Ralnay 
Harpor Colfaga. 510 D* Grova Blvd., Ok Gre«« VUlaft. Ml. S0007. 

Tatopheno: «37-7000. 

yM* Ut 


at ll-oa a-a. at Napsivpi 


from T 
lit. BGH8 

SM:(t p'*- 


girl freshman Roxanne Hansen smiles the 
calm smile befitting an active stndent. She's active as 
a Harbinger suffer and as a member of the stadent 

U — MaMHiB dt raodUr 

win ba feaU Hi Kearn AlJi •! 
BCRS Tb* purpoaa ta la ii»- 
ruai Um Tn-Lrvfl ApH^te 

— Dmdllm day lor Mib- 
rrvaUvF wriunif fki 
■ft work to r» «r»o o » i (taff la 

Ha*. IS — Baakrtball (ain«. at 
Elsm. 7 30 pm Evrryon* b* 
Utm to rlM^r tttr Hawks lo 
a vktory' 

Ma*. IS — Baakrtbati ar»ln>t 
TntoB. Ulcr*. 7 .W p m. 

»•«• " — Harp»r Col1«v pc«- 
• • n 1 1 niamtwr Orrlintni 
Can»n at 400 pm In 
BGHS audllortum — frc« 
«mh ID 

Ma*. IS _ Barfclnxpr dtt- 
trtbuted on ntwatuindii 

AS stARcHao I 

«« LON« J 



Thursday, Nov. 7, IMS' 


— ^^— — — ^ ^___ ••M.I ■UUkUU'lUKtn P««» 1 

Those Mystifying Calls Plague Us' 

voices with the constant smile do 
have their problems. Their loadest cora- 
ls about (he stadent Who can't 
his own lostmctors. "That's col- 

lege achievemeat?" ask Mrs. Resemarie 
Zerbe (she's on the left) aad Mrs. Bea 
Marphy. They're at the Harper switch- 
hoard In Building 4, Harper Grove. 

to dent ofloa daoan't kum the 
a- name of tha taatmctor 

"U w hare la mukm aa ah- 
that I neat aeaea report and da net have 

af the two 
"waa" Rarper't iwN«hhMH. 
Mn. Bea Marphy la at tte 
days. Mrs 

lerhe to 

U tha 

ha tovolrH; I ) w aiaat 

of a ^..n^ laha tha Itaie u leak ap each 

■ '* -* "* 's cavsc recw4 la gal 

s aaae 2) w 


nte «aat 
caiTjr aas aKh a I 

Iha ilaaaait by 
tors for tetophona meaaafM to 
accooBt for claaa ahaooce. 

♦Tlere's a stadent," says Mrs. Roaemarie Zarbe. 
**wha caDed to to report a pteaaed ahseace. He eaald 
describe that iastractor solely by airaltoalng that ha 
dto "htMaa*" eccarrences like 


ft would ba a help if the oto- 

Tto Hg saHchbovd to 
tog 4 ia for ovwyoaa's me. dtoy 
c onti n ued, bat soaaalhiag wfll 
hava to be done to ndtove Oda 
aa as. the 

reMrii riaoe hy It pja. U af> 
Ira ukM M haw to Bad a 


cant take minor 
- 'call home' or 
ftoal for»rt to call bayfriand. 

board to the todi of 

Mrs. Bea Marphy. the "day side of the Harper switch- 
board," smiles the same way. regardless of the odd 
teddento that apset the patient switchboard routine. 
She has b«en with the college since the beginning. As 
aae of the pioneers she kaows where to find practica^jr 
anyone. Bat don't, she waras, iarget the name of that 

flees to 

dinclMH. Uie 

Mas are •warped." 

Mrs. Maiphy ■ 
Kerhe saM they're 
take aay 




US ? 


Write, to M. 


"Can yon Imagine being 
to pinpoint a member of 
the faculty from a vagaa d»- 



S W CampMI St. 
AHiattaa Haiftoi, NL 

•wr tun pasMtack tosto 

w99f S,MS nOM 


Snethif Csrtt, Cas^if 

PHONI 2S3.t«41 

dsit) i i.n. 10 



Mra '• 

ttw II aaaka 

Snubl* laea boM: MmMM edldl- 
Uon m _8t« ^AartaluilPraJSMor 
Rovpkvn. nids. S 

»ioo» Town 

UwNi r 

onr jraar aii.^ 

X U rira- 
tnow un*: 

Another FIRST 

At "T^anfc^ 

fvf TnRMMM vMrtf # Ccwpvn 
Cat Caeh a Saa4a< a Twaodt 
laap Valwt iiwMNf Captf 

MwuQ^a. Appahd 


Myl»l-N IWnlffMf 

1*111 talt (frit 



•k tys cstchiag 


Yaa a««4 •nly a 
hillfolW tita 





I *' i j i m -jiijuj-»iji i fc n II II ■ ■ 




( ^ 



■»■ -r^.* iBtn* 



Thursday, Nov. 7, IMS 


Jane Spore (left) wm •fUciany auBCd 
prefideot of the Harper CoOefe braaeh 
•I tke Pntare Se cr e tot la i «f AaMriea. 
Mary EUen Ragf, kufBett favlrMtor, 
presented tbe new prwUeBt with a gavel 
at the chih's iavestltare !■!• tka NaUaa- 

al Secretaries Associatioa meeting at the 
Drake and Sons Pancral Home, Park 
Ridge, Oct. 21. The Harper groap If 
part of the Park-Plainet chapter of 
national aasoclation. 

Lahti Renews Contract 

Dr. Mbsrt B. LaM 
o< Harper OoDagt, win 


iMng Oetobar U, at a 
ii« ef ttM Harpw 
alai af Odobv IS. 

w ol f J ; Jika A. 

■t Jamaa J. HMdy; MB- 

C m,mm: Dr. L. B. 

baaidhaafda rsport fraai 0«r- 

ald Smith. anKottv* ascrstanr 
«( tha itata Juater fll^i 
Board. Smith 

ike d0> 

Ite iftaMliH "s 

la caaUnoa «tt wthnati^ tha 

«( additkioal parkii« rita 


hit, and 






info the 



1800 N. Rwd tU. 


^ Send personalized Christmas cards this year. Special "^ 

S* 25% ofl Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, November ^ 
\ 7, 8, 9, on personalized engraved Christmas cards, m 


Adult Party Shop ^ 

253-9632— Randhurst—Townhall Level ^ 

For The New 


in make-up^ Go to 
the best stocked 
iMsntetie bar around ■ 


For New 

Harper's four new cheerlead- 
ers are working on original 
cbeera under the direction of 
hutnictor Martha h. Bolt. 

Light marooD sweaters and 
pleated skirts display the gold 
Harper "H", costumea that 
the girls have chosen. 

Officers for this year's 
eheerleading squad are Cap- 
tahi Donna Beig aad Secre- 
tary Pat Tsnerowics. 
AtyniiHny the cheerlead- 
ers' cry for Hawti victories 
will be Harper's Pom^ 
Corps presenting half-time eo- 

Their uniforms are bor- 
gaady culottes and tops 
trimmed with gold sequins in 
a victory "V." 
The corps' first peCorm- 


ance will display group mem- 
bers: Vicki Andersoo, Clara 
Basch, Sue Bettis, Roxanne 
Hansen, Sue Heimerle, Carol 
Metxel, Suzanne Mootaboo 
and Jan Weismann. 

Mask win kc from the Tt- 
Jeau Brass aclectiaas s( 
"Magic Trvmpet." "Tljiiau 
Taxi," "Spaaish Flea" and 
the shew theme "Music t« 
Watch GIrU By." 
Plans for future performaooea 
are beUig made. They includo 
"Boogaloo Beat" and "Jazz Im- 
provisatioos." The corps hopes 
to And some men to present a 
comic sliow. 

Tbe corps meets every Moo- 
day and Wednesday at »:15 
p.m. in the Elk Grove fiekl- 

Rainey Daze Moves On 
To New Headquarters 

Coffee a io oompliaace with Ore de- 

The Rahwy Daze 
onaa win bo hi a no* 

room for 
who like tha 
I hi thair music. 
na chih's faculty spoMor, lo- 
stroctor Aaaa Maria Bazik cf 
the coonaoBag aarvice, said 
pressure feam Are ettdala led 
to the ahaBdoamaat of tha arifl- 
aal qsantn in Building I. 

The laat prsasntathai was 
held there on Ttanday (Oct. 

ance to 35 paraona. That ai 
was on Thursday (Oct. SI). 
Miss Basik saM i 

war* BBderway at 

with •IHcials af ihi 

iag OHvch of the Bally gpMt 

AmiMr uproar trlggarad the 
Cfaahi of events which led tn tbe 
in quarters of tiie coffee 

the folhywiog 

The next fM 
Rainey Daze crowd 
Thnraday (Oct M) ta 
lege s band room is 

One laat 

Thursday (Oct 

af Iha 


the coi- 
the Elk 

Elk Grave VllUfe Are afB- 

ciala termed the cr 

the lack af twe cxIIb 

Ore and safs^ hasards." 

After carsfM hMpactton of Iho 

roam avaOahla hi Baihih« • fdr 

sach activities, EG fire Chief 

WUUam CUIford and Fire Ueu- 

DonaU Kufan said tb^ 


hi the 

Rolling Meadotcs Shopping Center 


Rugged stretch denltn 
gives you built-in 
comfort! Trim, maKuline 
Levi's styling gives 
you the look you want 
... tile Levi's look! 

. $698 

Cemplcf* StJtetieiis 
of Other Uvi't 

$4.98 to $8 

CAMPUS SHOP , . . Downstairs 





^ that all the smart 
College girls are making 

their headquarters for 
newest winter fashions! 



and many other. . (.^^^ j^ g^^^^j 



Ccd drnim sivp* 
built-in comfort! 
masculine L,cvi*ii 

inxxiveayou Ike 
vou want . . . the 

'8 look! 

Oaly one of 
many stylea 
in pullover 4 /, 



Real Gaorga . . . that's 
Ihi Qsoria Boot. Soft ana 

comfortable . . . like an 
old shoe. How about that 
brass bucMal 
ByGoorta. buy 
Gaom today 

[Softiv squared fashions in fine footwear, Quad BOOli 
express today's casual mood. Youll like their wide* 
t rack look. the«f rug ged buckles and trimmad asoe 
seams. Buy 


A IffUSTFD NAM! SIN< I |g,'| 




SKI 5 - ^ 





• CCM 




Warren Miller 

Elk 6rm Hi|ti AiAtiitai 

OMitiN $1.00 
Ntrtlwest Ski Clib 









Page f 



Hawks Practicj^Jor 
Basketball Opener 

Harper's basketball team 
may start with a winning se*- 
aoa under the direction of head 
coach John Gekh as the Hawks 
lor a tough 25-game 
Illinois junior 

opens against Elgin 
CoOeae. at Elgin, at 7:30 p.m. 
Nor. 15. ■ 

. Gelch is optimistic about his 
a's chances for a winning 
tiMikoatti, the league is 
"In the past tha jnniar 
college' teams ham eoavvad 
favorably ia JbiLJMgue with 
the larger schools sad univer- 



ter. fre 

Tm^ still IssUiv far • start- 
ing five We have a good group 
ot pUyers. tt's fotng to be 
As rifsrsas in jbis 
tat 'SB play a rugged 
baB gams. TaaH ass «rila a 
diH srsBCS from Hw y^ school 
ball played in this area. The 
reis don't caO 'baby fouls' in 

A vwisty «( tataot ha^ 
iwsnirilifl IWi Tin r- 
ty mtai caoM oat far tha I 
moot opoiisMod piayw oat ior 
the tfloofi. "Wmy is our most ex- 
parioaead playsr." 

"Bo's a fBod shooter (rom 
both ttw iMido aad oiasUs " 

Ha playad flwd at Nsrtli 
Park CoD^B. la Wgb 
•'4" m psaad gaai^ 

at Pala- 

te m 

BUchwf f . 
HeighU. a M 

at Wheel- 
aii has leek- 

is a M 

Ha «aa also play lorward. 

poets laciode Dare fltachel. a 
VII tnOmtm tnm Bsgiaa 
Esuu-i; Ljle Ussoaas, a M 

Students Invited 
To Group -^ 

The collage's counseling asr 


Is tai 
pTF-rcgittratiM pert- 
eds ki late saaiaicr. 
atadsats who would like to 
taka part la taa ffo^ oipsn- 
ooeo eaa Jatai aiislkni at U:lp 
s.m. to 1 p.m. on Tcwsdsys. 

U that ttao ia 


lo tte specilk 

jnrpese ef grwip i is awMa g Is 
to provide a Beaasly wirieh 
yoa may lean 
yeoncU and y< 

Maine East. Ed McAndrcws 

McAB*ew8 is a 
M (neh freOi Dea Plaiaes 
aad Spore fren Mt Prospect 
to a M tn»h who pUyed at 
Prospect High School last 
winter. He inree la Mean* 

The guard prospects include 
aophs Jim Mellen, Angeto Co- 

duto and Mik Deuding. In addi- 
tion to this, Rich lUxtaiguez. a 
S-9 frosh will try his hand at the 
spot. Coduto and Rodriguez are 
both from Palatine. Deuding is 
from Arlington Heights and 
played for St. Viator. 

Mellen, a native of Liber- 
tyville, was an all North Subur- 
ban League guard two yaars 
afo at LttAtyville High SchsoL 

la sack groap coaMoBag, Bve 
to 10 persons meet under the 
loadsrahip of a trained coun- 

no c o an s sling ssrvice is 
hsadpartond ia BoUdbig s. 
Bsrpor Grovo. Tbo dtosclor is 
Dr. "nianas C. Saward. aaa- 


Coach Joha G«lch sits vrieliy (a rare 
OedgUng Hawk backetcert m Uvoagh 

) as tha 

Tbe hitramnral program has 
iMMcted its Orst wtnlar actlvl^ 
aith eood-voOsyball ovary Tasa- 
day at t is in the EOt Gnm 
gyoH aader the direction of 
Misa Martha L. Bolt, physical 
adacatioa lastiaetar. sad Roy 
G. looraa. tatramural athlstic 

Eearao says that the sta- 
deoU wfll be watktag an the 
fermatlaa of dkao ch*a. Jod* 
Oak to reattaalag tUa year 
wkh stadeat Praak Laew. 
Laew plaas ta eaiphasttc the 
Ikeery aad pkBaaopk y ei jjad a. 


Thursday, Nov. 7, 1968 

Volleyball Begins 
Intramural Program 

Taiailsji and Thnrsdays Itvoi 

arkleh win 


The bowhog teams wiO 
on Mondays st Elk Grove Bowl 
at 1:00 p.m. to sUrt their toar- 
nament on NoveoUwr 1. The 
chd> is tooUag fer toa a w m bor s 
to bowl in extramural com- 

Basketball will ine«t oa 
Mendayt aad Wrdnesdayi at 
f:IS and vollrybaD will reatia- 
ae ta n the t:U slat aa Taca- 




16 South Bothwell 
Palatine, Ml. 

hi ^MW jdaaa. apwawww aiaa paa ^H *^ 






hat year. Ha plaaa ia- 
facnky members for vol- 
Isyball and baaketbaU g 

Bspd wrestling coach Ron 
Boosemer msy have a big win- 
ner this winter on the mats if 
he can manage to field an en- 
tire team. The Hawk coach has 
the talent to work with however 
— aU in a few weight classes. 

Bessemer has no oae la the 
llS-iyvclass. He does, hew- 
over, have soaw mea who 
havo'came aleag weU. Teas 
Wahlaad may be the bett 123 
poaader. Ia tbe 130 bracket, 
BUI Kalewel, a froah (ram Ar- 
llBgtea Heighta aad Bab 
Traasch. a fresh tram Maaal 
Pisspart. wH Oght it eat ftr 
the starth« aad. 
In the 197 lb. ciaoB Mika Par- 
guaon of HoffBiaB Estataa 
■eems to havo tho odfo. At 14S 
te. Tony Warrington «f Munde- 
leia is tops. At 1S3, Don Miteh- 
aar «t Palatine gets ths aod. 

Ray Vitha in the 100 lb. class 
holds the edge at this point. Ron 
Straud and Jeff Jacoby wiU 
have-to wrestle off the 167 lb. 
class. Straud is favored more 
for 177 ibs at the present time. 

Tht 191 lb. bracket is held by 
Paul Berwanger, while Ray 
Steerbo, a 100 lb. grapplar, 
^nm ^""*— the heavyweight divi- 

'According to Bessemer 
tfcoae area't the oaly goad 
•aea. He cited Al 0»U%. Ran- 
dy Gerstaag. Salter Saul and 
Jaceby ae wrestlers with pa- 

\ IVHawks' headman expecU, 

^•^W/ll start slow, bat I think we 

aid sarprisa a few psople. 1 

dont sapoet to do wall in the 

_ of the aeaaoo. We're 

"ahrw to avoid injuhos, 

bat wo aapoet to Qaiah wail." 

Kickers Short Of 
Full Soccer Team 

It takaa U ataa ta play 
cer. Harpor camat^ hos four 
roea poslag as an n maa team. 
Bat tfasyVo kicking on. 
latra-mural director Roy 
Kaaras callsd (or soccer tumeat 
u tl» I-M program during the 
first waek of thia faU samiator. 
Twa players appeared, "nay 

IM four afaU 

sh«t «f the 11 roqaircd ta Bold 

tha psariHMIir of 


Maagr of tha 



la ' 

ark* waat la hkk 

a to 1 pjB. 


A cloaed 
meat wiU be starlsd skortly for 
Psrsst View and Elk Grave coi- 
Isfs II I iislliag elaosos saly. 
Opea wraothag will bagki hi 

that the ctabs ars , 

If ih» hot of ihi$ ittag m»tt yoa 
t»9» tm *miTf-n*i. thM'rwft»t it 
t N> db Si* utOvdut/ 
1 9 fan aff^-*e ai^a 
r < lalMrtw dwc < sar-aia aWwr 

Thm»'» • Uttf eimt» dot inrndtftM 
tiiiA i^m m»tm >t vmr doim-to tm 0t. 

ft tf/tt90tu9$ § fMSfWHae awf wm 

Itfttcm tM ntt§ dunng f^ fint ft of 

fuKfrnm. It at ton Mtolm or ihmtgad, 

/tow for ifm fmt Hirm, adiomond 

it rodHv formrtr. MyS»Ou», br 

Orongo tlotoom: M040 





2 N. Dunton 

Downtown Arlington 

Arlington Heights 



-. - — ^ .. ^ 

» X. 



-J — 0- 


" «-■ 

i ■* 




^ * 




• -^y.; - ' "v 



Vol. 2, No. 5 

Monday. Nov. 18. 1968 


SSHC Accepts 

Elected Reps 

decttoa dnlr- 
WHnHi Dtfkt ty* ke wID c«»- 
t» pron f^ tiM wmtlftttoB of ro- 

MMt«rlal alaedtw. Dofke lacisli 
tkat a tcrlM af procoival regsIarillH 
the rctarM —accaptaMa. 

na It ataat watrfi alaet- taiak^totha 

ad dvtag Om ca a ti a wil ai aae- a lt h wd Dopka'i 
alacttaa Oct. lo, van ae- DiplH. wW h 

by Iha govcrniag badjr at ft^nlmg lingBlMHy ehargas, 

Not. « nwctlac. later dmtfaM a 

■aa«r Bark Muytlm «h*4 iigiapkii akaal 

tlM NMrik •( iiiHliai ataiwi 

lirMii ficlali. Ilw 

Bd Difha Halad ateat «m Mi li l l ili i la tka 

Ika aaaalan ara w m t wm Wk Oraaa cumfm c a lat ari a. 

* f*v- Aeeardlac to aauaOjr railablt 

araaaMalfaaMiM. aoveaa. tha alactlaa iaaaa ia aat 

haU It waa raeaUad that a 

Nixon Won! 
No Surprise 

Nixon By Landslide; HHH2nd 

s=:-jS5« ^— ^- 


•1, "i>y^- " 

CktrSf Students Cram 
EG Campus: Crisis jam 

Election Swing on gssar: ^-^^ ~ jl-St '-t 

Mi^M^^MMaw ifc ■^■W »M^ i»»- 

Tkia waa the edMM that 
M. NIzML BMidta o( 
tt ladn la 
Vkc Praaident Hnbert 
RkiMrd M. Vbrnm ia tka praal- 
aad It aaataa m bo 

the sweep to Rich- 
leot. Nixon antraa 
hi the campu poQ. 

Gaorfa WaUaca fallewad daaajy 


aetiTlty Aada to tab tba 
aatlrc bill Howarar. at tka Oct 
a BieeUng. tka aaBaiors agraad 
that tbey ikouki pay tka 
chargaa tbemaalvaa. 



Tha lint adktai of Oia ae- 
aaaatar (Manday. Sapt 30. IM) 
caniad tka fnO-pafa kaadUaa. 

af *a 

^ h d» 

Nmr. I. Nina dU ate. la 
M, lat 




la ia- 


lag la 

at ttM 

pay tka 




taal af a taMl 
•ar tka Nar. U I 

NizoD awcpt in by a landilide 
raa a pear 

atacaara^eaBapa T«la. 
The aMaa 

mm IWWwVK 

tkatapieof I 

Underground Makes 
Moves for Approval 

How to Survive Professors 

a Ma4 

TnH la 

graaad "Itarary" aiagarine 
to hate tka project "le- 


al Iha 

iaM ha la 

TUa. ha aaM, waoU make tka 
a "lapal" 

"(ACP) . - (Tba 
State TMckar 

can be an laralaabla aaaet to 
yoiL They can alao be Ounlaf 
flaakies Y«r foal k to aeoU 
tka lattar, wkalkar yon kava to 
drap tka eeMraa. laaea ifhaol ar 
I the cooBlnr to do tt. 

b a 

a r»- 
af the 

At the tune, a i 

the only way to 
is to Oattar 
tkoa ri^ into a eama. 

for di 

Nixon, Hnmpkrey and WaQaoa. 

Ta raflaet 

h«i wtdi Praak BareBi. diiec- 
tor of atndeot actlvitiaa "la 
ooonply wttk reipiirad 

The ecBtorial ataff af Bh pak- 
bcatkn woaU be l ecaB ria ad 
like dulia and org*- 
I an. 


a m faad, the lam ataaDy 
la ch*a far thahr 


pay iv 

aaid Barpar'a daaa of 
Dr. Jaaiaa Banray, 

aahl ha ataaady haa 
malirial "of a UtMwy 

of Novembar S. 

Ha daacittad Oia 
farmat aa a 
alaaaM U ta » 

Be plaaa la dtatrfbala it ia te 
Elk Grove campus cafeteria. 

Daaaey said he waa la- 
erivadla a atayiar poKktahlw 
M eaapaa at ma. 
Valvcnity. Osh- 
Pls.. wiwn he wa« ■ 
far twa yean. Tlie 
there was 4is- 
trihaled afl eaaipas. 
He named other macnbtn of 
the prapaaad pakHeatiaa'B ataff 
KaMk Katck, &■ 
and aophonon Karea 
M. Saltan, art and lito-ary aa- 

Uai. Take htevaai far a heer. fini*nPr IffllftlP 
Taft wllk a lap aad M hh. ^aF^H^F ITIUMC 

Needs Talent 

yaoYa kal far Hai. H yaaVa a 
faaaale. aiake a play Hr Ua. 
eraa If yaaYe pailiealarfy 

wheeVai tker kehevad waold ha 
til iif II aiilii la aali l si d la l iliiiii sa 

That braaght tarth niaa far 
Eagaae McCarthy. PVaak 


■ ha 

la year 
yao'B tear 


the hall 
It raise 

If he 

If he's married, baby-ait for 
bim ir this doeaat win him' 
over, kidnap the baby. If yoa do 
this often enoogh, yoa'U fiahh 
the semaatw- with a profltaUe 


1 foor-popnt. ,^ 

BlackBMll Un. erea V yoa 
have la aiake ap Hes abaat 
his paat. Leave a ca^ af Pra- 
va4a te his CMt and ^ the 
a^Mlalatratlaa aa hUi. If 
yaaYa Mg. thraetea to beat 

Calling all moaka^ talent 
Three college nlpate ywipa 
ve hxiking for thoaa 
kKikwd spedaksta. 
if yea can Maw a 
ar saw aa a shrlag I 
yea auy he tut the 
waled far the HC 
areheatra. Iha 
charas ar ttw 

In particular, the commAiity 
viola aadl 


WriMaa dMit alap thwa. 
The Yippia pig paBad akt bid- 
kits. Pev kdala eanlad ean- 

flQCOtB MK9I flSl 

"I cant mark Oils baDot.** — ^ 

wRh Dr. 
George Makas of th^ aniaic de- 
partment or J. Robert TlUotaon, 
director of the commnnity band. 

Bw paat haa aassttsati sta- 
deats aa t a ati aversial tapict. 
The resolts have always been 
elaae ta the aarai up a itc d ia 
gaaaral college aai MliaisBy 

At all timea, the naatta hava 
clearly shown attitudaa af Hai«- 
par College atudeolB. 













Monday, Nov. 18. 19^ 

^Arfob Agency? 

Is this college an educational institution or an employ- 
ment agency? 

Practically every student' has a job. Many who aren't 
on a pay roll haunt Building 8 anxiously scanning the "job 
board" for $1.50 an hour, 12.25 an hour or better paying 

There's what ahnqst appears to be a thoughUess con- 
spiracy to drive students toward a job, and the student 
handbook thoughtfully points out the college's placement 
officer as one of the "people to see at Harper College." 

He's a fine man and he's doing an excellent job. 
There's no quarrel about that. 

The illogical aspect of the whole thing is this. College 
years should be learning years. That means study, study, 
study. Not, get this job, get another job, study, work again 
at another job, study a little t)etween — then concentrate 
on anotbar job. 

For many organizatiao> in the community, Harper Is 
seen as a source of unskilled labor. Imagine the same 
■iMSiment of the University of Chicago, Northwestern 
Uidverstty or any other such institutkia. Those schools 
would work and work bard to destroy such a negative 

Harper College by noir should be considered for what 
It ii tatanded to be: A community college which prepares 
yomg men and young woaien for other colleges and uni- 
vwiilas, which prepares many for profidracy in techni- 
cal and prafanknal careers, which prepares ethers for the 
chiyienge — edacattonal and cultural — of this complex 

Why not stick to that phikMophy. EcUpse this businev 
about providing "job opportunities." Put education in Uie 
for^roond — and keep U there. 

TooMuch Going 
For the Active 

Art certain Harper students Involved in too many stu- 

After ndewlng rsoMit lanes «( the HARBINGER, we 
found that about 10 studenU predominate in several 

take on four of five extra-curricular 
activities, carry a full-time class schedule and be success- 
ful in all o( those obttgatloos? 

Strange as it may seem, sdrae ol these studeitts also 

Manjr «< Uwm ai nn i pndae of the hlgheit order. 
They are the drfvliiff force of this yeong college's student 
body. Th«^uestion is: Does this type of over-inv<rfvement 
bert serve th«D «« the seeds ef thla iMlllirtlon? 

A raUaf wU^ would proportioiiat^ limit student 
participation in class-work and extra-curricular activities 
might be appropriate. 

For example; A student carryli^ 12 academic hours 
would not be permitted to be active in more Uian two 
extra-carrkniar activities. 

We saggeet this proposed measure as a means of plac- 
ing the best qualified stiidenU in each area of student 

This would provide the added measure of Umitiag the 
domination of the college's "social side" to a few aealous 

Perhaps Ute college's administratloo should consider 
this situation before next semester's registration. 

The Harbinger 

Terry S. Babb, Editor 

Mary Lind. Executive Editor 

Kart G. Buttstadt. Managing Editor 

David Garland. Sports Editor 

Paula Alexander. Business Manager 

Terry Carter. Circulation Manager 

Bill Bohnhoff, PtKrto Coordinator — -—- 


Reporters: Roxanne Hansen. Barbara Rumstz. 

Pat Tenerowicz. Edward Spencer. Pat Evans 

Photographers: Dan Harris. Doug MacDonald. 

Advisor: Henry Roepken. assistant professor 

Publl»h«« iwlc* r^Alir fey »nd tor tfw ttudwiM af William Ratnay 
Harper Cal la t» SIO Dk Oniva Blvd.. Clk Ormia VUlata. IN. VKOJ. 

T al«»hena: 437.7000. 

Monday, Nov. ISvlSSB" 



Managing editor Karl BnttsUdt helps 
Miss Uady Wadle dUpUy a late edltlea 
ef 1W HARBLNGER at Keefer's Pharm- 
acy la Moaal Prospect Thb baslaees Is 

another of the eight 
maatty ontleU which carry the stadeat 
T as a civic and college service. 


Letters To The Editor 


I ain writiag Ii i 
to tbo Octobw- 14 •dttorial. 
"A 'Pereeftd' CaO; Aa In- 

■ot say that it is'tlnw (or 

Oettiac tato Um meat of 

by Myiai, •'Wo 
thqr wUL" Kv« tha 

It awssts that 
the "Vlsw freai d» Ml- 
lsr% Desk" is actmBir a 
view Itqbi a IscBsd fess&. 
Pntaps tiM iyadMl is 
OMHt to show the adltar 

with the wtttort 
dM tasai flf fwead 
\m- I tMi* that the Hai^ 
blagw has o v w a ctad to 
Uftat awsitinB - lbs at^ 
tack BfStHii tha 
ns attach is est 

The Great Pumpkin rolled Into the HAR- 
BLNGER office to share a few ghostly 
memories with Business Manager Paala 
Alexander. The revered symbol of Hal- 
loween bad a bnsy time on the Elk Grove 

campw. He entertained for a time in the 
EG campus cafeteria, peeked into some 
parked cars, issued a few "spooky" com- 
ments and vanlibed again tatb the Umbo 
of all Halloweens. 


authentic ^ 

Inflatable Reproductions 


are useful as 

Pillows — Bolsters 

Room Decorations 








Randhurst Townhall Level 

to a(- 

Tba wwd mbtly ta 
this eeotnt 

mm W woaow B 

aa tssno baa bcea craalad 
to OB aa wtarial ML TiM 

that takss ^ hack ta the 
doss it not? 



PtaaOir. ba aniBtaat, da 
or yirid 

•r osii* "can** la 
the Utlt vat dsBund tad 


Orsg : 

PA I fB«* tMa Isttw ta my 
la raad imj taUwr 
Us idMol TMrtook 
also wnia for bis 
papsr). Ba said 
ha was glad t> ssa that I 
bad dtocemed, bttwoae 
shHh and tnith in Um Brat 
part of my kttar. 

He WM eeafosad bf ths 
Mctxid part saying that I 
to radOato. Let 
it clear dial I 

Maybe aait tiaw the adi- 


Mr. WvM*U 

a Aft 

What. I bat we codd da 

(Bdher't f«yljr: 
(Tbaak*. Grcf. Rearf yeer lal> 

lar wtth wtHmfAmA 
f Wrtto agale Map. \/Mm% 
\Timn tan deMy Saye 

Harper Calendar 

■•«. IS — BarWnevr mi ' 


Say "hello" to Freshman Barbara Smith. The Calen- 
dar Girl really Isn't hard to find, if yea'D leok closely 
yon'U find her behind the counter of the Elk Grove 
campns cafeteria. TaO, blonde and lovely, she adds 
some spice to the cafeteria fare. 

Ctak. BO 

hmm. SO 
-\ Of nMMt. LItflt 

lYej v»" 
■. UnnMrt 

Jl«*. n — Baahrtban. Hanwr vi. 
WrtaM at Wrtcht 7 IB »m. 

ioR. at Tviomaa. 7;Sa a.fla.. Nav. 

Ka*. M — n««k<il>*il Hurprr vs. 
01. SUl* rmkman at tUtnolt 
aif|r I Wpm 
— Maair ravtui. BO emmpm hmk 

WK! Paani, 4 p n 

Dre t— Oaaaa* rmumr 

« — Ba*lwU>aJI Trtlon vi 
kontr. I lip m 
— Baaknbair Rork Valtey 
v< Harprr ham*. ] p m 

Dae. I .-.. Handvl'i Maaalah. 4 p m . 
EC rampu* aiHlltortum 

Dm. It — BaUrtball Harprr vi 
aaak Vanar. Umt*. at Sauk Vat- 
l«r. ■ P m. 

!»«•. 14 — Baskrtkall Marpvr wt. 
Grand Rapldi Mirh at CraM 
Rapldii. S p m 

!>••■ la — rortjtn film Tfca JM 
Btowa." tit pm. Rm. vn. BO 

— HarlMncar am tba ealleta ncwa- 

Of a new excitiair ator* 
for men and young men — 
featurinf the moat popa* 
Isur quality brands of 
eloClung and furnishings 
— conveniently located in 
the center of Palatine. 



has all the Fla§h 

bulbs or other 

camera equipment 

you need. 

[ 392-4600 



UUtl^Jp "" %^yr0 


Register for Free Drawing 

1st PRIZE 

(^ Palm Beach 100% Wool Sport Coat or Blazer 

(your choice) 

2nd PRIZE 

Your choice of a Jaeger - Jantzen or Maclean Sweater 
( — Shetland or Lambs wool) , 


Gant, Arrow and Enro Shirts 
(your choice) 
We want you to see our new store. Come in and register anytima 
between now and Saturday, November 30. 

Drawing for prizes will tie held Saturday, November 30 «t 11 
a.m. (It is not necessary to be present to win a prize) 





1800 N. Rand Rd. 





Store Hours: 

9:00 to 6:00 Mon.-Tue8.-Wed.-Thura.-Sat. 
Fri. 9:00 to 9:00 

n»tw 358-4800 

40 West 





I W. Campball Sf. 
ArliaftM HaifkH, III. 

•mt ISJOO iMtarfeack liikt 

•nr iJUOOWkt 


StatiMttt. MiiniMt. "^ 
PHONI 251.M41 


^ . 







Page 4 


Monday, Nov. 18. 1968 

C-C Golf End 
Strong Season 

The Hawk vanity citMs-coun- 
try and (olf team* «nd«d their 
teaaooa in much better farm 
than tbey started with good fin- 
iabea in cooference and atate r»- 

Tbe Hawk golf squad finished 
ia eighth place in the seaaoo 
atmnMfmg^ (ftcT a seveoth place 
finiih in the leacwBMt with a 
total acore of M. 

Ike MartH ^ 

Pete Haha M 
with M tt. Stave 

U aad Rick Johaara an M. 

Craig Saar shot a 90 while 
Bob Rodgeri rounded out the 
team'! total with r«. 

In the ftaal itayHngi. Thom- 
IM waa flm ^ (ha hagM after 
tha laagaa BMat aad the refoiar 
I reaolta were comfaiaed. 

Minn. U. Prof 
Lauds Harbinger 

Words of praise for The HAR- 
BINGER frOBH aa expert in the 

J. C. 
Sin of the SehMl «( JmrnmUmm 

and Masa *" in i i "I ilhw. Qi^ 

ahoat Hatpar'a aewa- 

" .% .1 aai really la- 
preaacd by the bright. aUrae- 

Ihe aewa 

of yMT pa- 

la the Htf fer a 


Mrt M *■ wMi *ari ■*« A P 

»i | »i<l M i l l lli H ii !«»■»- 
«■ «■« «H» III ! J ill*. ■» «M >»»« 


77lMt;t .Sen*- 

The Hawk harriers did a little 
better in league competition, 
fi nif hin g seventh among nine 
teams in the conference meet 
Thuraday, Oct. 24. Defending 
i4ifppp<nM Black Hawk College 
took tb» meet title again this 

The State Reglea IV Meet 
(Satwday. Nev. Z) ac«ordiag 
le eeaeb Rabert Nolan was 
"aa excelfcat teaat shewtaig." 
It was aaai^ the best showing 
of the year as the Hawks took 
fourth in a QeU of 13 teams. 
Oiampimi Black Hawk was 
again hi the top slot after tak- 
ing the first five plaoes. 

The Hawks' tap maa was 
CbKk Ferbea in Ittk place 
with a time ef 17:14 far the 
Ifevee atile cearae. TUs was 
hta flrst team lead rva hi the 

Bari'y Johnson was the 
Hawhr aanbar two naa in 14th 
pUea ««k a flaa of 17:S. Mka 

Ehrart took »th with a mark of 
U:M to round oat the top three. 

The last three Hawks to place 
were Scott Hupka in ZTth, Dan 
Schneidec in Slst, and "nxn 
Dwyer in3Mh. 



Terry Babb (Ml) 

Dave Garlaad. Ihraagb Gariaai's efferta the 

Setcards Add One 

B's a girl for Dr. and Mrs. 
niamaa C. Saward. 

Nancy Lmisa Seward was 
bom Nov. • ia N w t h waa t Oam- 
munity hoapitaL The bahy 
weighed in at 7 pooada, 7 

Seward is director of coun- 



•k ift 


Ym aaa^ mIv • 





For The New 


in immk^MPt Go to 

the he$t Btocked 

conneiie bar around • 




Evening Gowns and Cocktail 


Overbought, Overstocked and 

Beat The Rush For Your Holiday 
Party Wear 

and '" - - .-'■ 

Beat The High Cost of Living 

Prices slashed betow WHOLESALE 

A Wide Range of Sizes, Colors. 
Fabrics and Prices. 

Marge's Apparel Sample Shop 


10 N. Dunton, Arlington Heights 

Open Men. thru Sat., 10 to 5:30 
Thurs., 10 to 9 

Utest develspatcate •■ tlie Hawk atfcleUe 
fcene are brMght before the readers of the 

would like to announce 


of their new shop 

November 18 and 19 

at the 

Palatine Square Shopping Center 

Palatine Road and Bothweil 

RoUing MeadotcM ShopjUng CenUr 


Rugged ftrptch denim 
gives you built-in 
comfort! Trim, maacullne 
Levi's styUng givo 
you the look you want 
... the Levi's k)ok! 


Compltf* Stltctieiit 
of Other Uvi't 

$4.98 to $8 

CAMPUS SHOP . . . DowruUdn 




—--'■<■ II 






ring Jlnrollment Soars 

Predict Record 
Class Group 

Another increase in ent^ 
moot if eipectadfbr the ^idag 

Ragiitnr Doob B. SUinbury 
iadicaUd Ifa* Jnnp by projected 
' e( curreot and put 

!.«( ike w- 
•f the Buyer Callece itaA^ 

Mtt — pertapc 4,- 

b (^ tint MBMtar ol the 
erihf*'* 9«ui« Hi* - bMk in 

Iht ftl of 'f7 - the itudeot 
hMd omait hM 1.725. In the 
qirtog of '«. IJM were en- 
nil faU aemMtv SJB li^Md 

M and 31. 

■Speci fica lly, pr»TegiatratkiD 
for biO^ime returning atudeots 
it opeo until Jan. 10. 

From Jan. U throu^ 24, full- 
tlBM tmt atadnH wil have 
Pf»n«ii(ratiaa privOflCM. 

A aomi "BipraaB lUgMn- 
tioa" ia whecMed for retuniing 
part-tilM atodaota Jan. 11 in the 
Elk Grove campua cafeteria. 

New part^ime atudeots can 
whii through diia sama ragia- 
tratka prooaaa on Jan. B. Both 
the nth and the »lh are Satur- 

Waiting and paper aboflUiv 
will be at a »««■'*««■—' !■ tbk 
Expreas RagiitrattaB. aald 

the earellacata 
far dM fafl of -CT with the 

Marked Imtum*. WHh the 
saaM tacreaac appMed te the 
(an *« llgw. the spfl^ m- 
Mdd sear wcfl be- 
I dM iM> mark. 

area Aowing dnt HI 
tidOB va alatad tm I 
That's abant tha mh 

«B be offorh^ 

prograa la 

hi a BMva la fal aa- 


It aOdally began Dec. 

of Jaa. ». 

ngoraa ttmn that the caOaga 
hw UB (kriUiBa (raahoMB and 
tm AMm laphHMroa. Pait' 

Dopke Issue 
Leads to Action 


Vol. 2. No. 6 

Thursday, Dk. 19. 1968 


tha ML - aa tta baaia of tha 
a( tha Mdaat ^riry caManl^ tha 

«f Mi. 

•tadent art la as display Ib the fojcr 
arau o( the cnqpMS. C— iwita frtMn 
"wtfteaJ" to "acalB tUnt" have be«n 
kMUri fram thoa« who paase to laapcct 

the display matrrlab. The oriflnality af 
haighteaed by aaaa 
Bake a raretal 


rfShriaat la ha daarad to- a 
A. DaplDi to III III! I ol 

la tta 

thoy iriU ha«« thair 

paa whara tha aala af 

wfll aat ha a oaaa- 

Of WHIM by al Ba aia. ^ _t^, ^ 

af a 


a( tha Oct 10 

Tha Harper 
laala paaaod a 
a ao- cipnttoa ia tha 
Mai ad Afrfl, IM and v 

af md- 

■■■■■■ « me uci. iw ~ ' - . .. ■ . J. ■ 

^ ■ ■ ^ HjnB BHara a cMaaa^aor 

aal flHaalllaa aad a th— k^ h^ "hMliaia 

dacbaed the 


with the high 

!!£i£= Issue Still Smokes 

CIgaralta aalaa ia the baofc- atadaala. Tha stadaa 
to aadir dahate afiia allawad to pareteai 

K waaM ha pat toto tha ab 

if The Harper Cblivt Sadaat aclMUaa taid. wM ha aUa to 

1*'^ Whaa aaliad Ha iplalaa aa tha 
* J" iaaae. ProaidoBt Dr Robert E 
wk Lahti aaid that the bookatoro ia 

•j f M^ " ? y j **^ • ■•* to 

atacfcs of boaka aad baaa of »« ho* f ^rAt t t i thwMh Wit f ^H 

^ l"^ . ye ar, th* toss, waa p,^ ^..^ag tha latfatratiaa ^ c^aratloa Thehi aehaal 

r^'^rrri"— • rr^ "* weak to OMre thaa aaoagh art- ofBdab moat likely worid aat 

pac. I ■aiMa g. a caB ty aiore ^..^a of Nallad haatatea SSSaTsator 

Robert WtaU. who ia- LaMl baUarea aU tha yooag is spUt W sa aia h a y da aat ah- 

'• lartlgalail tha toaaa toat qirtiv. adatta at Harper Aarid ha Jaet to tl|a aato of fIgwitiM W 

haa ahawa tha baakatod'a atti- alfciaad to paiehaai cipaaMM, Iha bookalara aad 

tada aa heii« haBafkdal ta the hat added that la aoathar alx aay It woold be coa 

Expert Analyzes 7 Groups Of 'Way Out' Students 

Dee 4 
"la order to dear (ha air of the 

tha vtolattoaa at Iha 
■iwWaaid aa tha 
Oaor of Iha 88BC oa Dae. 3 at S 

(ACP) - 

adaata, aMwugh to- 
la BBBriMr. forlB the 
two la ttraa pw eaat af 
a jreaOi aa hi yro- 


Pari T. 

af tha 

—The paarif*. wllhihwni 


— The paaaHre aad ■»• 

-Tha actMat wha to deeply 


her of 

aad read- 
oaBaetadli aan- 

A theory that he doea aot 
iCTsa with eoataada that tha HB- 
raat ia yooth to a Qwvloai of 


tMvaiaHi af 1 

TUs two to three per 
aakl. to 
to soeMy. 

to gratify 

(this ia- 


of the 

4H, aei a* iboae ifha jfli 
the Jnniar Chamber of < 

hy aadaty to h^ 
■ ata- 
to rabd agalaat thto praa- 
aad wtthdtaw tmn a 
aadaty aad Ma that makea 
IWBltnfc, Kfi4 aaid. 

that a 

aevea aiajer 
ttrwi^ the reoaNa of 

▼er bee aat 

outlined the aoran cato- 

— Iha taaaty 

aaaa tha aaad for 

but is afraid to act. 

—The political game piayar 

and alratagiat. 

(Klir'a aele: Bxaarfaa yaar 
rate. Where da y«a IK to Ihta 
rattog of 

The yealh sees aa cmlreo- 
neat tlut Is dUBcaN la coih 
tral aad withdraws frosa M. 
Pareotd permiaaivaoaaa may 

top ai d ed afraid to axort roal pareotal ao- aald. 

he de> 

to partly 
rihtefar aheaatton. he said. 

After sMtag to (Teat af a 
TV aol tar Ihsasaaii of hoan, 
"the yeath eaaaot relate to to- 
dlMdaals. He baa Bttte prae- 
1 1 c e to p e r s ea a l relatiea- 

Some peychohigiats fed there 
■ really nothtog wroag with 
youth, he contlmied. Aheoation 
is a D etfort, dictated by 
's need for reform, to 
what to wroag, he 

LaKkiag con fi dence in "the 
EatahMhnaal," atadanU era 
ciiuoaaig aaa oppoeng b. i ney 
view adatta, the g u tera B wa t 
and per- 
petratora of tUa "aatahUahod 
wayofifa,"Ktag8aid. • 

'Harper Colle^ 
On The Air" 

Sunday, Jan. 19 
3 p.m. 

WCLR — 850 
on the AMdfad 

■J I ■ a. I ^ 


' :* >-• ■•■«'■■ 

,; ,. «. ,» . ■,» . ., .. 








nuindsy. Dec. 19, 1968 

Pub Trouble ^ ^ Disappearing Biit . . .Where 

In Daze Cup? 

Is the Rainey Daze Coffee House in trouble again? 
_ Recently, the Rainey Daze Coffee House moved its 
headquarters from hazardous building eight, to a local 
pizza restaurant. Our only objection*to the pizza place is 
that the pizza place also is a retailer of beer. 

Recently, the HARBINGER sent a staff member, who 
is older than 21 years of age to the i-estaurant with the sole 
intent of purchasing beer. Although the staffer appears to 
be under 21, be was not asked to ^ow credentials proving 
his age. ^ 

While be was in the establishment, th^ reporter no- 
ticed pitchers of beer on several of the taMes in the room 
in which the Rainey Daze entertaincrt wire performing. 

In additkn to being legally forbidden, the Harper Cd- 
Icfft Stadent Constitiition, directs through by-laws on chib 
orgasiration that alcoholic beveragee shall not be obtain- 
able in any Harper student activitiee. 

We think that the chib management of the Rainey 
Daaa Coffee House should exercise caution to prevent the 
enactment of the Rainey Daze Pub. 

Have you ever given the 
slightest thought, unwary stu- 
dei^, to the uses of the student 
activity fee? 

Full time students take for 
granted that an extra ten dot- 
Ian will be tacked on to the to- 
tal due the college Part time 
students, those carrying fewer 
thaa 12 aamaitOT hours, pay an 
wfctitional five doDars 

But, where does this OMoey 
go? Do the faculty m«Bbtrs 
throw little get together!? 

Actually just about anything 
you can think of gets a slice. 
Nowadays, everybody has 
their fl^« la Um pie. 

Hie money goes into the stu- 
dent activity fund under the dis- 
cretion of FYank Borelli, student 
activities director. 

Both pubUcaUoos, the HARBI- 
NGER and the Halcyon, receive 
funds. The funds pay for print- 
ing costs and necessary mate- 
rials that cannot be covered by 
revenues colkcted brora adver- 

Those weird pictures proudly 
displayed oo thoee identification 
cards are also purchased 
through activity fee money. 

All home athletic games re- 
ceive activity fee funds. 

Clubs whicb^ have been ae- 

knowledged by the student gov- 
ernment receive fifty dollars 
each, coming from the activity 

However, the biggest 
goes to the student ; 
the mooay they 
nrwrta, ketnrw. fflm seriM, 
ad other various acthrltiaL 

Students, now that you know 
same of the channels your mon- 
ey foilows, why don't you take 
advantage of them. If you're 
dittstiafled with the usage of 
activity money, take it up with 
aone of the ^resaid organize 

Letters To The Editor 

View FroB 

EdHer's Desk 

te ytm article en- 
titled "A Job Agency?" I would 
like to preeeat aa "inside" story 
in defaaae of the iob BoOetiD 
Beard. 1Mb it a aervkM iflmd 
to atadHli leeUag for pet44taM 
jokm which are thirty hears or 
leae a week. Thaee eTadets at- 
Harpar oa a AAtime 
) eoold easily work part- 

Many atodaata art paiiag 
tMr way throagh rallni and 
fladit Bir—ri to work part- 


wy laMttl at 


other expenses. 

As far as Harper being an 
employment agency or an 
educational insikuHon, this is 
up to the itudaat Bto tnlve is 
directed by his foals sad asifai- 
tioo. If he Is coaleat ta work tai 
a factory for the rest ef lito Hie 
depeoda upon him, bat If he 
wants to make aaaMlhkif eat «f 
himself he win go to eoDeffB and 
take full advantage of this edu- 
cation to fuiilU Us i 

it is the duty of the 
committee chairman to 
the raeuha of the electkas. 
chairauui had the 
preMBt th» 
the Neeeaihsi 4 
stated hi the 



lat the 
of the 8SBC ebetieaB. Any 
potea over the reenlts shall 
arbitrated by the Senate, i 
Jact to 



to the 

Tbe mettoa «m 

Sean Ryan 

Visual Tests 
To Aid Force 

To what kind of testing are candidates for the Harper 
CoUafe Security agents subjected? 

is also a filo ef faa- 
lehs avaikbla ior part- 
time atiMkats. Hmm Joha can 
bo sMaiaad Uaaa* VatoviL 


be k 

to the 
ki the 
k is 

s Nele: The 

el a 

find it vttaQf 

Ike OAiaiNGBR. W^ 



10 the 



Harper Calendar 

».- iw 

At a "frtngtaaoa" a student was given a ticket for 
parUnf In a fire lane. The stadent admits that he was 
parked in the fire lane. This is not what he is iiiMMflniiinf 

On ttie citation he was issued for illegal parking, his 
Ucenaa oaiiAi^wa« not recorded profwrly and the color of 
Us car was incarrect 

Illinois has raOeclerate license plates which allow taas 
room for error when copying. This student's car happens 
to ba ooa o^ tta moat dlsuct shades of brown ever created 
by ttia Miom o Uv a In d urti y. 

Perhaps a course in remedial reading and a college- 
level course in detecting colon would not be a waste of 
time for Harper's super-sleuths. 


The Harbinger 

Terry S. Babb. Editor 
Mary Lind, Executive Editor 
Karl G. Buttstadt, Managing Editor 
David Garland, Sports Editor 
Pauls Alexander, BusiriJss Manager 
Terry Carter, Circulation Mahager 
Bill Bohnhoff, Photo Coordinator 


fn at kai ore**, fl:U a.a. 

P«C* M NMMViat. iWTm.- 
WrptUiM m««t tcaiMt Oaha* at 

N.p»mn« 7 » D m ^^ 

Drc M — r^Titmfmtmf aaaanar ^^ 

«in» at Ua.aL ■ ■ 

Ja*. • — OiMaa NMMM — n 

nil rinal baau — are 


Ba^llMll acalnft Um rroaft 

L)»Paul i;nlTW«tr BQ. •:"" 

nity Ol 

May oMata a 
tlvlbaa offle* 

ainJiurt Ainundwn at Chlcaco at 

'aa. IS — l.aat 4ar tar riilMOM 

fTtamlnc aMtaMa la i — Ttt • 

Ha*MM* mmr to ^ 



Reporters: Roxanne Hansen, Barbara Rumatz, 

Edward Spencer. Pat Evans 
Photographers: Dan Harris, Doug MacDonald. 

Advisor: Henry Roepken. assistant professor 

^Miahad Iwlea moolhhr by and teraha Wu Ja W a of WlWam Kalnay 
»»rmr CoMaa*. SIO Bk Orova Blvd.. Clk Ore«a VmaOa, III. 60007. 

Talaphena: 437-7000. Cirt. It 

Caleadar girl Sophomore Bobbie Gehrke coold make 
Ike Ubrary one of the most popular spots on the 
eampas. She's a nursing stadent, a really pnlsatiag 
attraction in white or among the books. Anyone for the 


lieiSinc If*- 
Mm» ilaS i i n wui to __ 

bk nrrrrr rafrtma) "tt MaSMt 
!• imprMXM* yoa - 

witli pan-ttmr new i 

MOM a>lao» and ttai^pa I 

a* Bk CrDva ooSon^? ?7S 
«a«. IS — TW Hartlaaar dlatnbutad 



Thnraday, Dm^ 19. 1968 


Ho-Ho-Ho - Bah! Humbug! 


Santa Unloads His Faculty Gift Bag 

-■•mM II I 


Santa Claus drt^ped in early again this year with a brimming 
bag of gitt& for the college. 

There's no better way to spread the good cheer of Christmas than 
by Sharing. Here's what Santa has for Harper: 

Right at the top of the big bag— A plan to house a high scho(4 in 
Harper's new campus for Dr. Robert E. Lahti. 

A merry ho-bo-bo and an electric animal prod for Or. IfOMOtt 
Andeea, dean of Instruction, (to replace his gavel at faculty meetings). 
For Dr. James Harvey, dean of students, a first edition of The Ups 
and Downs of Student Government. 

Santa delivered a campus-size boxing ring for the administratiOB 
and the faculty. 

For all the administration staff at the coUef e's Palatine office, a 
chance to meet and talk with real Harper students. 

Assistant Dean Harold C. Canniagham of the career program gets 
a new one In mortuary science. For all the career programs, total 
and immediate transfer to Moler Barber CoUege. That doesn't mean 
the transfer program was overlooked. Santa has unconditional return 
to all high school for all the traiisfer hopetels. 

Dr. Thomas C. Seward, director of roufMeilnj. gets a gidded toor 
of any psychiatric ward within a 4S-miBala bos ride of the college. Vot 
his staff, the latest four-color Rorschach Ink blots. 

Assistant Professor Fred A. Valsrll, director of piifm firt and 
student aids. gc«s a desk in any «npl(winant agency of his chooateg. 
And for all the students looking for jobs, fuU-time work hi the Moo- 
tana Rockies. 

Wonderful gifts continue to flow from Santa's bulging, bag. 
For Fraak Borelli, director of student activities, a copy of the stu- 
dent constitution and election rules. For student government, continu- 
ed practice in unanimous voting. 

Santa's gift for Associate Professor (<eorge H. Veegel. director of 
laareing resources, a short circuit ... six reels of ovar-expoeed film 
Idt Ma audio-visual staff. 

A pair of gum-dioea. a magnifying glass and a badge for Si^ier- 
intendent Rebert J. Raghes of hoildinga and gnonds. 
« An ilhunhiated "quiet" sign for Librarian Aialrose Eastolj; 

Assistant ProfessoTRoy A. Scdrel, director of data processing, 
gats a conplala sat of tey paoch cemlc books. To help his staff, tba 
return of horaee ... and free ildfaif lassons for all 

Santa had trouble with the ktaff-elte assemMe-it-yoursetf fTx>g the 
Biology department wanted. The atomic-powarad device compMeijr 
destroyed the toy mkroecopa a tigged for tba ebanlstry department 
thooghtfttl to a fault. Santa rwnenihered the many social groups. 
A Soviet-spoaaend trip to dacboalovakta for Instnictor Mar)orie 
Jaae Stevens and the iHHlaB Chk tm a ooa-way ticket 

For the Pompoa girls, two left feat ... a yawnhig response for tba 
Cheer Leaders . . . typing latsoos for tba BARBINOER staff . . . man 
out-of-focus pictures for the Bakyea . . . music lessons for "entertain- 
ers" at the Rataey Date ice skates for the Ski Gnb . . . lap-sitting 
for tba FMve Secie tai toe . . . itovaoaiaa ibots for the Dcatal Hygtene 
gang ... a dafiated volley baU fbr fbe lalia— ■! withasiasfi ... bant 
syringe needles for the Narstag group. 

Registrar DaM B. Staasbwy gats savan days and nights of unin- 
tarreptad registration procedure ... a year's subscription to the 
HARBINGER for Associate Professor Rabert M. Pawel . . . remedial 
reading for the enttro BngHab 4apartment. 

Dr George "HeOe. Pai Mask" Hakas presented with the original 
starao sound track of the Beatles' arrivUig at O'Hare Intematkari 
airport. For all the music lovers at Harper, invitations to a kaioo 

For Instnictor Aana Marie Bazik of the counseUng department 
group (and the sponsor of all the Rainey Dase fun) a copy of the Elk 
Grove fire ordinances. 

Gifts, gifts, gifts and more gifts. Santa knows. It's more blessed 
to give than to receive. 

History instnictor Edward M. laleh geU a cost-free membership 

Staff Chosen 
For Program 

Ofnoers have been elected for 
the calq^'s aswast ananiu- 
tioa, the Barpsr CMJegs Anior 
Ansrican Dental HygieniaU' 

Assed a tion 

Ths J.A.D.H.A.t aaeenUve 

President Martha Rjiies, 
Viee-Pr«Bident Marion Ander- 
son, Secretary IVeasnrer Mar- 
ion Bauer and program chair- 
man Beverly Osmond. 

AD memtMrs of the group are 
B the coUefs's dental 

in Students for a Democraaic Society . . . enforced silence fw Assist- 
ant Professor John Muchmore, Speech department ... ski lessons for 
Ski Club sponsor Instnictor Robert Zilkowski . . . eight lessons in duck 
calling for Assistant Professor Reary Roepken, Journalism ... a new 
hat for Psychology's Assistant Profeasor Michael Ostrowskl. 

Santa hands Instructor Charles Falk 35 replacement parts for an 

A basketball team for Coach John Gelch . . . arch supports for the 
cross country runners of Coach Robert Nolaa . , . off-center golf balls 
for the golfers under Coach William Miller . . . some eye gouging for 
the wrestlers of Coach Roa Bessemer. 

Bookstore manager DaaW KMa ge abe rg gets a blank pad of HAR- 
BINGER advertising contracts ... and a new lens for his "spy" 

A student riot for law enforcement's Assistant Professor Richard 
A. Wild. 

New paint brushes and large barns to work oo for assistant pro- 
ion WUUam R. Pewt and Joha A. Kaadsea. (The color Is limited 
to red^-bam red.) For Intramural Director Roy Kearas and bii dis- 
■teff coaaterpart-^to^rnctor Martha Bali-« hasket-shooth^ eontoit. 
For che^nlstr^TAuistant Professor Joseph L. Glenser, a silver 
plated Bunsen burner. A too of silt for Assodato Professor Betty 
Jejree Eabysk. 

has French-with-an-Algerian accent for Instnictor Irene Y. 
on. Another bull-fight for Joha Davis, Spanish, and flrstaM 
for bullfight victims goes to Nnrring's Assistant Profeeaor Janana L. 

The modern phlloeophy of the Greek watarfrooC for Instructor 
Stephen T. FraakMa. Jig-saw puzzles for Assistant Professor Mldnel 
CarreU and Instructor Winiam R. Paakay of mechanical design. 

Wedged among Snla'a lavish gifts, six weeks of rond work to 
Nigeria for history's Aariilant Professor Larry S. Uag ... a sour aoto 
fbr Instructor Joe Beb TlUotooa ... aU the wrong answers for matlto- 
mattcs assistant professors Larew M. CoUhrtcr, Joha F. Flanigsa and 
Iksaas R. McCabe. 

Another chance at French for Instnxrtor Henry C. Motor . . . mow 
WmbbbMm for Associate Profoaaor Rkhard H. Laekwaed . . .an the 
rigkl type of movtos tor the llbcvy's Robert W. Tbteda ..a crock- 
ed foundatlan for architecture's Instructor DeaaM W. ColUas ... un- 
balanced ledgars for Instnictor Raaa M. Trank ... a definite com- 
mand to "open wlder»» for dsttal bygiene'a Instructor Mary Aaa 

Another flood of memoa for dhdsta ebalnMn Assistaitf 
Jeba H. TWmpaea and Aasodato PrafMnr Jeka R. BIrfcbah. 

Did Santa overlook? anyone Not roafly. The tags were torn from 
SOON of the many gifto still nestled in that big bag There's a cuddly 
tond doll ... a can opened deaigned to open absolutely nothing . . 
thre»d onin volumes of the lUinois Junior CoUege Journal (boond to 
ttoWhto tMite tton cardboard pig-skin) ... a roster of Harper's first 
amaitar liansfai students . . . Elk Grove campus xrookiog regHlatkas 
... a proposed sketch of the Harper Hawk . . . faded swatdiae of tta 
coDaga colon ... a tour of tba Baipsr CaOaga Patatine office ... a 
facoBy minr with the Elk Grove high adtool tanchtog staff ... and 
three fast tripe from Harper Grove to the loonges of the EG ''»" )mt 
To all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 



Come in and take a look at 

the sharpest looking best txiilt 

SNOWMOBILE on he market oday 

Monday OMeUap as wdl 
jodal events are planned. 



Bleeker Street ...., Sims 8 — 18 

J — P"s Junior Petites «.--:_ Si/as 3 — 13 


Cos-Cob Pepper Tree Jr. 

Darlene Coddrngton 

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• Miss Elaine • Sleepease • Tyrone 


Sleepease New Era 

Brad MacShore 


Miss Elaine 



CL 3-5909 

18 W. Campbell 

LmaJm Afuce 

Downtown Arlington Heights 





/ . 





Grove Pollution Problem h- 
Explained As 'Rocky^ Water 

Mary Atmf cuta a to^ «■••- water? HARBINGER aUffer Edward 
at Iha yeOowed watar «f tha Spanctr took a look, tasted It aad wtat 
I. la tt tnfy kaltM allar tha facta. 

Any new and Vtmk^ e^m Ha^aa ataUd that tha "pola- trtatioo of the coolar battlaa, 
Uka Haipar, aipaeU to oipari- tioa" prablam waa tlrat broaglit «Uch ara tborougMsr waahad 
bat law to hla attaotkn iMt yu by Aa- bafora thay ara rtfiUad. 

Oaa ■aMiHii' aaiaUaa to tha 

■MB VOHB 09 MMM flHIR* W^L ^H^aBl QflBflCtEMMB* BI^DM ^^D^^BBBflnlB D8BIH 18 10 

I if tha watar paBo- aald ha bagaa aa hnaotifidaa "etch" than, in viieh add 
ia aiao aoaM- UhtHinii ibbkii rfliadili would ba uaad to riew tha 

mM«. Maaam. B^^ aald 
that tha praeaaa h tae eaatljr to 

Bi^aa a^ atatad tiat ha 

; to aaa ttet tha I 

art ia tha 
par Greva. 

of Hv^ 

aa tha 


Tha eaiiaa of tha 
foaad la ba tha uliaaiaU Mgh 

tha lacal watai 

tha giaaa of tha 

The vatar itaaV h fraah 

of tha 


ara hahig ehaarrad. Tha par- 
af aaw baltlaa to rapiaea 
la aaaMBjr paoi 

tioa ia aho a poaribility. 

Thursday. Dec 19, 1868 

Rolling Meadoujg Shopping Center 


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comfort! Trim, masctiline 
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$4.98 to $8 

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s/-y ^y-r. 

Christmas Gift Ideas 



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oo« the will traaaiira moat 
Mrfact for Qrandmattwr. too. 

^Cewptoto wwti IwiiiaiMiii Ml 
•lmul«t*<ir~ " 



birtKctonc for each membar 

off vn wnlty. 
Iha wW dierlrfi a fortw. 





nunday, Dec 19, 1968 



^SportScope ^^^5 

Grapplers Push Wins 

This year, the HARBINGER 
editors bavo decided to give an 
award to ttie athlete wiw best 
typifies the sctaotar athletic tra- 
ditiflo wtiidi ia cwraatiy being 
asUbliahed ia (ho achooi's aea- 
sion of inter-collegiate sports. 

Tb« award, dabbed the 
"AUiMe of the Year" award 
wiU be glTea to the ooft. 
sUadiag athlete who. is the 
af (ho oditon. has 
ho aMst to the 
both athletically aad 

TTie awanl itaalf will coaaist 
of aa aagr a wd plaqaa 
WiU be preaontod totha 
at the college's awards dinaer 
at the end of liw year 

Daapite the loaing records of 
a coupla of 

outstandlBg pttKMuiMrIa the 

The faV aqoad aw led by the 
cQoaiataatly low aoaraa of fresh- 
man Peter Hahn while the 
Hawk Harriers were led in their 
three^nile races by Barry Joho- 
soo. Even though the winter 
qwrts aaaaaa Is only a third of 
ttw wajr one, thara have baaa a 
number of iadhrkhiala wlw have 
excoOad in either basketball or 

Guard Jim lleUeo has beaa a 
cooaiateat acorar aad laadar in 
the hardeoort aa haa team cap- 
tain Dave Willy and guard Mike 

(to the Bial a^aad aaph Ray 
Vhha has been a rinlliit 
have Mha Pofgo- 
Dao MMchMT. to 
I only a few. 

Harper's Grapplers snapped a 
two meet tosing streak and 
came back to dump Prairie 
State College 28-20 hi the 
Hawks' aocond borne moot of 
the so aa oo after earlier loaMa 
to Trttoo 16-25 in tha home 
opooer and • 18-23 ha a rtfare ak ar 
at Thgntoa itariag the Thankfc- 
givtaig vaeathB. 

lla the wto agafaMt Prairie 
S^e the Hawks woa sevee of 
the etovea weight cUsaes. At 
lis poanda Bah Haaaaa pto- 
■ed Gary Radlhe of State to 
S:at. At 123 pootoh Taai Wah- 
haid ptowed Ttay Morphy «f 

In the 190 pound division Bob 
Tranaeh piond George Coa of 
State to r.9. Miko rergusoo 
won bis match 7-1 in the 137 
pound class while Cliff Gaykr 
was pinned by Terry Rauen of 
State at ML 

At IS pooads Ray Vitha pto- 
oed Al Parker in 3 32 while Don 
Mitchner pinned Dob Akaao- 
dhni in S3 saeoada flat to the 
IM pound daaa. In the 167 

pound class Scott Hupka, a 
cross-country letterman pinned 
dene Vanderwere in 2:53 in his 
first mat appearance. " 

The Hawks forfeit^ the 177 
and 191 pound cUsws. In the 
heavyweight diviaioa Dale Hol- 
ier of State boat Ray Steerbo by 
-aiall in 3;3S- 1. — — 

The ThonSsa toaleh was a 
heart broaker aa (he oieet 
was tied ap IS-IS gotog tato 
the heovywelgbr toatch. 
Stoerbo waa piaaad by Mlka 
LariCj^, wlw outwoigbad Idai 
by a73to*:N poaai 
Thoraton'a WulldogB tha boot 
and the meet. The Hawks bad 

the edge in points to begin witii 
since Thornton forfeited two 
weight classes and Harper one, 
but ThomtOD beat the Hawks in 
the matches. 

The only winners were Wah- 
lund by a pin in the 123 pound 
class, Gaylor by a fall in the 145 
pound division, and Vitha by a 
104 decision at 152 pounds. Ron 
Straud was pinned at 177, while 
Mitchaar kat ft^lS to the 160 

fhrtag Joriea, 


aad\ S toe r bo were 
oaa aUaor is- 
Siraad wtto badly 
ribs aod^teerbe with 
a hodly sprained wrist. 

Haying a Christmas Party? 

Harris Pharmacy has the best 
selection around in decorations 




Aflinglon Hai0its 

a 9-1450 



S W. CaonWl S«. 
AHiitt«M H mitkH, ML 

toor tuntopartask toato 
tow IJMtWtt 



PHONI 2SS.t441 

S a^aL 10 9M. 












2539631 Randhurst 





College " 




/ . JJ.--. 



■ jL ' yji 

The wwrld's factest nuuert line up for 
the longest mile — the Harper College 
eted intra-mural cross-country run. The 
male (and two lady) stalwarU waiting 
for the starting gnn of the croM-co«ntry 

event are: left to right) Paal Comett, 

Michael SchlUer, Mark Sajrior, Sean 

^Ryan, BUI Klmhle. Sae M wi f fca a aad 

'Laurie West. Sayhtr woa; M— ! ■> « ■ «■ 

first for the ladies. 

Harper-«S TtonitM-74 
A c«^le •( 4ar« r«( ' 
TkaaksgiviBK paid «ff far ( 
Hawks aa they airt*Uye4 

Cage Hawks Flounder rl 

Harper's biilwWisll aqasd is 
having a roogh smsob, «m win 
hi iSMD starts. 
Iha haw victory came during 
vaealioa. t&-7* 
JC ia Barvey. 
the Hawks at* show- 
lag esa^Ml hmavfaMt hi 

IB of 

S.9 aT«n«e while hitting hi 
doobte Ugaras hi thrae gaaMS. 
Fonrard Scott Bisehafl has 
corapBad a 7.4 avaraga whtta 
gob* for » ia the seaaon's 

a paMs. Ha 

foUowwl by 
17 CO 

•f tha atata's 


kiha first sevsa gaoMB the 
Bavkaheva sportad a halaaoad 
attack lad by a pair of fine 
Jin MeUen and Mik* 
Mellra has piled up 
UD potats for a 17-1 acarhig 
Bi«fc wMla Drudfa* haa IM for 
a 14 S clip. 

Ragalar caaSor Dave WUiy 
haa twtlclMMl U Ikt IwwaH 
paiitiaa aliar aaisalag a 
caavia af gaaaa wtt aa ia- 

ten ^^^ k^B r^^B^^^^i^ Wflll 

la iha awllch «llh aa U J av- 

Lyla riiiinas hM baaa a 

WMk scartw M a gaaM ha 
clipped la n la the Tbarataa 
gaaa while grabMag U 
tar a taaaaai Ugh 

fPOly with 14 


In tha fbat «f two 
with the Warriors the Hawks 
a few 

dacad a gaad 

■traak ta poB eat 
Umrtk gaaM la a raw aa 
the rMd after traiUag 4«4» at 
the half. 

They exhibited some of their 

beat play of the yaar la this 

game and tha ooa tha aait aigM 

at IlUnoia State U. 

Tha Hawks featured a bai- 

attack as Klsnnas and 

tnnwd hi fiaa 


dawn 15 
Iv a taaa Ugh this 

Trhaa-M Harper-H 
In tte aecoDd maath« be- 
twMQ the Hawks and Warriora 
the Hawks wars afalB aaahla to 
paU oi« a whi as thsjr foand 
^tif^Min — OB tlie short sad 
agaiait a groiq> of fine afaoolsr 
and rahonnders. (Trit4n hit on 
B of 27 from tha fieU in tha 
first iMlf.) 

They played fast break has- 
katball in the first half aad 

up short at tha 

by a 57-36 coiaA. They 

played evaaly m the aacond 
haU. but the first half sboolii* 
of U» Warriors was a litUa too 
much to o for c aaaa hi ooa half. 

ha M THtia Oahlad a Wg. 

far say Hawhs eager. Galch 
alsa has a pair «f gUd lsr> 

In raaarva hi eaph Dick 
aad tnahaiaa lab 

IfeOen and Keroaturi added 
15 end U poinu reapectively. 

hi scovhig hut 

proniaa while 

11.0 a game in scvan 

Bead coach John Gekh 

a a faMy strong bench 

Tmb Keroaturi sports a 

Elgl»«« Harper-7t 
Par Iha aeaaaa'a apewr the 
Hawka JravelH pot u Blgta 

CoUn« aad a^ 

aal a win aAar 

al the half 47-M. the 

dM a Btca Jab 

sad had aa es- 
■IgM at the charity 
vUrh palled thaaa 
tteaagh arbea the Hawka 
IraaMe hi tha i 
The Hawks sported tkna aMB 
hi douMa acoring flgaroa aa 
Scott Bischsfl caMO off tha 
to tiw sMoad half to tally 

I pod aw of ths fast 
break aad tha fMkeaart piass tpi^ 
w a i w h a hu the Hawks in the 
first halt. boiUiag up as much 
as a Sfrpotaft laad at tiaas ha- 
te a 



Hawk basketball team capUla Dave WUly Is aO basl- 
Mts as be moves for a shot against the Elgin SpartaiM 
in flie season's first game. The fledgling Hawks have 
bad tfaelr problems, bat morale is high. The sbootlBg is 
kec(Miilng sharper and more of the pffenslve and de- 
feiulve moves are Improviof . 

M ths 
wMh n fMk 
ap IS WiDy sBd 

WiUy got into 
a pita 19 wMle after a looaa ball 
and was clipped ia the haao by 
a Trtton play, 
of action for two I 

WrlgM-IM Harparai 
The Rawka 

lal af the first three al 
Wright. biM so did the appo#- 

ttai aa the aatiaaally 

They Jampod off to a 
lead and from there on it was 
an uphill battle for the Hawks 
u thay ware dawn 044 at tha 
The Hawka agsia 
out to be a gsad solid 
half eh* as thsy playod 
I with WH^g dar- 
fa« the second haH Wtthoat 
WOly it the hnoqi Gaieh want 
with thno gnvds aad a pair of 
forwards siri dU waD hi the 

MaOta sgahi Isd tha erew hi 
seoriag with 22 whila two othsr 
guards Karoatori and Drodbig 
racordsd 11 nd 14 poinU each. 
Kaahaa added IS fNn 
asr ^pot while 



has all the Flash 

bulbs or other 

camera equipment 

you need. 


U. Fyaah«l 

Tha Hawks dropped the aec- 
oad half «f tlieir wae ken d 
dsahia hsadar in a real acpiaa- 
kar as the RsAird froab made 
the boat of a froel line which 
nmmi m. a-7, M. in height. 

Trailh« 4M1 at tha half, tha 
Hawks ia^ht hack hard la tha 
saeairf ladt balars a pair of foul 
shato gave ths gams to the 

Beck Valley CallagMI 
Thta gaaM wife a tuni around 
from tha first six garoea asjha 
Hawks played an 
game in the Qrst half, 
loat oat hi tha aacond half. 

Thajr lad by as much as U 
poials hi tha first half sad hng 
on to a six poiat haMUBM laad 
at 4M7 whSB ths Traiaaa fil 
hot shiidiag heads tewrds tha 
aad «f tha first half. Thlap 
wsal ameothiy for the flnt 
twelve aihartaa of tha 
half, thaa tha roof iaO hi 


Want To Be A Christmas Belle? 

Get your gala gown 
for the Christmas Ball 


And we have all 

the accessories, 


Glamorous evening bags and gloves, in silver & gokJ! 

Glitter hose! Formal slips! Evening wraps! 

Intoxicating perfumes! 

Marge's Apparel Sample Shop 

10 N. Dtmton, Arlington Heights 

Phone: 392-2063 

Hours daily 10 5 p.m.; Thurs. 10-9:00 p.m. 
Dec. 12 thru Christmas open every nite except Sat. 

# i 








'More to Come ' 
In Drop Moves 

Unto of a Uwsutt against the 
eoOafB were dropped as the t»^ 
leaae of, two faculty members 
and the raaigBation of a tUrd 
touched off the institution's first 
compUeatMl aquabble. 

TrlMoied froM the e slags 
famiy are lutriKtMr Edwari 
M. Kallsb, tdtltry. and Aaae- 
date Prafeasar Bet^ J. Ea- 

work undar Robert Laliti aa 

kng as he's here." 
Seward complained that Lahti 

exerdsed "too much control 

over administrative affairs." 

"I exyertenced taterfcreBQa 
directly — that's clear la aiy 
•WB adad — as I c—tiaasi ta 
say aad support tUags, I was 
caasMered a a a c ae fe rative by 
the admlaistrati— ." 
Dr. Enbysk and Kalish echoed 

Seward's comments. 

But all three iMlaM they wlU 
cootlBM to awe teiaf tiie 
■princ MBaaatar M memban «( 
the faeai^ acnate. 

"I hope ier a chaofs," said 
Dr. Enbysk, "a change in 
procedures and attitudes ao that 
every member of tlie faculty — 

have Ua OM* properly beard 



Contrary to the three's coatis- 
ued action and talk about the 
situation was the artmtnia- 
tration's cafan and quiet rtsmai 

Administratora and bowd 
tba «■- 

Edwiud M. Kaliah 

KaUdi'B dtaniani - the de- 
nial of a new oontract — waa 
quidOy foUowed by the r«a|ii 
aatkn of Dr. Thomas C. Se- 
ward, directar of ooMHaHng. 

He cvne to tte idmm «l 

to the wi 

Ao two faculty 
iiat — u doea Seward — 

TV Oriaff and the 

Una taMlMd aff a aerieaof tan- 

ril]r«idMid«t actions. 

na abidaat aswia (S8HC) 

a eanunlttae wMcb ar> 

• pHIHw ft aid. in 

"We, aa atudtma, the porpoaa 
iaq^ttcatianB of te 

Dr. Betty Bn^rrii 

ia wMbin tba 

la w d flltkttiy aoared Lah- 


'I dont Vttk I feel I can 

'Tanhcipeic, we 
artHcal tmpartnacs of Ma la- 
ana «e tta adrfanl bedy. fan*. 


One ionn of reaponae waa a 
by the stadeak 
r the chairman- 
iW> trf I airranca B Hants 

On Dae. U in the VOifa Inn, 
SSHC praaidank John 
Ryan toU aome IIB 

VoL 2, No. Z__ 

Tuesday, Jan. 14, 1969 


Parking Squeeze Sees 
Faculty 'Hogging^ Lot 

If yon got n tkkei, yea any linve to 
yov Mmmr ilaff naenber 

inpoaaibiUty. Al 

nre n few «f Iki 

pnrking plneea In tlM Hniper 

Th«7 BaM parked ia the dMat lot. In a 

a» atndant parking M, bat a alaa, tmrm tkan » tutt 

pnrliinc lot la n 
«f <ke staff InksM 

In tke atadeat lot doriag 

lb* Bk Grave 

cant pork in 

Aa anfalr aa B 
Ifcat't the way U te 
la Harper Secartly 



lagslly parked stadant cars «t- 


Iki BARBUfCIB. Bl in «f- 
tet to "drive" te teariir to 
tba front parking lat, pnolo- 
grapbed tba Itcanaa naWbara of 
eara baarkig aistf 



t pay 10 

"kk-dttno "Isoaars" get 
the maximum — IS. After that 
a amdcnt may tooae bia parltiag 
prtvOagc. said Meftvoe. 

ar^alBo cttaUan tarfitoit. 
<Mvan Mivs qmbi pwfeH Bih 
galy. ■sa a i w . Ildtaaa «*t 
aatim^o bow maay vibtelaa 
hfHtig auK stiekira wan tirk- 


Chastity Loses Ground in 
G)llege Marriage Values 

(ACP) — Collage atadanta are 
placing leaa emphasis on 
ity in selecting a mate 
tliey did a yaars ago, accordtag 
to Uidveraity sodokigtata Dr. 
John W. Hudson and Mra. Lara 

liiT. Hadsen said that the da> 

teaa l a q wr ta a t . rakbcr. It aiay 
be tbal elber attrtlatss have 

The Isp Ove cbaraelerlstica 
hattte weaMa leekad isr la 

b a aarvar aaUtled "Campna 
Vakaa to Mate «?«l»rtk)ni," Mi 
atadanta fktim fov aulveisitiea 
in the Soutfaweat ware asked to 
rank 11 charaeteriatia they 

Ike live tap 
that men want bl a 

character, mi 


i;< .jLtn^ time on MM ■■ 

HARBINOEB repartan Botei tknt 
aevesal planei la IIm staff parUaK M 
wen vaoaat Fnealty aad staff ny they 
MBt aM thla lot befora 4 pjB. Waifli 
w1 WW H at nn. ^ 

Library Tells of 
Processing Ddays 

^ctaaeked, tbeo the books tn 
shipped to the permanaai 
campua where catalog card a|»> 
plictttipas are completad sad 
seat to the Library of i 
ia Wiitanigton. 


IMfc flMO in !•» to Wk bl 



sire far 

Oeed iaaks was lift and sias- 


iMk place. 

Uth aad fsed 


Hudson said that the study re- 
vealed that.stadsnts aeek eaaeo- 
tiaOy the aafcM «Miitiaa ta a 
tMiay M did 
to Ml. 

Tba tacfytiea af two 
are naad to p r oc e a s 
Ubrary books at Harper College. 
Carrcntly, bocAs are being 
M|lpod to the permanent cam- 
pas ior eWibtfng sad tbsn aa 
ralanHd ti tti Bk Chvas esBh 
poa for AsMng. 

Ike raaaaa far the baek 
traaspsrt Is the lack W wsrk- 
ing space at the lArary's 
Bk Oreve laealiaa. 
I^st, books are raoaivad at 
Elk QroTo, ianrieas sre 

; «f tbecsrds naasl- 
If tshM torn waaka. Ike boaki 
are then given a catalog num- 
ber, Ubelad, stamped with Har^ 
per College's name, pocketed, 
and aMpped baek to Elk Groan 



■' ■^ - - .^i-i »i . 






Tuesday, Jan. 14, 1969 


AUtrm,Rutnors: Letters To The Editor 

A "Wmrr rmr% ^ Veditar: in the requetted aiBount lut |2,M0: Printliu 


A Wrong Target 

Failure of the Harper College administration to offer 
Instructor Edward Kallsh and Dr. Betty Enbysk teaching 
contracts has thrown the campus into an uncootiollable 
state of rumor. — ; -: — 

Our major ooneeni fs the'groop organized under the 
Harper Student Seoate. According to literature circulated 
in the cafeteria of the Elk Grdve facility, the nudn objec- 
tive of tha grotap is to answer queilioDi students may have 
about te faculty "dismissals." 

We think that the Senate has overstepped its bounds. 
TIm faculty and administration should be left to handle 
tMr own problems without <MYanlzed studflot inttr^ 
fervice, unless we students desire taculty noainess in our 

Bofrfte tlMt, tiMM are otbir trtas in which the legis- 
lative student body could involve itself. Perhaps govem- 
msol eooU eondnet^a study lo find oat wbgr stadsots drop 
JroraHuvtr -«taara tiiay go and adiM tbay do. Certainly 
~l snow removal program is needed for the student parking 
lot And wiMt about stadont parking woes - tlcketad 

ft seems that so many elements of Harper need mora 
allHitioo than faculty employment. 

R always seems such outright naorally good Am to 
mind the mannas of the faculty. Undoubtedly there is 
good moral jnttflctfcin for tMs. Sot it's so oaqr to go 
screaming off — sup posedly rigktaously so — wtai la 
reallljr nch zeal is nothing sboct of soi^iomorlc rasbnaos 
— and porfaape even stupidity. 

Lef s scream about more maaninfful problems. Let's 
plan for naora partk^Mtlon of the eotira Harper ftadont 
body in MM fmialgns of study, ol travel, of social aid to 

Who kaears? Hmto nlgbt even be several families in tlM 
c— nnntty wbooe fbiandal plight could be vi 
tlvoagb the asslstanca of soma organized Harper 

Snow Fooling 
It^s Your Skid 

Snow is fun — it's great fOr skiing, iliddtaig and sofne 
other things; but it's the greatest troable maksr imagi- 
nabla aiieo it's heaped in the parking lot. 

Why wasn't the lot snow-pkmed through the comhinad 
facilities of the Elk Grove high school and Harper CoUega 
previous to the night of the nasty snow of Monday, Jan. 6? 

Students — those who returned from hoUday anyway 
— found themselves skidding and ilidhm hi ilx to eight 
inches of powder. Unleu your car was equipped with skis 
or vallHrtaidid snow tires — yoa ware In snowy trouhla. 
Soma foraslght, soma plaaahig would have pot saoar plows 
into the EG campus parking lot about midnight of the 
prevhns atght. By dawn, parking conditions woald have 
been at Hart drtvabla. 

When it comae to snow, the bestrequipped car often 
becomes the vlcttan of somaona "just ahead" who isnt as 
wen aqalppad for anow. WOk ftoptr tuam plowfaig and 
snow clearance, every Harper student motorist would at 
laait stand a chance to come and go without being stalled. 

The Harbinger 

Terry S. Babb. Editor 
Mary Und, Executive Editor 

Karl-G. Buttstadt. Managing Editor 
David Gsriand. Sports Editor 
Paula Alexander, Business Manager 
Terry Carter, Circulation Manaaet 
Bill Bohnhoff. Ptwto Coordin«or* 


Reporters: Roxanne Hansen, Barbara Rumatz. 

Edward Spencer. Pat Evans 
Photographers: Dan Harris, Doug MacDonald, 

Advisor ftenry Roepken, assistant professor 

twtaa riMMiMy by and tor ttw Wim nM if WWlarn Ralnay 
•10 Ok Oram Btytf, Bk Orsv* ymi«^ Ml. W007. 
T«l«plMn«: 437-7000, Ext. IS 

In respaose to your article 
ooocerning the "''■■"■"^ of 
the student activity fee, I have 
givia much thought to wtiere 
this money fois. 

As Treasuror of the SSHC, I 
can tell you who "has their fin- 
gers in the pie" tod Just bow 
\Mg each slice i«. I have sub- 
mitted a copy of the Student Ac- 
tivity Budget to the Harblager. 
A correctioo in your article 
abould be recognized. "The big- 
gait shoe" doea not go to the 
SSHC, which reeehrea IS.I0O for 
four different areaa of dis- 
tribution. Harper PublicatioiM 
raeehw a grand total of |8,800 
for the aawqiMpar and the yeer- 
book. Dm Cultural Arts Series 
wu allacatad Ujm with a 
neMthr approved addWaa of 
IV to $1,180 (or tha Coocert 
Mas due to a miacakolatioa 

in tha requested amount last 

A committee consisting of ttie 
Director of Student Activities, 
the Tnumw of the SSHC, the 
Preaideot of the SSHC, and 
three flMmbers elected by the 
Staident GovemmeDt. with the 
ireasvflr serving as chairman, 
constitute the Budget Com- 
mittee. After final approval of 
the budget is received, the 
Budget Committee allocatea tl>e 
student activity fee funds for 
the next aradiwnir year. Any 
neoeaaary adjustments in the 
budget due to a lasaer or great- 
er income in the fund than an- 
ticipated will be reviewed. 

Other outleU for the acUvities 
f^md are Athletics and Oieer- 
leading, 14,980; latramnrals, 
t3,87«; Student Awards Pro- 
gram, $750; Student Handbooks, 
13,500; Student I. D. Cards, 

|2,M0; Printing and Bulletin 
Boards, $900; Student Activity 
Administration, $500; Club 
Fuu], $500. The total budget is 

For an even more complete 
breakdown, I have made avail- 
able copies of tlie Student Activ- 
ity Budget for ISSMS. These 
copies may be picked up in tiie 
Student G owiiau e u t office ia 
Buikhflg S. Aagr shalMfs with 
farthar animnai as Is the dis- 
trlboHaa ef the aetMtjr fee 
should pick up a copy of the 


Exacoth% Treasurer, 8SBC 

la kaeptag wltk year ead 11- 
aaadal repetla. Miao Kweiti 



Seclal CommMae (feeli'ilay Sarvkos) 

Office SappHaa 


and Ckeerieadtag: 


Alt KxkiMU 
Drama (Harper 





Pace S 

M. Hackbarth, a second year mechanical de- 
elga student at Harper, has been awarded a tuitioo 
aad fees scholarship for the IMft-a school year by 
the Skokle Valley Chapter 17* of the Amerlcaa 
Society of Tool and Manufactariag Engineers. This 
is the tint presenution of the award which was 
astabilshed this fall. The competltiofl is open to all 
shidents with a Z.St mlnlmem grade point average^,^ 
in engineering and at least a LtS overall average. 
Hackbarth was presented the award by Lester R. 
M sat g emery, a die design engineer for Howard 
, Chicago. 

PlMl Etam SckeMe - Paa ISM 
Tkarwlay, Jaa. M: 

S:ta to 7:ts p.m. - All claasss (or laba) 

day or Wedneaday at 4;M p.m. (P.V.) or S; (E.G.) 

•:•• to l«:te -. Ail BSf^M 14 

partmeot will dIatrftBis resai sshsisls) 

It's the door priM far Deeler George 
Mahaa He sadfagly aeeeplB a certifi- 
cate for dlaaer for two mi Chalsaa 
Umlae from Mn. Donald MWe at the 

Wl^'ea ChrishBas dinner daac# 
firat aaiiaal Harper College 
MMe b the preaMcat of the 

^More to Come . . . ' 

r. Jaa. »: 
S:SS le 1:SS pjB. - AO ciaaaos (or Utas) bagiaBim ea Moe- 
day or WedBoeday at $:» pjn. (F.V.) or S:S pjB. (E.G.> 
All daaaaa (or laba) htftmim «a Maaday or Wedaaaday 
at S:» p.m. (F V.) or S:1S pjB. (E.G.) 

Jaa. a: 

l:as to T:as pm. - An daaaaa (or laba) tinhniiH oa Moo- 
day or Wedaaaday at 7:S0 p.m. (F.V.) or 7:9» pm. (E.G.) 
8:es to is:as pjB. — All dMMs (or labs) biCtaaiag ea 
Tuaaday or Ttaanday at 4:M pja. (P.V.) «r •:•• pJB. 


r. iaa^-a; 

•:es to T:«a p.ii. — All claaaea (or lake) bogiaaiag aa TUae- 
day or Thunday at SIS p la; (F.V.) or $:» p.m. (EG.) to !•:•• ~ AH daaaaa (or khs) becinnii« oa 
Taasday or Thnrsdiy at S:> paL (P.V.) or t:lS pjL 

Harper Calendar 

> t Mt S) 

"The faculty Is wy i^sat 
S Oris leppeos to them, he 
tt eaa happca to any- 


daats for action oa his babatf. 


cal SdeooaM ( 


David Pe- 

s Pebu- 
told llw 


saw <T 

to the tree- 



Jm. tt - lUtiiiraaw 
r»*. 1 — Spnn« 

r»fc. » — „ 

noli Valley, T:ia p. 

r«a. ( — , 

RanMT. SitlSkaL 

r«k. T - Laat day of toM : 

r»k. t — Batk»tb«n. 
Harper. J p m 

rrk. U - Ba*k»tban. Craaa at tU»- 

P*r. t U p m. 

r*k. It — w»iaaw>a, ibiii at Bar- 

(N-r, • U p.m. ^^ 

rck. M - Lm* Ur tat mmnt 

The KM af ikai pe4aiaa was 

Aat Uif relive adaMs- 

Watfaa kad SraiH Uk right 

*^ apeak Ir—ly •• aSaca 

peNcy ar aiatten ia- 

thdr ewa welfare." 

Whsthw that or other 

Both frazBua sad Peters 
aakad the HAMNNOIR to prhK 
aaepea aster IS Dr. LaM. de- 
ter KalM'si 


aa taracUfaUag CMaaUUee tt 
Ike FacaUy Affair* Oaa- 
tolttee relcaaed a report 

lege faB awad the raiaa (tte 
1) la aa« 

la sasdMr aituaaoa, a I 
reUed oa Kah* for help la pra- 

. Jaa. a. 

S:SS to 7 M - AH riiiiM (or labs) 
day or Thursday at 7:SS pjn. (F.V.) or 7:as p m. (E.G.) 
•S:oa to t*:ss pj*. — Am9 cosfhets that ased te be 
with w tMUaelar. 

Except for the Bl«Mih Ml teat, 

•WB daaaaa to the sea 

Any itadnt havkif a 

■treelsr 4e lahi the last at 
by tha hHtmclar. Wlh el 

by itrlS pja. Iharaday ai^ ffads ffspsrtia 

niMplHiil aad tefraed te the sffce rf tte 

am., Saturday. January tk 


la the con- 

tract danials. 

faUy eeasiderlng the end of the semester. Does thiii 
wlstfalaess affect yoa? 

*#. tS — naaiiltoS. Ilaiati at 
feck Vall«y. ■" m '^ 

^^ « ' ~ lag r 

THE cofrat 

HouiES Ni£ Cbto 
T^M's r|^fcor 



Itoe, EalUk i»m pe»' 

la altar eallaaH. Seward 

Ma crcdaatiah far a aave. 
hat Dr. Eakysk described 
«ke eoauiaMy "at ny 

koine— I kape for a revrnal 
af Uie SeciaiMi not to keep 


Dr. Enbysk said she dM not 
appeal to any of ber students to 
act aa bar bdialf aad (hacuassd 
flw hsae saee — Mafly — 

about it by stu- 

"medSBallhe tai- 
formalion was preaanted to the 

Kaliah, more than either Dr 
Enbysk or Seward, had aarved 
as a rallytac point for 

ha wnol la the Wslory 
■r aaviua on a 
"dvl Ubofty." The 
feeaa ejadad h«ai a 

eattag plaee beeaasa sf Ms 



in each 


Wardrobe need a Urtr 
Want to buy a gift? 
Take a trip to Mante's store, 

She's got bangains Jtist galore! 

suits, and spo r tsw ear, toa 
Gloves and hose, and aU so new. 
Jimion, misses — afiy slae, 

You1l shop here tf you are wise! ^ 

Marpp% Apparel Sample Shop 

NMrtan 392-2M3 

M*<i. »br» %»t. lO-S.tO; Tk»rW«y« 10 »• 9 p.m. 



Without any offldal oon- 
nect Jo O with stadant dabs or 

OossMaif iWyartWrif 

lUY ,,.-V-v 


Kalish called on some stu- 

RtLAXAaSOR — llkr new. OrUI 
lully S240. MlUnc (or laoo. (Sll 
Karen — 299-3SM. 




S W. Campk*)) St. 
ArliK^tea H«^lrtt. III. 

iWf 1I,I8S 

B«ir tjm mat 


PHONI 2S1-M41 

Open daily S am. ■ 10 pin. 


For The New 



in make-up^ Go to 

the bent stocked 

cosmetic bar around — 


l . i l »>iiW* H ■ ■ iMiii 



■ / 



Taesday, Jaa. 14, 1969 


Hawk Cagers Luck Jells 
As Season Wears On 

Harper's otfe iquad had a 
rau^ aUrt iU» wtum, but is 
bcglBBiac to Jdl aa tite Hawka 
have won two of their last four 
(amaa altar kialng dz «f the 

Tba Hawks pickad up a pair 
of back to back wins just before 
tha boiklay break as they de- 
feated AiniBxiseo SMO M tenae 
theo trounced DuPaca TM4 to a 
at NaperviDe oo De- 
ll to better their record 

a pair of 
aa Iha Hawki (k-opped tw« road 
nm to Grand Rapids 
to Mehlgan, and 91-0 
: Valley m SterliDC, nUnois. 



waa the 
MBsa phqwd a stow, 
typa of |aiw vibcb 
fav* Harpar a un hattima 
tdnttttt Biahity an tha riMwt- 
tog af towarda Dava WBf and 
and guard Ab IM- 
vaa higii aeanr for 
tlw §mm wih u wkila Willy 
adiad U and SaahaB cMppad to 
Ml H aaai w . Iha Ug 
paMaf ihafBa 
(to BafwksMd to 
aa Ibay coBlraOad the boards 
with a 46-37 advaatafle. 
Hawk forward Scott Biacfaoff 

enough to break open a ^loae 
game in the ckiatog minutes af- 
ter the two etohs were knotted 
up 3MS at the batf . 

Hawk guard Jim IfeUen led 
eaocfa John Gekh's crew to 
scadi« with 24. for an indivkl- 
nal high for a Hawk player 
while Bisboff pumped to 15, 
guard Mike Dnxkng 13, and 
Keshan 10. 

The Hawks' iMt two kaaaa 
were another story. Againat 
Grand Rapids College, Gekh's 
crew was to the game until the 
last five minutes. The Hawks 
were down by five at 83-58, tfaeo 
the oppoaittaB •« a hat aheotiag 
hand and began to rb. aot^ 
scarii« Harper 15-2 to the aart 
minnto and a half . Gakh attrib- 
otad tha game eodtag anrfa to a 
coopla of thii«a. "Pait of ttw 
traubia waa t hat wa w rnml to 
B good a cnntioo as we 
should ba. lUa ta due mainly to 
minor tojiriea." 

Harpar nanagad tl*aa play- 
en to dnMa figuraa aa Willy 
and MaBaa lad tha aeoitag wWi 
15 aaeh white aaotor L|rte Ba- 
sooaa tnmad ta a good gHaa 


hai^ out aa ha nahbed 10 
to help aOsat a good 
by tha Fakaa'a Uooel 
JoB« had » 
aad alaa pahda. 
<hi|i|iail ta ilx patals. flie 
Hawka aka f« aaaaa La^ oat of 
Mass white cam* 
tag off the boDch to the seeood 

Iba Hawks h«l tfae^ hank 
ftdl tha Mat al^ with M Pyi 
Bahar at DaPaga aa dw tal pi- 
vot BMB aearad U patata and 
cditar agaod 
if «ha Bi^ 
Ihay had foor plavm ta 

Against Sauk Valley the 
Rawhs vara again hurt bjr a 
few ta}nrtaa aad came up «B tha 
short end of a aii aa a a hattte 
daaptta'the faat that Ihay oat- 
rabowdiiil and outahot Sank 
VMkaf. Bawavar this wasat 
aBOi«h to w a noiw. Sauk's stet- 
ler petfonnar ^« 
Harris. Hanta wai 
340 potato pai 
into tha flHtoat aad waa held to 
to the first baV. 
haaipladad for » to 
the aaoaod atama- to toad ail 

(hopped tha Hawka' 
to aaa wta 

Intramural Cninl^ Groan; 
Faculty, Students Panting 


playtag ta aa tatorelaaa "BB" 
toanttmeat aa Wadaaadaya at 
10 p m (or RommI RoUa Com- 


ward. Maitta Ryan. Meyer 
Itadeff. rraak Ogvar. Mmf 
Rakeri Nalaak Itoger 
I. Rah- 


I Gckb. Heary 

Tha ra^lariy aehadotod coad- 
follqrban ea Tfaaraday BigWs at 
f:U aaw Hata Ita toaaw. They 
r Bawl Robto 
1 to a toofMaMOt. 

ftm taama are ta i dnnbta 
Roaad RoUa coaqiatiiaB. Maat- 
k« aa Thaadayi at M pjn. are 
Baaaamar'a Botlata. Trsar 
Trampa, Unknowna and Six 

BaskatbaU U showing in- 

wiD have a grand cfaampionahip 
cootaat witsa 1-3-3 places are 
daddad ta each of the two divi- 

Ihe Baals of the 

xMh AVMy Wl0l 

m. CMT 

aad Tea MkhaMd whb m. 

Awarda wiU go to tha beat aiz 
ta tfaraa dhririoaa: 1. CoBMaad 

After the scratch tournament 
there will be a blind draw for 
partners to a handicapped 
d o s b 1 e s toonament. Aaaraae 
win woaU Uke to )oto iq^y go 
to the Elk Grove Bowl on Mon- 
days at 2 p.m. The coat ia 45 

aseal ta hotag started tar For- 

ert View aad Eta Grave eo^ 


Aa open 

wm begta ta Jaaaary. 

■ M«M«MWWW^«5*J 

Hawk grapplns watch tk» 
row (left to right) Dava 


I tm 

mrr rr rr 

I u s 

« I > 

WQ rr rr rr 

u 1 3 3 

a IS 4 

3 3 

1 ^ I 



n i 

40 u n M 

po rr rr rr 

Is 1 13 4 

-3 J 'S J 


M « 

BBraoB (01) 

a t 
I 1 

? I I 


« 44 U 


33 ta M U 


ro IT rr rr 




rarr rr rr 

, , "t s IS 

_- J 1 IJ 2 

-I I 14 3 

a 5 4 

Willy . 
BUchort _ 

n 17 (3 II 

ro FT 

SnUUi T 

aundt _ 

BrUcMQ 4 

UlrlSi 1 

Harrti If 

AuiUn 7 




14 3 

34 U n 10 

UnUe. Front 
Holasea, Ray 
Ray Vitha. 

(left to ililit) Ron Stroud. 
Don Mlchener, Cliff Oaylor. Scott Hap- 
ka, M^ WmMmam. Alan Oatea 

Grapplers Top Collegiate 
Competition With Win Streak 


Grapptera are having 
-ly to the aea- 
othar Harper team 
a tha ■atman are 

a daan 
all (rf the matcb- 

the kip^ 
by wtaatag toa m 
tha rakoa'a Jha Bsart to SSS 
wMte tha H awh ^^ ptetes d np 10 

tha no aad m paaad dtatataaa. 

Al Oatea woa tta 1« ponnd di- 
by ffli'toit since nta nan 

am Oaytar ftt a ehanea at. 
tha in poaad daaa sad pinned 
Taaa Iraaa ta 3;35 while Ray 
Vttha auda good hia claim to 
tha aapraBMcy ta tha M paoBd 

jil^^a ^a ^M thftfl^il fltaHM SdBVSd* 

to tha mat ta MS bi tha M7 
dhftatan Don MichasMr 
the (lokhaat pta of the 
aa he bad bath of Ray 
toaUars dOTva ta SS 
flat Scott Rnpka boat Waa 
CHaa, 84, to the 177 pooad divi- 
ataa whita Ray Stoatto ptaaad 
WarHT iBDk at !:« af Iha 


man and stiO boat 

to his 

IMgtt, Wahtaad won 
bta m pooad awtah avar Joe 
Carloscio 10-1 wUle Bob 
IVaaaeh pinaad Mtaa Crycb of 
Wrigta ta tha 130 paaad divtataa 
ta 3:11. mha FtagBBoa aawad 
avan in 4 36 
Qiykr pot BUI Rigs of 
Wright on the mat in S2 seconds 
flat. Vitha pinned Ed Kora to 
3:14 at the 152 pgond daaa. 

In tha 100 pooad dMa, Micb- 
nsr OBBM ftian hehtad to nail 
Martta Ooiwan to tha mat to 
4:2S wttte Hopka pinned Bob 
Barabas m the 187 pound claaa 

The Hawks were farced to 
fortolt tha 177 pooad oiaai and 
thay hiat tha haavywaight 
match aa Steerbo was piraed by 
John Saltis to 6:38. 

The JflHat owteh was another 
story aa the Hawks were out- 
clasaed by a team of champtoa- 
stap caliber. Only two Hawks 
wora abta to ooaaa op wiaaara. 
WahtaBd eaoM aat aa tba batter 
aad flf tha aeora ta Mi match aa 
ba waa tha US pamid daas by a 
IM o>*«r Mike Hsiaar of Johet 
white Slaarho won his first 
> a( tha aeasoB i6-to to tha 

la tha in 


JC cbaaip U JotaMee 7-« oa a 
point awarded to Johasoa for 
riding time, r tag o aoa waa 
dompad ta hta^utch 7-0 by Jim 
Famar ta tl» 137 poind divi. 
ataa. Iho Hawks foridted tha 
145 pooad daaa ataoa Gaytaa 
WM a fta vktha at tha thne. 

VMha had Ha haada full in the 
IB paaad daaa aa ba was man- 
haadted 18-3 by Ray Shephard. 
a former aatioaal JC champion. 
Ia tha Mhpoaad dasa Tom 
PoMaoa dMtataaad lUtdmsr 15- 
4 white B*ka *ippad a t-l da- 
daion to BfO BeU Tha Bawka 
fortaltod the 177 poaad daaa 
ataoa Bai Btraod wu oot with a 
pah of badly brulaed ribs. 

Hawk coach Roo Beaaemer 
wllh ma charges 
"I tknagta they dkl a 
]■). Kvaryaaay wromaa 
hani. Wa dktal wta. hot that's 
tha type of «eaipatitk>n that 


that no one got ptaaad. It waa 
qtato Vhaiy agataat that kind of 


• Turflanecks 

• Mocit turtlat 

• Cardigans 

• V-nach 








Winter Carnival Week Begins 


King Carnival reigns for six 
days- as Hlurper's Winter Car- 
nival opens tooight with a filin 
Eaek day of tke carnival 
win be highlighted with spe- 
cial events. The crowning 
UghUght wiU be • wind-up 
■•■il-fonnal dance thi< Satur- 
day at (to Afli^laa Carwuel.. 
Beaidoa feitival-atyle film pre- 
MoUtions, the gala spring se- 
nmtrr carnival will feature 
bMketball games, a guest from 
tht Chicago Bmts, the crown- 
iof of a quMB and an "ugly 
k«i" contest. (Men only, •( 

On the informal side, it all 
promlMS a lot of l^ui^ and 
some good fun. 

■y S9:30 p m . EC camput, 
115 VI C Fields., My LMM* 

The carnival schedule begins 
tonight. The opening event of 
this first Winter Carnival is th« 
film festival: 

—Monday 5-9 30 j 

Rm. 115 W C f . 

nilckii4»e: Oiarlle Chaplin. Tka 
trllle, Tk« G»ld Ka>k: Mlcbatl 
Calne. The lyereu 111*. Road Run- 
ner cafloaiu. 

— •;S0-n p.m.. Hootenanny, Bids. 
8. Folk Muilc Oub 

— TuMday. 9 15 p.m. BaskHball. 
Hawlu at home asamit KendaU Col- 
tof*. EG jam. 

— WedMaday. * U p.m. 
Chicago Bear quartcr«ack 
Carter. EG gyni. 

— Tkunday. *:I0 p.m. 

Faculty baskeU>all Ugly Less 

t c 1 1 . hainimr Winter Carnival 

aueen candldairt bow EG_cym 

— Friday. Basketball Hawki vt. 
DePaul OiUvenlty (rethmen la CU- 
oaao. ^ ._^ 

— Saturday, t p m -II ralMlsM. 
CarouMl at DMami. (eml-toraal 
dance. AiBmIiw Carousel: Jofenny 
Marlow'* e nS i a tra. tt a couple 
wtlfe validated LD CrownlBS tt uie 
Wlater Carnival queen. 

Things Can Be Recovered 

What's kst probably can be 
found — if you know where to 
look. Two storage areas for 
iBit mtitmmi Msns are pin- 
paMsd m (te Bk Grow and 

8 e c « r 1 1 y Cads* 
Praseh said the secwl^ 
at rarest View ahw has a 

rii«. a tarn, 

the collage. 

At Paroot View — 
IMA - llMf«'s a hsa l aa d of 
cMla. gtoves. hoaks aad als- 

the sBgravad in- 

On the Elk Grifv* CHipai, 
hwt-and-fouDd items are cotksci- 
ed in the 
Bklg. 4. 

fhr* amiling casMhlM for the royal erowB of i 
•f the Winter OumtvaL WhoU H be? (Fwmt 
Mt t0 right) Chidj I j mium m» Lwrtee W«i« (I 
nm, Mt to li^) Tmy Bey«r, PftI 
Ciiidy Ewerts. 11^^ aU MphoMorw, ezecpl for 

TTie Numbers Game 

Hits Off Mark 

Tht fowtfc and lait 
tor Harpar CtOm 

advisory cr card 

it tht 


am tm 


tranMasaa* ijpalsai- 


tht cdkft'i 

nJitMt tf tuo fhnhy 

t iM 

kady by «tt - althaHll a^- 
dM re-adaiM 

hwai H ary a r aod 
praMcass dkcearafad 

Of tht IM who had moved 
by the ■arMtfar's 
thnt, 8 per cant wit r^ 
• MMiaw baais. 

^ Indeed It wma, 

the dh Grovp Hiich Hcbool 
ganMM played throuffh the rourteay «f 
tho Ugh school's phyiksal edwmttoa 
Looh cl eo rt y aad yoaH 

Hasrh regbtntion nio\ ing i 

ly Md effldeatty. Final 

right at home in iieme«ter foar — dM 

laat one on the EO campos. 

Some faculty members cited 
continuiag pnMk 'H y in tht can- 
munity praat abMt tht "flrh«» 
tf Dr. Btt^ Inbysk and b- 
alnictgr Edward Kaliah at a 
Cw n trftiitlB t factor in the "aatt- 
«r" siCB-int. 

Registrar Dean B. 
ly l evlawed the eatire 
li,H„ pmaea aa "eao «i Mt 
SBMethest" charted la the cel- 
Itge's short Ualary. Special 

ttUtgh what is aermally 

The faculty wu not used for 

pected when tht ntw ftdhtttt 
open in tht fall, IM. OoHlraD- 
tioQ progrtat it abttaai vsM l» 
tht canal trance tf iMlaiWs 
who drive past the camp<M at 
Roaatlt and Algonquin Roads. 

lUi aaaMlar alto wiO seetai- 
craaaed qwrts and activitiea. 
Uat aaMiinMBt caoM tnn tht 
afllet of Or. Jamat Duval. 
dean of studeoto, and tht ofBett 
of Athletic Dirtotor Mm Gekh, 
and Intramoral Diractor Roy 

Coati«ieHnx; and reKtitratkNi pertoonel 
■nder the direetion of Begtatrar Donn 
B. niathlilj aad Dr. Thomaa Seward, 
; director, golde 

{■ruing Hawkit thmoKh the maxe of 
registration. Overhead projectora 
threw cfaMa achedoJes and thnet on th« 
fieU houae walL 




:^/ r 






Pi«e 2 


MoniUy, FMl 17, 1968 

Blow it Out 

Complaming is one of tbe AVM-ld's oldest and easiest 
methods of releasing tensions. It's natural and it's 

So why not complain? Why not becMne even louder 
than any<Mie else? Why not outshout the world? Do it! 

For a starter — write a letter of complaint to this 
newspaper. Blow it all out. Cut-up the faculty, the stu- 
dents, the teams, the clubs. Let the bitter words flow. 

And think of this. You can clip your printed gripe 
and display it proudly in the years to come. Who knows, 
you might even be able to land a good job with such a 
display of literary merit. 

Ilie staff of this newspaper is just sitting around" 
waiting for those gems — complaints, wails, suggestions 
and what have you — to appear in the weekly mail bag. 

Where's the mail bag? Stuff those fiery epistles to 
the apostles of this paper in the newspaper box in Boild- 
taig 4. If that's too hard to find. Meander into the news- 
paper (rffice, Building 8. Drop It off there 

You can see some of the results of active letter 
wriCers in the adjoining columns. You too can appear 
there in print form, forever to hav« made your mark. 
Just one rule to keep things straight. Add your 
name and dass (frwtaman. sophomore) to tlM letter. If 
you want your name withheld, just request that and K 
win be done. 

Now. Grab the neareet typewriter or stylus and nUl 
d papyrus Get thote knaiag ooovlctku ataot Jutke 
(or injusUce) tato «MrtBf paragraphs, aad waldi the' 

^ You owe It to ymmU aad thoee unreleased tensione 

Letters To The Editor 


I have never before been up- 
set to the ntent that I Mt it 
necessary to take pen in hand 
aiMl actively try to do tome- 
thing aboU a particular titu- 

I am speakiog about Um dis- 
missal of Mr. Edward KaUab 
and Dr. Betty Embysk (sic) 
from the Harper Colki«s FmA- 
ty. Diwegardlaf iny psnea- 
tWsr coBsUaratioBa, I must say 
that I isaad tfaew two instruD- 
tov to be eidNaeiy stim- 
ulating and cspaUe. I came to 
coOeft, GeaQHMB, precisely 
for the reaeoB of flnding such 
individaals. I wm ooder the 
periupa mistaken impneaiao 
that Harper Ooltoie was an 
itMeOaa if U^v 
waae ««Kaaaeg faciKy 
be BiriHuiJheteadcf 
ly sa ealiattaB of the U^ 

Lot Bie say that It appeai% 
that the Harper Adminlstratioa 
and Board of Trustees bav« ex- 
emplified a total lack of per 
ceptioo of STUDENT welfare by 
dJamiasing Dr. Embysk (sic) 
and Mr. K»n«h u»i creating 
Mch cctiditiOM that Dr. Tom 
Seward and Mrs. Jane Stevens 
woidd -resign. Tbese are four 
traljr wititawHBg fMidtir who 
wfll ha«s 00 dWerity rdocatr 
tag to the great loas of future 
Harper stodeot's. 

Is this Joit the initiatioa of 
Harper's new image as a haveo 
for students who cant get into 
aqr other school and m a 
fMrity have been 
aad me- 
■? ObvtaiBty, the 
Faculty Committee h»- 
the Embysk 

ed-parking-apaoe evailability 
problem, althmigti it is a ghast- 
ly meaa. and I , am willing to 
help wherever and"* whenever 
poasible. I am attending Harper 
solely for the purpose of acquir- 
ing an eduratioB. Hence I am 
deeply troubled wfaea I fed the 
qoaJity of that education is in 

tf the Mhniaiatratka wishes 
to play poUtki. Oat k flae with 
me. In fact, why not pot the ad- 
ministratioo to work oa the 
"more meaningful proUams" 
you mentioned in year edito- 

Bob Clayton Jr. 


tettsraeMt ar> 

where stadent'a 
end tadUlaraace are catered ta 


into raacUag no "irrhrfiTii Is 
this what the taipeywrs want to 



View Fron 

Editor's Dask 

Hello to All tB 

ttsa, M ae aay tlHt the 

and the Board «f 
have lost eaatact with 
the Iraa riplfleaaee of the 
word coopetaacy. In mf spiB- 
Isa, which I know k ata««d by 
the ■ajBritr if ihah- 
• •re cspaUe a^ 
e(|paM» hakaelarB would 
be dUBcoh to Bad anywhere. 
Aaether iaatmctor of earn- 
est of Dr. 
Bmbyak (ate) aad 
Mr*. Jeaa « k »i w . to 
te be raripihv hwB the 

stag to prelHt to a 

trattva d u pBd ty . I, aa wsB as 
Ihanat of bar stadsiCi, land 
Mrs. Btoi — asl «|y to be 
highly stteriatov and vweatOe 
as sa tortrwiar, bto alao ahto 
te htophe bar atodaato to a Mgh 
toeel of irliiiiMt am leaig- 
vfU be aaetbar great loaa 
Is Bhpv Celage aad Ms atu- 


tide by "I 
of tte 

fardtof to i d i w toa i kiegola- 
rities. It ia the ■ T^'f M i l j of 
the prasidnt to abide hjr the 
CoBitaiatoaal law. Hie iOra 
to not coBoerataw the 
1 of a paraoo and groep of 
who have the rasponai- 
bUity of aoeia« that car Uws 
are ahUid by aad reipectad by 
Not I. you, thay. but 

I fauDd yor editorial of Jan. 
14 moat dtatraaitoi. Are we, m 
studeots, to ee 
the fact that aoaM if e« 
capable (acuity 
being axed tor what 

Your saggaa U oa that partii« 
space and aiow removal prob- 

Oa the ipiBstini of "toadvart- 
eat ItragniarttaB," Webetor d»- 
ItaMB the word inadvenat a* 
fellows; "Not turning the aitod 
to a matter: heedleas; in- 
altaative." DeUberato 
were done by the 

and beDo 

Wefcome to the inc«ailBg 
I toiha "valaran" Hawks. 
* For yoa ald4liners. It's all fhlHng into place. F<»- 
ym new freahman tt may an still be a Mt oooteilai. 
The fjniMn — If yon can call it that -4s siniple. It 
fofeBg to daas, doing ■ttignmentt, «v» « ^ t» « v «»»j to 
I daas without cutting, dotag mere aMigteMta — 
rapaattag the procedure until final ezam- 
I prtwra ahneet everythlag. 
Harper ellers a world of idaratlnnal and cultural 
oppdrtndtles. The UaHty U superior. Remonber, to 
molt loar-year ponagi, Ikaehmen. even iTft n mwrw . 
iaea gr a da al a aMlitali at dies mentort. P wle w or la l 
"help" ckwct themselves with research projects, special 
wrtttng and other work that might tafvohre third and 
•oolor year students. And thoae itadnii often are top 

Social life? There's ample opportunity for that. 
Oubs exist. There's the skiing aggregationr the folk 
music group. There's even the informal fun of the cafe- 

It's all here. But it's here for just a short time. And 
an the ttaM is yours. Use it weU or waste it. 

vary reahstlc, to say the la«t I 
doaot BMaa to sennt that the 
stadsat body or Uh Sadsat Saa- 

mm ■ ■■■! COOBrW Wt Um 
Biniatratioo in any way. But I 
do think an active intertat to 
the polidaa set forth by the 
board to called for. 

I dU aol dedde to attend Har 
per awr ely to ranady the Umil. 

aee of Monday 

Sipt ». um dsarly sUtos pub- 
Vdr the feaatWarifflial Uw Uut 
woeld fevsra the rtniing of the 
elecUoa. You must alao 
bar that the studsat 
mm, Mr. Ryaa 

HC Calendar S 

The Harbinger 

Terry S. Babb, Editor ^ 

Jerry Jenkins, Executive Editor 
David Garland, Sports Editor 
Paula Alennder, Business Manager 
Terry Carter. Business-Circuletion Manager 
Bill Bohnhoff. Photo Editor 


Repostea: William Hemme, Edward SperKer 
: Jeff Vanko 

Photographers: Joe Herrity. Dan Harris, 
Doug MacDonaki 

Advisor Henry Roepken, assistant professor 

""•nOrty bjr and for ttM MuOwii* of William Ratnay 
SIO Ok Orsva BM., Ok Orawa Vllli«a, HI. §0007. 

ctoarly bytaf eat the 
'~ if Ite stadi 

ofBoars to abide by and 
their own law. lUa 
mean only one part of 
that law, bat the law to tta en- 
tirety. The proper atapa have 
provaa by Mr. Ryaa's own 
te be sUAad to the 
Harfaiagar of Dec. IS. IMS, that 
the etocttoa eoauatttoe had the 


«Mch was Manmed bf Mr. 

Ryan, oa elaeltoa aite. To this 
<od the adhyaiMraltoa, teaching 
body and SSUC 
obi«ved Qie 
open ap an ave- 
aae if dtoraee ■veratatod in 
the bbtory of fltadaat Govem- 

Edward Dopke, 

BepafiBy. Urii 
to tte laal ef Ow veltog lrr»- 
gvlarltice iumt. For new Har- 
perttM. vetiag trrcfularltfe* 
were chargM by E4 Dopke. 
farwer «|pctiM« r«iiarittc« 
Chetaman. after the October 
■niatorlal electiea. 

r»fc n-TTM 

r»fc, n-a—- 


m. t- 

Caiendar Ofai Bartan RaeeekowsU mmbM fresh- 
■wa fltady with work In the Folk Mnsir Club and 
paUkilli aad paUk retotiooa committee ef the 

Monday. Feb. 17, 1969 



HC Brain List Goes Up 

A total of m studeots have 
Oiled to three schotostk 
<BvisiaaB — Truateas, 
Deans and Honors. 

In the Trustee listing, the 
MghMt Imd moat exduaive of 
the three, 25 made top grades. 
hi the second highest grouping, 
the Deans list, 4> names were 

Ihe diird group, the towsat of 
the overall top scholars, has the 
Honors rating. The eehafe list- 
ed B to that^sgory. 

nniBRBi uanNG 


AhMfB, Roae D. 
Afan Jr., itofar L. 
ApelgriB, HerMrt 
Caradonna, Lyn A. 
■Matraut, Patrice 
GeasaMO; Thomas A. 
GooMch, Edward G. 

Varto J. 

Murphy, Patrida E. 
Haeaaaa Jr., H. W 
Naith, MsfkH. 
Packard, Jerry R. 
Party, Nancy A. 
Patanan, Cathy A. 
Reed. Keaaeth J. 
K. H. 











Black, Alice M. 
Breanahan, T. C. 
Carlson, Uada C. 
Chromlk, Sandra M. 
Cook, James A. 
Cooper. Mark P. 
Day, Thomas H. 
Dniding, Michad J. 
Fauat, Cemd 
FUvin, Majorto 
Fnibauf, Linda A 
Funk, GeraU D. 
Pyfe, Marion R. 
Gibtoa^ Randal R. 
Girmacbeid, D. J. 
^towacU. David 
Hallett, Susan C. 
Jackaoo, DonaU R. 
Kmith, Judy A. 
Koch, John A. 
LiOegard, B. A. 
MacDonaki, D. R. 
McDonaU, Martto 
Meland, Ttan B. 
Moats, Lawraace R. 
Nobe^ Linda M. 
Osmond, Beveriy E. 
Own, Daniel W. 
Padberg, Ariyae N. 
Parker, Maryann 
Partaker, Thomas 






































Browning, Robert 
Burger, Patrida 
Butdier, Robert G. 
CannaU, Donald H. 
Davis, Harry L. 
Dempsey, Thomas 
Elwart, Michael P. 
Epple, Drake S. 
Caaa, Mindy S. 
Goiembiewtoi. B. 
Guthrie, Jamea M. 
Hartley, Eric L. 
HennaflB, Dorothy 
Herrmann, B. J. 
Jacobaon, Carmen 
Kob. Richard B. 
Kreba, Mvk C. 
Lauger, Robert 
Leake, Chriatine 
Laatar, B. 1. 
Machey, Gey J. 
Meeay. Rebeit M. 
Miihliirfilil. W. H. 
Netoea, Karan L. 
Niemuth, Barton 
O'Neal. Gail A. 
Petermaa, Doopa 
Ptotrasfei. Ja 

P. L. 

Abato, Joann M. 314 194 

Indias, TImathy 3.n 171 

Aadnsea, Richard 3J7 8J7 

Barfl. Marilyn A. 3J0 3 JO 

Jarry J. 171 171 



Ryaa, Aaaa M. 

Prands G. 

Baitiera A. 
Smith. Davki W. 
SooruB, Roland G. 
SOMMa, Brenda J. 
Wedyck, Janis E. 
Weed. Fred 
Zandw, Paul D 

isr i«s 

198 178 

3.S2 3J0 


IC Ml 

U4 116 

181 8.30 

3.57 3.94 

310 146 

157 IM 

3.«7 3J0 


Andalina, Joasph S.» 3.80 

3.41 108 

133 3JI 

Richnood, Joyce 
Riley, Jdm J. 
RhsMlhator, C. L. 
Ryaa, Mm T. 
Sadlak, MUaai 
Skaja. Chary! A. 
Smtth, ITidii J. 
r, WiUiam P 

Suttaa, Karaa M. 
Sypaaaki. Gerald 
'liihsaiil. Kwen 
Ttoes, Mkhaal H. 
Vadto. Mat 
VariBa.CarBl J 
Walhsr, Gary G. 

MBoaa J. 
P. H. 

3J1 3J1 

SJa 3.43 

iJS 3.64 

140 3.40 

3.38 3.21 

3.47 3.47 

3.38 3.38 

8.40 2.96 
3.3$ 3.3S 
3.27 3.27 
3JS 3JS 
3.43 lU 
3.31 3.31 
3.36 143 

3.41 3.43 
143 187 
8.86 3.86 
3.40 17S 
140 140 
3.31 100 
3J3 lU 
SJ» 8JI 

8J8 SJ8 

8JB 117 

148 148 

3J1 3J1 

140 148 

14T 148 

Ml 184 

117 tJ$ 


r. Gert 

8J8 SJ8 

8.40 140 

3J9 3.39 

347 3.88 

IS 118 

147 14f7 

SJl SJl 

141 148 

SJl in 

SJ8 3J8 

SJl 100 

SJl SJl 



Poetic 'Cry' lists 
Classroom Woes 

The rigors of college English have been transformed tato a poetr 
Ic ''^g'"'*'"***' '*»« efforts of part-time student Mrs. Margaret 
C. Stepbeneon. 

Mrs. . S toph w ion - a freshman — ceasUered the taska pcaed by 
pert-time to et n i ct o r Jamas Laeas. Taking pen in hand (she may 
have typed h), abe cahnly e aai p eeed a minor epic — the first such 
poetic fUght that the college apfMrently iMa inspired. 
Our Enflisb Teacher 

I hear onr Enf Ush teacher sigh, 

"Yea don't know i^at yon modify. 

Too many times yea ase an 'and* — 

Now I'm ahoot to make a stand. 

"Five haadred words, yoa'Il write a theme, 

No more, ao less, aad it woald seem 

On Enflish rales yea bow will cram 

'Cease every work yoa'Il diapam. 

"Yeal leara aa adverh frea a aeaa - 

YeaH ael sit hi my daas aad elewa. 

A failare grade may be yoar (ate 

If yea dea't leans to paaetaate. 

"Oa E's aad I'a I woat dweU 

Bat yoa had better leara to spell. -^ 

Oh, yea wM learn; fall, if yoa play. 

Thal'i ttmfif aU I have to say." 

5 Hawks Slated for 

an be Itatod to the na^ 
Whe'i Wbe 

to Ame rfc aa 

The d h e ct ci j i wiU carry tferae 
Harper womaa and two asaa, 
the Brat Hittog for the rnllsp 

JaMi A. Roaaler. Paiattoe. 
Patricia L. Teaefvwtex. 


in activlttos, 


oa the 

• poet of the 
■alcyaa. the yearbMfc. Mka 
Tiwe i eH k* la the aiaBeglag 
an Mgb ea the 

G>llege. Papers Face Obscenity Charges, 
Censorship Threats, Repression 

of four-letter 

BdMors of eampas pepwa at 
Hunter OoOits to New York 
aty, and (MUaad, Mlcfa.. Unl- 
vertoty else I 's puile d having to 

» aitoaiiili to 
Mfid obecenitiea have been re- 

At Puvdue University, Wil- 
Uam R. Smoot 0, editor of The 

by the 
At Maakals ftato Osllafs to 

Mhaaesto. the owner of the 
Arm wWch prinu the Utorary 
■agaame ob)ectod to a alary by 

a^Md to pobliah t only with a 
that win aay the 
earrlaa a alary to 
At BmIsb IMverstty. dsaa of 
■todsato atatoa R. Cartto baa 
said be will nasM a esaaiittee 
to atady the staha af the 
campna aewipapar • TV Nrw« - 
which reeaatly pebMihed a een- 



_ nunmt. Wrlgat y. 

r»fc- »— B«»k»u>«n, 

idsaerlMd in earthy terms 
aad other senior staff 
have beea aOowad to 
the rsaufts of 
by a special review board if 
five atudeats, five facolly 
bare aad three I 
At tbs Uihwiity of 

to Madtoaa. The DeOy 

was crlticiaed, especially by re- 
gento and Isgliiafgi, after it 
a CPS story about an 
Mttag in Boukler, Colo. 

caDs ftr dto- 
of staff members with 
aa editorial that quoted pas- 
from booka aaaigneri to 
lass IS at the Ihiiver- 
sity, each at 'lady Otottorley's 
Lever" and Jamea Joyce's "Ul- 

Computers Will Run Things 
Claim Education Experts 

( XP) - The Indian, Sicoa 
Laadonville, N. Y., 
eqwU predicted 
hat wmk that nsa^iatwi aoon 
will taaeh saeh basie skills as 
randiag end mathematics to 
ooetoatb the time aad at half 
tile coat now ra^eired. Schsoto 
as we kaow thai wiU dis- 
appear, Oiey said. 

Thetoreeaeto ware aude to a 

minute, ootrectiag miatakea im- 
mediately - before they be- 
come fixed to the stadsat's 
mind, be takL 

The teacher of the future, the 
experU agreed, will be a ooo- 
ehich flaahae right or 

given, dtaee a eempatw eaa re- 

U eoald leach 1,188 stadnto st 

For The New 


in mnlce-Mp, Go to 

the bent Uocked 
couneiic bar around' 

id education at a meeting of the 
Natloaal Academy ef Science at 
the CaUfomto Imtitato of Tecb- 


njmjBt WrtiM. dkkap> 
Mli;,.**;^'^ "•!! 'w cGit rerun* 
SfSr ••-"« HaiWi^er on ce 
i*S«: oammuiitty imrnunda. 

TctophofM: 4S7-7000. bt It 

Aflp the incident, the l .. 

aaMr the oniveratty adratoto- 
tration to devekip polidea for 
the fotwe to soch cases. 

Utcr the IfieMfsa SUte Uni- 
vwsity News reprinted parts of 
IV Dafly Carataal editorial. 
'Thf wntor staff ibeBibas were 
threatned with salary eoto by 
the paper's faculty adviser, and 
a atadant-facnlty Judiciary com- 
mlttoe was named hr conduct 
beariag on the issue. 

In eae eaae,' s Putney, Vt., 
printer refused to print a story 
entitled, "The Myth of Vagtoal 
Orgasm," scheduled for pubU- 
catton to "The Lion's Roar" at 
Wtodham College. 

Dr. Ralpb W. Gerard, dean of 
the aradaato dHMaa of the Uni- 
venlty of CaBhnda at Irvtoe, 
aaid "Aa hapect of compoters 
ea e duea tJea win be more im- 
portant than was the devei- 
opment of printing." 

With today's eqa^ateat, be 
said, 10,008 stadwas coaU be 
toa gbt eaiily t h roajh toss than 

sotoi. Be added diat the eoat of 

such s system wouM be only 
half that of using human teach- 
ers at the ratio of one for 15 

the day may not be far 
off when a cfaiU wij] le«si at 
home under the prodding ef the 
electronic school who siso can 
teach mom and dad a few 

He'O study at home through a 
network of computers and his 
teaming speed will be limited 
only by Us own sbility. not thst 
of tos rlMamates. And be wfll 
>aot have to waato ttane goiag to 
/ and tnm school . 

Dr. John I Goodlad, dean of 
the Gradostt School ef Edoee- 
tion at the University of CsUfor- 
nto st Los Angeles, drew his 
picture of future educatton. 

Dr. James Bonner of CaKech 
predicted that basic studies 
eventually will be tougbt in one- 
tenth the time oeeded today. 
Computers wiD monitor each 
stodebt's progress mtaote by 


advertising space 




for the 



Harbinger oHice 

Building Eight 

i *^ 


^ ' 







Mondky, Feb. 17, 1968 

Mai Men Sag^ 

Harper's mat fortuoe* sagged 
during the ChriBtmas break as 
the Hawka feU one win below 
the SOO mark with kMsei to 
Black Hawk CoUecc 41-3 and 
Prairie SUt« by « ckae 21-18. 

■mat came after beating Du- 
Page CoUege twice. 18-U and 
It-U. The kw to Black Hawk 
left the Hawk grapplers with a 
54 record for the first 11 meets. 

TlM Hawks took on their lat- 
wt opponeaU in the second of 
the OoPaae bmU. Hawk Coach 
Roa BMMUMTilated a full team 
against a group which he dae- 
crtbed as "tougher now thaa tba 
Qnt time we wrestled " 

Sofbtman Tom Vahhad 
gava tba Bawks a victory *n- 
ply by showing up for the IB 
pound match to claim a forfeit. 
In the Brat match Bob 
pidKd up a solid 1>5 
Dave Hejtmanek at 
m iiiiih Trnw-'- »-"■ t-* — 
teaad tWt «Mk frw tiM Id- 
Jored M. M did Mto 
in the lir I 

Unfortunataly. Ferguson 
came ap oa the abort wA to 
Don Voigbt of DtPam by a M 

rergusoB ..^. ^ 

abort Mid to *** rT 

Hawk cage artioa — If yoo've n«ver 
aay. HOI Keehao Ifty* ap ti*« 

point* atcalaat Bock VaBey in contia- 
■lag hard-cooft eifigiitiiK. 

Oiff Gaytor alae came ia ooc- 
and boat. He kat by a pin at 
Jack BiCbOB Bailed him to the 

Iba BawkB leokMl 
la tba isat^BBBd 
Ray 'Vitha ^^^ 
{ran a 2M drabBing no waak 
bolero to wia bla aalcb ovor 
the Cbapparroib' Al S cbnm a n n 
by a kipaklod 144 count. 

MMebaaor won tbo IM 

foCoMhr at Ml 
I Seatt Bapka loot a IM da- 
fta OM wraoUod fai the 177 or 
Ifl pooBd dMoioBO fttr ollbor 
both laama Bold- 

ed men in the giant category 

In the heavywaigbt division, 
the Hawks Paul Berwanger 
()owDed Steve Miller of Du- 
ty a S-S count. 

Wilaon didn't show for the 
next hoBM meat 

On Jan. 24 against Black 
Hawk CoU^e. the Hawks were 
faced with a dub wbkb boaitod 
seven state champioao. Do^iite 
the lop-sided score of «-3 no 
one was pinned except in the 
191 poooddaao. 

Tbo airiy winner was Coach 
Baoaonor's standout 123 pound 
er Tom Wahhmd. 

He dedsiooed Curt Guldner 
by a IM marking. 

BaaMBMr aaid: "I'm real 
plcaoort with Wahhmd. He's got 
a way to go, but he'U be really 
iMMb by toaniamaBt tim* in 


AflakMt Prakio 8Ma the Col^ 

loM'a aut aqaBd bad a good 

m tbongh they 
aw fttb laao of the 
by a doao three 
potato, nil. 

aoBBO aid Hory" 

jiMiiiiiii "We had 

to giv* op too BMBT valghU 

od loot by ODO.' 

Tba Hawks did wnslk tnl la 

TtKf Maipby of 
taka tha m 


I a BS« 


■*fS bey at » paairii^ Unfortnai 

^ Ijr, Bab Haasaa vao piaMd by 

atalo's Gaana Can bi 1:0. Tbo 

the U7 and lar 

CWr Gaylor loat a boart- 

broakar 74 to Terry RaaM of 

fltalo vbon bo was 11 

short of earakig rUbi 

VMba pidtad a» tbo Hawks 

wbi M US poaadi. pin- 

; Al Parkor la 1:07. 


Bad Bounces Bug Hawks 

Harper's hardcourt squad was 
glvaa 'B taagh graatk« by the 
DaPaal tMvwBky Ira* Aortly 
iA» tbo ChrlitaM 
mig oa to IMO ilB of 


Iba Hawks tacad IM>aal at 

warn aad laok a K-73 pasting, 
riloat to 
loato Aar- 

U047 boforo ra- 
bome to talw on Prairie 

liortaa Coikffo won at home in 

>aPaBl. 94 forward 
lad tba Hawks with 
(BBTd Jim Met- 
is, gBBfd Tmb 
11 aad eoBftar l^te 
10, an li a lootag 
JrtMlBiihU. tba Blao 
^ad Inr amb of tbota- 

and three in doabli 

IbaroOwy ««■ 
a tbrao game boai 
1^ atata »-» ai 

llMy roaiBla 
ad Wlloaa of 
ap abort by m 
mik VaUoy 

«f n 

as the S4 
1*- la 31 potats ta fa arkb 10 by 
Kaohaa aad KlHiaaa aad 13 Iqr 
ly rank raoorva !■ — id Dick Botanar. 
and came Tba Hawks bisir a two poiat 

load wih Jaot a lav sacendo to 
CMT. go aad caaa m riwrt at the 


First IC Baseball Season Sees 
Hawk Sluffgers at Diamond Work 

"PUy BaU ■ , 

The college's tint tatoRoBafiala baao b al l toam ia at 
lor iU first game. April 3. agabMt Dfta CoOogo at Elgin 
The diamond Hawks will play U regular aoaoon games 
Coach Clete Hinton foraaaea ''what might be a gMd 


Elk Grot 
iaignrOay, April 12-- RocMrird Collet* <2> Rockford 

WtSiMdayr April 16— Morton Collen (1) Morton 

Thurw'iy. Aprtl 17— I>r«lrt« SUte CoUecc (1 1 


Thundu. AarU 1-i^n OoilMe <1) 

rri<ujr*i«fl «— w«B6o«»t ofli»f» <a> 

Tkan^. Aprtl lO-JolM OsllPfi' <» 
- ■ April l»-Bock«>rd Colleg* (2) 

iiMcday. April IS— Morton Collen (1) 
' prti IT— Prairie SUte ColU 

Saturday. April 1»— DvPue Coiletr (2) 
Monday. Aprtl 21— Kendall Collese (1) 
Tuesday. April 23— Wllaon Qty CoHen 
ThunMUy. April »-Tflton CBllefe (1) 
Saturday. April 2S— HIchlaAd Conetr (2) 

Glen Ellyn 



Jlprll »-Tflton Cri5li 

• 11 2»-Hlj|hland CoHefe 


Saturday. May 9— Elftn College (2) 
Monday May S— Amandwn CvHere (1) 
WedneadvTmy 7— Thornton Collefe (1) 

Motidfl ▼ , May W Wrt^rt Cxnwcc *«> 

Saturday. May 17— Hl.^tate Unlv, Froah (2) 

Tuesday. May 20-OONFERENCE PLAY-OFr _____ _ _. ^ 


Elk Onmc 
April aS-May 
Elk Gn>*e 
Elk Gravt 
Elk Grort 
AMENT— May 9-10 
Elk Grove 

btttaer. They beat 
the first tlBM the two 

Hm road eoalaot agaiaat Waa- 
bonoee saw bath daha AaotlBg 
««■ Biri na^ a lat iB a vidi 



Isd the 
a vWlo KooboB had 17, 
Seott HadHff 1» aad Bob Spore 

When the Hawka returned 
booM ta taka on Prairia fltala 
tboy laadod six ballpiayan ia 
dedila oeoriac flgarao as Davo 
WlOy lad tbo laaa wkb a, 
guard Mike DnMlag bad M. 
14 and MallaB aad 
I a doten. Biacboff tallied, 

TMiVi coolad off a little in 
the n-n via aoar DnPago as 
the homa taaa lad by ao aradi 
as 12 poinU at times DuPage 
tied tlUngs with 230 to play in 
the second half and the Hawks 
had to acratch tb hang onto a 
win. DrwUng tallied ll, Kia- 
xonas IS, BisdNfr IS, 
len a doasa la tiM 
Uls PtMl Baker («'-«") pumped 
in 26 for the ChaparralU. 

The Hawks vnn in trouble 
against Wilaon and Dlinds Val- 
ley. During the Whan game 
tboy ware down by 10 at the in- 
tormtasion and might have 
poDad tt out. However, the Ral. 
ders bad a bat acore tai a harry. 
From there i» was an uphill 

Mellen tallied 17 pdnU in his 
last game as a Hawk to be the 
only man in double acortag fig- 
a e s . Biacboff and Keroos- 
turi are tost this semester be- 
I of academic difficoltios. 


Valioy baad 
^oha Oalek dM oobm 
la Va Haoap. gak« 
wkb WlOy aad Diadk« at 
al eatar aad 
la te ear- 
ners. WlUy ad>Mtcd wdl to his 
roie as a guard pkUag up 14 
points and U raboaa 
DnidlBi paavod kilt 
Tbay oaaifli I, bssiavai 
M Bob Baaooa ao tbo Olaoia 
Valioy star paanpad ki » polau 
aad grabbed 18^ rebouads to 
ia boa da- 

Morion CoUege at home the 
Hawks featured a balancad at- 
tack, bat Ihoir edd 

k«iH> <■ t>» 

aoMB tanwMB ki tbo 
saeaads dUtat bo|p 
much WlOy again M tta^crtw 
with 19 pdnU aad bo laldNd 
to raboaadB wbOo Boobaa 

Wo boat aU 

oa poinU and 13 rebounds. 

Harper St«fi«Bts 

In thotr last ksom 



MthoirlMaf- MMaaol li aMMaa B» 
itarfBM IB MMdMaa. Md al^^hw- 

•f* tmwmr fata iba ||Mt-«o« oooB 

to fill poHiti4»as 
OB tk« rampu 

• cafeteria 

• campus police 

• buildings and 


• clerks 

S«« Mr. Vaisvll 
BaildinK Eight 






■^ . 




"•' \ 




Vet Senators 
Cut SSHC Role 

Two SSHC senators submitted 
resignations to the senate at the 
Feb. 10 meeting of the govern- 
mental body. 

Bob Wintz, former SSHC pres- 
klnt and Herb Baylin, former 
vice president, jointly said that 
their primary reason for sub- 
mitting their resignations was 
that they needed more time for 
improving their academic 

In a post-meeting interview 
with a HARBINGER reporter. 
Baylin said that the Student 
Senate "left a g^mt deal to de- 
sire" WinU agreed with Bay- 
lin's statement. JoinUy. the for- 
ma- senators indicated that 
they feel that the senate does 
not serve its purpose. 

Both senators sTrtmiid Ifaat 
their resifnatioaa were not 
prompted by pweooal conflicts. 
They also mentioned that they 
had con s idere d qaittiac «• Mrly 
as last aeneater. 

Mm F "Sean" Ryan, preri 
dsot o( the Senate, howwver. as- 

dent Senate Constitution, which 
was approved by less than 30 
votes last year at an at-large 
student body election, a senator 
cannot miss more than three 
meetings If a senatw misses 
three meetings without excuse, 
he is removed from the body. 

Ryan charged that WinU 
had been removed from the Illi- 
nois Association of Community 
and Junior Colleges, an adviso- 
ry gnup under the jurisdiction 
of the state board of education. 
Wintz was Harper's repreaenU- 
tive to the group. 

Wintz denied the charge and 
said he submitted a formal res- 
ignatioo to the board. He did 
not mention his reason for his 

Ryan raiamd 


to official 

which showed that Baylin li#d 
m ined three scheduled anale 
According to tlie Stu- 

Both WinU and Baylin had 
been active members of the 
SSHC since the Summer of 1W7. 
Both had been cfaoeen from 
their high schools to hoU 
on the saute. 

Jdntly. the two 
Mrrad m Om Coostitution Com- 
mittee, Sedal Committee and 
the Student PweooiHl com- 
mittee. They were also the au- 
thors of many aitieles in the 
present ccnstitiitton. 

R«plaesaMats for the two sen- 
ators have not been annoanced. 

Students Help Will 
Help Solve Parking 

*^e iMed M hrip oflhe itu- 

dMi in iris steatlan." tMse 

an tte werdi of t^^Mh fi aad- 
reoDds suiiiliiMili RelMrt 

n#M, who was commeotiag 

at (he ift Grave' 

doeed that the 

of ttie Elk Grove High Sdml 
rum rti J that Harper 
not pork in fire laaas 
grassy areaa aroond 

dbunt paiting lot, aaorljr sm- 
qwrtar mih awajr fken tbe sit 

On* alHkBl, qoHo dtoturtted 
mag to fuk a great 
tnm iieM. ariad the 
oodd be done to rsoMdr ll» ait> 

efiw high school 


Moodsy PW> 24 when sta- 
wbo were trying to eater 

keht Md Md le 
park is the QossB of Ite Rosary 

drivers to park 

tiuu U pork- 

SvaiMile for 

HugMs admUM to a brsak- 
doon in his qraten en (fas first 
ev«li« of tiM potlag M Mock, 
M kwiwtod dwt Ike 'Vock- 

dsnts' can arc propvly parked. 

Retired ^tenaton Robert Wlnti (left) 
and Herbert Bajilin look over some of 
their but efforts for the student senate. 
The veteran college legishUors cut them- 

selvea from the KOveminK body to 'lilt 
the books harder." Both were recruited 
for the senate in the summer preceding 
the college's initial semester. 

Vol 2, No. f 

Monday. March 10. ISM 


Weak Vote 
Elects Queen 

B'B CMy liockewiti as 
CmiraL That 
^•••a balletiog at Hatyor. 


1st Grad Group 
'Flees ' June 6 

Pkws are being completed for 
iiis tint gradasMsa gret^. 

the office of 
regjs tr e ti u n . BUg. «. 

ft. via 

toe HdgMB. • fjm.. Ji 

back hi Bwifiilm. ma « 

are batag haadM bjr 
facalty and student committees. 
SslactiaB bss been made ef the 

<< |g|— t^c*P*^ 

Paouky wwk 
tails «( (to aetM 

Hm raalu af Ike 
class, IcM thaa IS per coat af 

wil sec a ooaibcr of stodeats 
wiM traaslerrcd la frwai 
The exact 


er ***'""gr' Be 
Aoidd pick up 
a petitiOB fsr gradaatian. 
This pettlka is svaiabis ia 

ttie number of students 
have oompirted four 
and ar« m( oUgMa for die AA 
defree. Such an AA rating isot 
nacesoary to transfer to foor- 
year colleges and u nive nWse. 

Ot Mag for SS 
Widens Print Jobs 


Carnival Queen Ondy Lockowits 
a queenly smile at the crowning 
•vent of the carnival, the "CarouMi <rf 

Dreams" dance. Her escort, Bob Spore, 
shares the royal limelight (Mora 
Winter Carnival pictures on page S. 

A pmpoaed literary magazine 
for the ooUaga sboold be han- 
dled bf studi sarrtess. 

TUs lecoaaseadatiwi Hr 
a Mcrary praject caaie 

meeUng (Maa.. Fab. 

Instructor Gilbert Tiemey 
was selected to inform student 
SiTTices of the dhMoa's recom- 

The communications division 
is eempesed of the E^lish, (or- 
eigD language and joimalism 

This recommeadatlaa 
BMaas pfauu t« gatlMT, edit. 
prsi rfee aid pnUlsh a Merary 
■agaslBe wsaM be the iv- 
ip aa slb mty af the affice •! 
Dr. James Harvey, deaa ef 
Ob a lower level H 
the delegated 
•f Frank Ba- 
directar af s t a daat activ- 

Caatentn of lach a pabllca- 
muUy arc 
17. sasayi. short 
tares, art work, iattars, | 
graphy aad 

Currently, studaot ssrvioas isf 
rsspoasibla for the publicatioo 
of tl» HARBINGER, the Hal- 
cyon, the student hanifi>ook — 
The Hawlieye — and mis- 
cailansoas printing affecting 
student activitiea. 

The overall coat of this pub- 
lishing aaterprise is about $15,- 
000 a year. It's aU paid for by 
stodents' activity fees. 

With the addition of a literary 
magarine, an additional cash al- 
lotment would have to be takaa 
from tliefees. 

Caa a s r r a thre estlmataa 
gaage the casts of a Hterwy 
■lagashie from llS.SSa ta tZS.- 
•SS. depcadiag sa the 
af issaes. the foaiity af 
pabUcaUoa process aad 
circalattsB flgare. 









; ■ 


Page 2 


Monday, Blaroh 10, 1969 

MomUy, March 10, 1969 


Poor Processing 
For Royal Affair 

The procedures which the Student Senate took td 
elect the five queen candidates for Winter Carnival 
should be of concern to the student body. 

On February 3. the senate met and during its busi- 
neM dl i eu i ti oM fbr the day, nominated five queen can- 
didaMt. It wu the lanate, not the student body, that did 
the nominating. If Winter Carnival is for the entire stu- 
deiA body, why wasn't the entire student body included 
in Ite nominating process? After all. the senate is small 
in number compared to the number of students who 
comiwlM the student body. 

The senate answer to this is the usual "cop out." 
The aenate meeting was open to students interested in 
the balloting but none appeared. 

We would like to know how the students at Harper 
were informed? No advertising, posters, announcements 
or publicity could be found Therefore, the student body 
couldn't possibly have known of the issue 

We feel that there was an intentional lack of com- 
munication between the student senate and the student 
body do this instance, along with poor planning, which 
should have boen avoided. 

We stress that we are not questioning the five 
queenly candidates, but the procedures for nominations. 
This asanlple of poor planning and communication 
could be harmful to the senate as well as the student 


Vltw From 

Edifor's Desk 

Money Lost Again 

The Student Senate has done it again They spon- 
sored an entire acUvity week. Winter Carnival, and lost 
money u) the deal 

According to student activities director Frank Bo- 
relll. the Winter Carnival cost the stadant activities fund 
11.580 Other than the few doUars collected from the 
f^^ff^ evenU, approximately IISO was Upped in dance 
admbdons. (A poor turnout at $2 a couple. ) 

Basic subtraction Indicates that the student activl- 
tiee tend Is fl.SSO In the red These figures are appraxl- 
mate, as Borelli had not tabulated the eiact figures. 

BoreUl also indicated that the purpose of the Winter 
Carnival was not to make a profit — or avan brwk 

•Hi WK this reasoning is shaky. Is Harper teaching 
its senators how to phmge in ill-fated investments? 
Shouldn't the purpose of any investment - such as a 
|1,IM one — be to receive a return? We think that the 
purpose should at least be to try to bnak even 

We can't accept the fact Itat sludant monies are 
being used without even expecting a return. This en- 
T sloppy planning 

The Harbinger 

Terry S. Babb. Editor 

Jerry Jenkins. Executive Editor 

David Garland. Sports Editor 

Paula Alexander, Busrness Manager 

Terry Carter. Business Circulation Msnafir 

Bill Bohnhoff. Photo Editor 


Reporters: William Hemme. Edward Spencer 
Jeff Vanko. Don Fraher 

Photographers: Joe Herrity, Dan Harris, .- , 
Doug Mac Donald 

Advisor Henry Roepken. assistant professor 

»»f9m CMaia. SIO Dk •mm WM^ flk era** Vllli«*. m 
Taltpfwn*: 437.7O0O. Ext. 12 

An Editorial Statement 


* Editor 

On various occasions throughout the past year 
the HARBINGER has been informally accused of 
deliberate and willful exclusion of Student Senate 
news. We have also been accused of being anti- 
student, not covering news of interest to the stu- 
dent at large and. in general, not being of service 
to the student. 

For the HARBINGER heckler, who persists in 
believing that Student Senate news is willfully edited 
from the Harbhiger columns, we offer the following 
fact: since September, 1968 the HARBINGER has car- 
ried 1034 column inches of news pertaining to Student 
Senate affairs. This figure includes photographs. Addi- 
tionally, this figure represents the largest amount of 
space devoted to any student activity except sports 
which is a separate news classification. This figure does 
not include editorial opinion space. 

HAKUNGER hecklers 
have alM mxle such 
unedoctted charges such 
•s. "How can yoa say that 
- that's unfair." For Uw 
sake of erptonattan. Uie 
first and Uiird pi^ of this 
- Iltt fourth page is M» 
sports page The second 
page ia aa BOrTORlAL 
pagi. Oi tiiU pat*. Ute edi- 
tors are allowed to expresi 
BlSB M 8 i »is OB any topic 
thsy fioi worthy, 
la the 'XattMS to the 
/Bdkor" eehona, stadmu 
have tht chaace to aspreas 
iWsaaalvea. The oaly qaali- 
(Ication for copy fbr the 
tetters cohma is that the 
s u hml as i ea be sIfBod by 
the studeiM Md Itat be 
give Wo 
NaaMa of 
win he witMMid 

but they must ep- 
theorigiaal mm»- 

As f or the charge of aet 
cownof B^iw Of Infeinst 
le the studaat at larga, we 
of our 

pest rear, we find Utat the 
number of student activi 
tici whtdi dM aet receive 
HAULNCER meottga to 

We iM*c alee 

Meied by Studrnt Sen- 
ate ■ e i ber», iodirecUy, 
fer the fallmre •( tereral 
SSHC eveeU bceaeae of 
lack of puMicMy. TW 
p wp eee W aay 
ilea — be tt a 
tae or wf paper, a tre4e 
pebtlcatiM. a eeaaieidty 
■ewtpaper ar a cherch 
bttUeUa. la la report tS* 
eewa. thereagbly aad aa 
k happaw - NOT te 
aiake aewa. We kav* giv- 
ea pre-«ve«t peblMly te 
erery SSHC 
av«M. Wa daat 
Uuit H la Ue 
NGEK to Mppiy Uaea- 
partattea la aatf frea to 
every Harper sfaSwS. 

Another pnMma the 
HARBINGER has eocouo- 
tered is lack of coofwraUoa 
fren newanakars. If 
people who arc u>- 
strenentalin making 
to obtain the 
owlarial oa wycb to 

We Ibtak that we have 
beea ef Seflattr trrvice 
la tiw iW d at bad*. Re- 
ralllag aeae of Um aore 
^witie»ei t lal Uiiie« • ( 
Uie paal year, we he- 
hiflamed al 

charge. It waa the HAB* 
BINGER Uwt cleaaed 19 
Uw Ore haisiisas Bala- 
ey Daae Celfae lleaee. R 
waa the HARBINGER 
that caBed attairtlea to 
the pwfciBg af raeaMgr- 
cara ia the itadeiit park, 
lag tot caeakig >t<ideaU 
to park la netitiled 
area* that reeoMag la 
parkiag citoUaBa. II waa 
Um harbinger Utot 
caUed atteaUaa to toe 
graeacelared waler ia 
Uw water ceetera la each 
a( the eight 
Te 4 

deal Scaato 
takce aay of 
w ad er 

In exchange for our aer- 
viee what Und of return do 
we recelv*? Ooee U» Sto- 
dant Seoata piaoe advertia- 
i^ to the BABBINGBB to 
reals sack m the 
CanlTal? We daat 

I our r»- ^ 

•e ai^ **-. 

ia NOT 
lar er by Ike 

to be 

ia 11 

caaaet he roatroUed by a 
gavcnuMataJ body. 

Harper Calendar 

Mar lO-TH* HarMimtr aa aawa- 


— T r • r k. Trnni* an4 ■Mttall 
!•«»• •n aracuclng In te i nn a- 
Track acNTH Um 

aae oammniiltjr MnrwUmOa. 
(ua JetL ' S am . Hmom 171 

Mar 1«-Lait Say ler witoarewai* 

Mar la— ContMnporBrr Arte Qain- 
ut 4 00 prn. rarwt Vi«w aMdi- 

-• Harper Coitae* •• the Air" 
< IS »■ . WCL* Ml oa ta« AM 

Mar IS- Hobftjr Nla1»i- ana -UMtt 

Mar n-Th, HarMaew aa 

Calendar OM Unda Har- 
Hngtai ndhitss the fredi 
beauty of a frealunaa 
worth watching. Thb lady 
Hawk is aaotbo- of the 
many love(|r nrisses who 
Krace the Ivy l ea s halb of 
ttie Elk Grove and Forest 
View campuses. 

And So Ended Carnival Week . . . 

winter Carnival Week at Harper Inchides aa "Ugly 
Legs Contest" daring half-time at the student-facnl- 
ty fame, (above) StudenU topped the faculty team 
SMt. VirfU Carter, rookie quarterback of the Cbl- 
eago Bears, lectured on professioBal football half- 
way through Canhral Week. Carter paused after- 
ward to sign aatagraphs for several studenU (apper 
right-haad). Ike week of acttvtties was highlighted 
by a semi-foraial dance, Carousel of Dreams, at the 
ArliBgton Carousel. Harper students dance to the 
■Msk of Johnny Marlowe and Orchestra (below). 

Eggs-acting Student Record 

(ACP) --B WM a 
but Mw iwosnl 
0a Uilvsnity ef Oklahacna 


ec(i ia Ml iiunei hear. 
He^ drew the etteaUaa ef oflg 
la Uto great 



BM DeaMO. freakaiaa fiwai 
earn, ditet «idte make the 
racard af eaUag SS 
ogfB ia OM hew 


Aboot m 
and detea of FM DoBa 

Bin. a pledge af PM Delta 
Iheta eedal frateraity. waa 
Om alar oMractiaa af the 
pMge daea faactlaa aa he 


BvBB (Bough be dhtat 
tte record he was ad- 
mired for the ettempt. 
"I dMN^ I couhl break the 

flfly of 

tr sssae af ay dass- 

macCi. I gnaa I just caat eat 
like I used to," be added, ^ 
most modeetiy. 

After Ifei 

It jtaad bard boned 

New Campus on 
Time: Andeen 

ea the 

Harper campoi for Raipar Col- 
lege is prooeadtag oa aefaedole, 
acoortMog to Dr. 0. Keaaalh 
Andean, dean of inetructioB. 

OeeivaMaa is slated Isr My 
1. aBhoo^ oaiy sis af the U 
baUlags wM be rsadf at ttM 
time. Aadaea aald (hat several 
probieins hiadsriag 
prograai have been 
mdUalag the trouble with the 
Melropoiitaa SMdIary 

Ostrkl 's 
"ONCB CUUaCS start 


trafnc problem la expected hi 

The oMve wtU iak» plaoe dv- 
ing the ataaaMT aMotlM. ae ee. 
•rytUag absrid be ki 
the Ian seaiestsr. 

Gump-L ike Jaw 

Space-Present Library fAv. Problem IsFuture Trend 

Aasodsla pmsaaor Anhroae Ooaoidwiag tiMt ti» lifarwy of a pniMe^ with IhsB of b- J^^^ T. ?**?**' ****■ »'*"■»«» (recwBag tower 

tmmif, dheelor of Ubrary baa atore thaa »,«0» baohsMd \Km^!!SLkrjJrZ,ZJn ^ ^ ' thdvenity ef PMta- Jew) is somedniea asaodatod 

at Haipar, HslB 

said Bm Ubrmr ia 
"to select, buy. prepare 
for uae. circulate and manage 
library materials Mid eqtip- 
ment to wpport the curricvhim 
at Harper." 

ragolarty. B playa an Importaot 
role in the i 

Baotorly said It wm 
bow lew books 

2 New Prf^ains 
Being Developed 

Two new pragnuaa for the 
Harper CoUega im curriculum 

WMh the preeeot fadBBos sa 
the Elk Grove campus, the li- 
brary faces mofw p ioMe na iian 
taaay eBwr coUege tteartaa. 
Necaesarlly. there is not ae 
mudi apace for meterials, and 
there la seatiag apace far oqty 

Cnrrentiy, there is not niMh 

Bach month, (he Art Dopart- 
BMOt di«lays dtthrant art ob- 
Jada in Bm hbrary. Pneeotly 
tiw Ubrary la <ttsp)ayiiig tmpree- 
sions of Abraham Uncoin. Stc^ 
phen A. DougUa and Ulyaaee S. 
Grant. They're tiw work ef Ar- 
thur F Geiaert. Concordia 
TeadMrs GoUege. 

: heads iBider which' the 

One coone Invdvea a sanii- 
nar-type course for atudeots in- 
terested hi - doing in-depth ex- 
aleratkiB af lilatarv aonaleav 
aad psychology. EoroQmeat hi 
the cowse wiO be limited to 15. 

Ihe second course, aa in- 
novative program, will permit 
Ugh achool senlers In the od- 
kga p eychology and aocioiogy 
Upon high school grad- 
the students will receive 
fuD credit for their work. 

According to Larry King, as- 
sistant history professor, a "B" 
average will be a prerequisit£ 
for enrollment in the college 

Spring E^ollment Proportional 

(ACP) - ' 
lag to a UnhwiBy ef PMta- 
bia^, PlthdNB^, Pa., pro- 
hi a» BAed ef Oeatai 
Is far Bw hoBM 
"Jaw to recede. 

More aad more people will 
be leokkig Uhe Andy Gianp 
rather tttaa Dick Thk^, ac- 
conttng to Dr. Vikan Sasaount. 
chalraua of the DeparUneaS 
of Ortfeadaattoa. Hb pra- 
MWUDced et e 
of the Ameri- 
can Dental Aaaodatioo la 
Miami Bead], Fla. 
"A person with mandibular 


The conic atrip hero, la 
eoalraat, taoally is a stniag- 
Jawad er even jut-jawed tad^ 

"He mSy bare a true 
dibular pmgasthlsm () 
jaw) but at Oils sad flf Bn 
t slas c spi the sodal leoa bad 
made aa attrflmla out of a de- 
formity,'' cooduded I 

Dr. G. 

of inatnidka, haa iwaualad that 
there is an equal pnpoHion of 
fuU-time and part-time students 
this semester. Seventy-Uve per- 
cent of the work load, however, 
is being carried by the fulkiroe 

Aadsaa also aaid that all sum- 
mer classea wooU be hekl on 
the Elk Grove campus, on an 
eveniog sdwd basis. He said 
that the plan is to have a cur- 
riculum as complete as It is 

of foad aarvice and fash- 
ion design. The board may ako 
approve a eoi^Ae of other ca- 
reer programs in the. near to- 
ture, accenBag t^ndssa. 

"THERE WILL be several 
new couniee in speech, art, 
icaimaJism, law enfurea m e ut 
and history," sakl the dsan. Of 
pwticular interest, the histonr 
department's now coarse will be 
in Afro-Americaa hiatary. 

For The New 

Andeen also announced tiiat 
new courses would be added for 
the fall semefte-. The board of 
trusteee has llready approved 
two new career programs in tiw 


in make-upf Go to 

the best stocked 

cosmetic bar around- 

SSB. Dotal ot 
Arflactoa Halgkta 






Monday. March 10, 1969 

Hawks Fall to Cage 
Bottom; Play Ends 

Coach John Q«lch b left holding the ball 
with the Hawks finally out of actioa 
after the fint and futile season of hahi 
court action. Plagued by missed sbota. 

bad ball handling and all the other woes 
of a first season , the Hawks are out of 
artion for rest and a review of tattered 
taU feathn*. 

Grapplers Shine with 
Top Hawk 1st IC Showing 

The cage Hawlu fizxled to a 
dismal season's end as Wright 
drubbed them 92-60 in the re- 
gion four sectional tournament. 

Before wiodii^ up the section- 
al (iaaco, the Hawks glimmered 
to life, whipping Richland Cen- 
tral, 77-65. 

Before that, the Hawks 
flapped and fhAtered through 
nine straight losses to wind up 
this dismal first seaaon. ^ 

Priar U tbe upM>(, Richlaiid 
heU a very retpecuble lT-4 
seasoa mark as a p fase^ te 
the Hawks' reaarkaUe S-ll 
net*. Ite tw* ctadM pU3re4 
a see-saw Hrst half aad ware 
li a 3»-aU deadlock at the iiH 
nea Ihe Hawks 
gaiw epen in the 
clealag mlMHes •■ the 
lag •( Dave Willy aai 
DradiBg. WlUy naishad wtth 
S pelaU while DradlH had 
II aad BiU Kachaa. 1«. 
The Hawks made a good final 
iMtrm effort u they (bropfwd 
tbair iMt game to the DePaul 
fnrinaB aquad in Chicago 8»- 
13 tiwt cane afUr ^fdliag to 
KMriall Onllir. 7MI. Back 
Vallv CoUflga. 10t-«. aad Bgtai 

stripe. Even though the Hawks 
rebounded the Demons and out- 
shot them at the foul line, it 
wasn't enough. 

Harper dropped its final 
home game to Kendall during 
the Winter Caraival week. Ua- 
fortunately they came up 
against a group of good out- 
side shooters who i9ade a 
shambles of the Hawk's umt 
B. despite a 44-M edge 

DePaul tbe Hawks 
1 a good fan* bat 
with a DwnM 
which riwt over SO per cent 
tram tbe floor Willy led tbe 
crew as be came up with his 
b«t ah0wtag for tha 

Harper*! wrcatliag aqoad fin- 
tahed the first taam wMh the 
m to 
bi the 
in the 
■a wraatlan war* iMft to 
JC OMtt in Worth- 

Hw HawkB ftaHibed the dual 
aaMOB with a 10-6 overall mark 
■■d tt» ilrat J» phM aaaMM 
racdra far a Hawk tMsa. 

la the regiaaal wttH at J*> 
■et. the Hawka Baishcd a db- 
iMk Ow 
ever Black Hawk. 
la iMrd with n 
ami the Hawks la fawth with 
a marker* fai a field el 14 

■oo ware tbe Hawks third place 

Ttaaath Isek third wtik a 
Madhjr aMaaaU-Oaal 

Us lint rawid atfaa tt hi 
1:17 at U7 fsaaii. laat 1*4 (• 

fr«« Black Haisk la tta 


a first 

Ba Boat 13-1« m 

Dtm won his 

■ateh wilha pin in 


Mha PargaaoB pickad np a 
third at 117 po«Bdi with a »-0 
fk« raMd via. a U-l aemi-flnal 
km mmI a VS CB«aola>kwi rtmnd 
via. Bay VMha datead «nlhar 
third lor tht Bawha it Itf 
pooadi, wtai^af by a pin in the 
fkft rMw! la l:», a |riB in 1:2S 
ia tha aaeoad raand, and 
a IM hMi la tha aMii. Ha th« 
took a 7-1 maaalBHw via. 
At IB aaaa*. Daa Mek- 

a phi ki S:M. 

Tom WaMoad. CUff Gayior 
and Ray ataarta all took fourth 
piaea hiMra, niHlBg op a fatal 
of 10 taam prfHi riaea the aaaat 
was ma on a 10-7-4-S point sy»- 
taaa with points awarded for ad- 
vaacteg in a weight class and 
for pJMJBg twmmit 

•HIT I— ■■ thiir tini roiad 
nwidMi, bat hMt ia tht mmi- 
ftaia] raoBdaand tha 

tied bw 

h sy aai tha Brat raaad tt > 
petMlaa. At la pawda Ray 
VMfca laot by a pla hi 7:iS tai 
Ihe rirvt rwoad while Mlchcaer 
11-2 ia Ihe lOi 
by Ihe aaUaaal 

Id hMt 10-1 hi Ihe Brat 
am Gaylar picked aa 
tte third accded maa at lOi 
aad leat by a phi ta 1:04. 

Agaimt tha IMveraity of lUi 
aois the Hawki wen afai of 10 
weight cliawi wraatlad and tied 
another as Trauach, Porgnaoa. 
Vitha. Hupka. Steerbo aad Bar- 
wanger r ecorded wins. Ron 
Straud fought to a four-all dead- 
kick. Only three loat: Wahhnd 
at 133, Gaykr at 145 and Micb- 



bi the co Bi eraBea meet die 
Hawka again were tai fototh 
plaet, tWa ttaM hi a fiaU of 13 
faiBtead af 14 toaaa. 

Prkr to the eooliraace con- 
taoti, tbe Hawko ihajiiiil tbe 
Uiivanity of lOfaMli CMeafa 
C3rda ftaacb 30-13, Craaa (M- 
lege 454 and Kendall College 

Ia the day-laag c o aier ea c e 
the Hawks riaimad aaa 
I place, twethtrdaaada 
pair of foorth-place Balihaa. 
The Hawks highest BaUker 
Ifl piMdiii Panl Ber- 
He waa by a pte hi 
ia flw first reoadv won 
Ma aeeead reoad aialeh 4-1. 
ttoa last by a pla hiihe fiaal 
■atch after taUag a 1-0 had. 
Bob Trauach aad Mike Fergu- 



la the double dual with Crane 
and KandaD, tha Hawka wiped 
out their ot ipoa lt l o n. Crane for- 
feited six weigbU and Kndall 
three Againat Craaa the ooly 
matches wraatlad ware at 145. 
152 and lie avy we lg h t 

In the 145 powid class Gayior 
won by a pta in 90 aacands 
while Vitha waa by a pla kilr40 
at 1S3. Steerbo woo the heavy- 
weight daaa by « pin tai 1 : 21. 

Wahhnd, Traasch. Ferga- 
aaa. MIebaaar. Hopka ami 
atraad aO waa by ferfeit 
agaiast Craae as the Hawks 
reOed ap the maximum anm- 
ber ef potaite that caa he 
achieved la a daallBect. 
At 145 poandi, Oaykr won by 
a piatai 40 aacondh while Vitha 
mada abort work of Ua oppo- 

nent at 
ia 4:44 

183 fa> 3:14. 

At IM 

match 74. 

Ski Qub Weekend 

Ski Aspeo and tte big Colora- 
do ski territory with tbe Hatpar 
Colkta ski cbib. the 

Ponrard Dick . . 

MobML Drwhag alw flaUiad 
la daiUa fltaraa with 15. in- 
U far 13 at the charity 

madlag lad tbe crew with 
hahiarcid sceriag of It. Hel- 
mer had 12, Willy ll and Kee- 
haa U markers to go with a 
desea reheonds. Do* Daffy 
also picked a|^42 reheoads to 
share game haaers. 
AgaiiKt Rock Valley on the 
road, tbe Hawks ran into foul 
traid>le early aad that was tbe 
whole story as coach John 
had a toul of eight players in 
umform Shuffling players in 
and out became a minor mess 
Hahner lad tha crew with 17 
poiita hi thia oaa while Duffy 
aad Tartion had 11, Willy nine 
aad Ai«tloCodHto eight 

The seceadtkae the Bawha 
teak aa Qghi they kad tta 
aaoM trwMe haadhng the 
• apartaas stellar parfenaer 04 
eeater Kea Nerd aa he 
puiped ia IS palala. mostly 
when they ware dowa and 
Haider c«Ud have hnriieo the 
game epca. 

Drudii^ rinisbed this one with 
» while Willy bad I L aad Bob 
flpffe and Dick Hebner nioe 
each in the aeoriog cohona. 
Daffy and Sport Aarad tha r«- 
boiadh* boaors wkh M each 

Plan Athletic Award 

Par tl». tht Colorado trip i» 
chidaa ridiig at Vail aad Wkdar 

Tht dataa are March 17 
tlroi^ April 4. OootineoLal Air 
Unaa wiD handle tbe trip to aad 
tnm. Hoaoing wiU be m a lodfa 
facility luat a jump away tram 

Ibt atvaa days of akUag. 
atvw aighia af lodgb» two ta 
a room, lo<r days af laaaoaa, 
ttaakfiiti and dhmors and aQ 
lift tickets. y' 

The aU Chi) eddU for a ti5 
loaaiiallnn fat which was not 
raftadaUt after March S 


ma TRACK acmotnx 


April 1— Jallrt 

Aptit 11— Prart* Stattp Saak Valley 
April 17— Sauk Vall«r-MortaN 
April »♦— nilnota V«ll»y-TrttO«» 
April »— EhiPac*. Crmiw, Claln 
May »— RetlOB tV DItt SUt* mevt 
May 7— Thomtoo-Wnsltt 
May lO-Blacfc Hawka lUlayt 
May U— No III JC Mwt 
<albcts amy) 

Iha HARBINGER aooo wtt ba 
tbe nrat Harper Oel- 
ta raeehw tha pa- 
par's "Athtata of tht Year" 

Thte wlQ ha given to the maa 
who hao eaotributed the moat 
both odriotkally and 


Tbe award Matit wfll 
of a permaaaat eoOtfO . . 
with tbe namea of all of tbe 
wtaamd' ei^aved. The athlete 
win receive a small personal 

place la dM 


of mr 8a«k hi tht 


ed a second place in the sUte 

e( tbe 
tm the award were la 
aa the hard cmmi aad 
the wrcelMBg mats. Oa tht 


and Dave Willy 
hi esceHeal 

Mfte re-wrote tbe record 
books with a 

Craaa CoOsfa wWla 
Dave ptortd throogh V agahist 
a good DoPaal Untvaraky froab 
taam oo tholr home court. 

Pormar Hawk gnard Jha Mel- 
loa heM the praeiaas acoriag 
nark of 31 points in a rin|^ 

On the wre«tlinK i8al«. 
oaUtandbig pcrferm- 

Ona oltar paaaMUty for the 
award is Ray Vkha. VHha poat 
ed an outstaadtag regular sea 
aoa Burk aad plaetd 
tha raiJiwal mot 
ip for a poor ohairtag la Iht 
conference meat by qaaMyim 
for the natiooal meet 

Laat fall several men dU 
weU Pete Halm led tbe gelf 
team iiMiifrty aad did wall 

Jobnaoa kd tht u u ta luautrj i' 
taam to a geod flniah. Unforta- 
aataly. Johaton la ao loofer at 
Harper Academic raaaona kay- 
oed him 

The I amliilalM far tha award 
WiU indodo llHOO omb la track. 
batthaU and tenaia. 




. GIRLS' r 

Ar* yoa IntvrMtrd In (rttlng away 
(nan srhool ■ fnr htran a day? M*- 
Jor Chlcnito Npw York rompany ha* 
menil openlnci for you In thdr 
nearby Dn PUinn-EimhaM omeH 
ror partttmr work GaoraaUad SSi- 
arr. $300 p»r hour rm a a oBl at - 
nwnt call 





S W. C*mpb«ll S4. 
Arliitftan H»i«lrtt. llC 

^^Ww I w»^^^P ^^^^KW^K^ ^V^M9 


Initial Csrit. Gaadjf 

PHONI 2S3-U41 

Opsn diity S tm. -. 10 psi. 


ml ijnta »imtiii lOi^a— 

m mm IMMT tnimm^t to i^a^ ■» 
■Mini k amlMan. ■< a ibk ^K^ 

isvbioM m 






/ -^ 




Hawk Students to 
March for 'Hunger' 

Some 300 Harper Hawks will 
march in the Northwest suburbs 
first "Hike for the Hungry" on 
Good Friday, April 4. 

Tony Hinrlchs, presidCBt of 
the college's Human Rights 
CM, yradicted that the Har- 
per eaatfBgem will be among 
"at leaal •.••• marchers" who 
wUl dramatise hunger aad po- 
verty la the commaalty, the 
■atiaa and the world. 

Hinrlchs said the march 
groiqp will move from Park 
RidSB at 9 a.m., Good Friday, 
to die Northweat Opportunity 
C«tar, RoUii« Meadows. 

wiA that the march 
will be covered ^ from 
•ix to eight txiurs. 
"All mayors of the towns that 

wiU be traversed," he said, 
"have offered their approval of 
the march." 

Hlarlcha explained that the 
march is helng organised to 
collect funds. 

"Each marcber — each hiker 
for the hungry — is to be spon- 
sored," he said. 

"That means you can pay a 
hikar, ^Moaor him, for each 
mile he ticks off." 

All cash so collected, Hinrichs 
continued, goe* to three major 
"hunger funds." 

0M4hM of the ealaeted 
fmds wfll goto the Nartkweat 
Oppsrtanlty Center, another 
third to the Emergency Fund 
for Btatra aad the 4ast tUH 
to the Ecaador Agricuttural 

Self Help Project. 

Many groups and persons, 
Hinri<±a said, have alreac^ coo- 
tritxited for hikers. 

The president of the HR Cbib 
said that an allocation of a third 
to the NOC is important. 

"Ahotrt 7M tamiUes. with an 
avevage of seven chlUrea. are 
Uviag hi thk area m less 
thaa n.lM a year." 

Such families, he said, are 
practically unable to mafaitain 
life OB tiw difnifind lavnl that 
our sociaty damandi 

Tte "Hike for the Hta^y." 
Hiarichs explained, was origi- 
nally planned by the Waltber 
League of St. Paul's Evangeli- 
cal L4itheran Church, Mt. Pros- 


Vol. 2. No. 10 

Monday. March 17. 1969 


dirtytor of Oper»- 
tteks off his Arjv- 

icroap of Haifsr atadeata aaJ i^to- 
muiiity rMUntB ki tka iCk Grove 
DMirw field kowe «■ Much ft. 

'Ghost' Petition Sags 

Cynthia Ptaail. lUbert 
MfPsosagh. Tsny Htertcks 

Orcolated •■ yOastlMr davd- 
opmeat in tba aWUag iatarast 
afaoot th« relaase of Dr. Batty 
aad Edward KaBsh, the 
I sijrs. In part: 
"... we the storfaia a( 
Harper College ask tke a4> 
mInMrators making thaae da- 
cmows lo awarees cowcorwea 
ita d e nt i over the 
Hcd in arriving at ■ 

"Since we, the 
the local point af Ada ii»- 
we heHeve, that a 
same soft of db«ct 

faculty, tba rale would not ba 

aaM the fncnify re> 

Mrt. Sdljr 
a f anhir 

bjr Lnliti to 
raise Aasodnla Pniaasor Jotai 
R. Itiiibili ti ■Mhlam ihM of 
inarfii flip —I Bs% dhri- 

SMO cnnvnaB of 

of BS PWp 

aaid tbty were — aWa t» rife* 
tba HARBINGER eopisi ef tba 

(sfe) al 
as K mrnOA 

Mrs. Leigbton 
the acttan as " 
ample ef 

At oaa polat, coptes of tbe pe- 
tition wwtbaig from the ^ua- 
casa caOoga anaooDccBMOt 
boards at befb catraoeat to tts 
Elk Grove caaqm btdUlag. 

days. It flwa 
The other, hang 
at the entrance off the facntty 
Ist. carried M ilgna- 


At a moating of tba coilote 
board of tiuste as cnnrsday. 
Feb. 27). tbe board was in- 
formed of a latter covariag tba 
peDuon at'iww. mo oonro ooir 
cvroQ WHO tTosneoi nooan li,. 
UM tbat BO fortbar action 

A wnHBory siitaaM 
by acting board preaident Mil- 
ton Hana«i a u pfwr to d Lahti's 
comment that staiot aipildt raa- 
soas for tba flriapi waraal la- 
toad pabh^jr or to tba 

role of the fstsH| 

Moots, a atodent aeaator. 
added Us voico to Mrs. Laigb- 

ton's complaint 
Associate Pi e f tass f Goscfa 

n. T^v^oi, w^^HT oi -non^H^ 

l aw u rco s , wat'eaOad oa to «• 
piaia ooBUBittoa procadara ia 
tapplag BMfaob for tbe new 

Voegel straastd that 'at no 

time dM tba fOedHgr senate or 

fkcaKy graapa 

ebjeet ta mgr 


Toay Hinrlchs, preaident of the college's Hiimaa 
RiKhts Club, pauses for a moment la his baaf 
rounds to spell out his pfaMU for the fiuid-raiafai|; 
march against hunger. This Is the another <rf 
several projects (free book trade, free Hbrary) that 
Hfairk^ propooes. 

Jackson Hits 
Racist Roles 

Hie dkroctor ef Operation 
Blaadbaakat took bis Hawk au- 

caOad a laelr of ka owtodge "of 

■ov. Jeooc Jackaea. oac of 
aovoral Negro Hgnrco la coa- 
teaMaa far the leadership of 

he said waa eoaipiralariaUy 
Napaoa. Ho didn't talk 

I or dvic leader s . 



At eae poM. he 
that "oaaw say blacks are net 

He snppdi 

"Why da wo 

ef wMte poWeal 

Aboat 7W Hawk 
wan ai viaaors hatcaed m ttio 
tail hippisrlad Negro organiser 
railod aboat wlat he caOad rac 
in. aMsapraad atarvatiaa. rnil- 
■aij aw1il»[lla|iBika 
Nat aaea dM l» 

political progrcos hi his ap- 
tai the Elk Grove 
fMd hoaae (March 

Indirectly - and witlxwt em- 


caOodaa dw aadtaaeo to thtah 
abaal dm rola of Dr. Goarga 
Waafaington Carvor, dw panaat 
gaaina, and aaotlw Nogia, Iho 
lint phyMdaa to do 



in Vict Nam aad tack had. po- 

■eoiaea at haae? ' 
Jacksaa assde no i s lsi an c s 

psMramsH ia majv citlao. 

Frequent bursta of agiplaasa 
nuriud ttie orgaaiasr'a tak. 
Odaof dw naWaM aad lanfMt 
raaetiona came to Jaekaoa's a^ 
peal tor beauty and fertility 

His implication An animal- 
like procrealive process 
"btsasad by God" bat Iv 

Jackson's ulk. 
Mated for ■ p.m . waa 
46 adaatoa Dr Jamea Harvojr, 
daaa of atudcots. esplaiaad 
dmt Jackaoo had been detainad 
M a Cbkafo dtaaar, 

Wbea Jaefcasa ftaally aiil aad 
at tta ipaakar's Isclata. ba 

out a r«f craeo to tha dalajr. 
He mal si a u i ro d a 

ParVtva Jxtt 'Hog' 

This edition of the HARRIN(}RR'8 "Paririnc IM 'Block' of 
the Edition" goei* to AaahrtMrt Praleaaor Aan Bfarie 
Baaik. The HARBINOEB aoticied that Baaik's 1988 0M»- 
mobile Cutiaaa four-door sedan is parked in vahiable sto- 
deat parking space nearly each of the fonr clam evening!*. 
By parking her dark green car bi the student parking tot, 
Baaik prohiMts the driver of a student bOwled car from 
parking in the area. Thank you, for not cooperating by 
not parking your vehicle fai the faculty lot. Sta^its who 
reoehred paridng citations may wish to see Bafflt in the 
e o MMel lng bnttdhic when «he helpn students with iht^ 
and other campaa pfoMeBM. PerhaiM shell be aUe to help 
yoa, bat dont bet on it. 












Page 2 


Monday, March 17, 1969 

Monday, Blaroh 17,^1969 


HRC Tries Real 
College Spirit 

A courteous dip of the Harbinger lance for the Human 
Rights Ottb and its president, Tooy Hlnrlchs. 

This froap Is doing wkat ikMld have been done long 
ago by any stodents who cMMlder themselves "involved 
and active in the community." 

The HRC is spearheading the college's role in the 
planned "Hike for Hanger." (See slbry on page 1.) 

Hinriclu and his group have aligned tliemselves with 
the cause of Mei, fl—rtul aad educational which, un- 
fortunately, ako piagaes tUs wealdiy college district. 

Oaailder the self-denial of the HRC action. Members 
will be volunteerlttg their time to gather funds for wartb- 
while causes. Contrast that with the normal student fash 
of dances and poorly organized queen contests. 

The hlliers for hunger IDutnte matur* concern for 
community problems. What new will stop other students 
from checking with the Northwest Opportunity Center, 
RoOtaf MeadMri? 

The NOC might be able to point out homes tlurt eould 
use a painting; families that could use child-care and tu- 
torial help; persons wha iaaperately need help. 

Is«*t U time that ttttimt goverament and other 
campM gTMps — weak tkaagk tbey auiy be — rallied to 
the CMwnunity cause. At least a portion of activity time 
abouM be devoted to this serious challenge. ^ 

Ask yowself about your participation. U you find 
you've fallea dami, get up and get goteg. It's time to be 


Other Campus News 

University of 
Southern Florida 

(ACP) Editors from 1,200 col- 
lege newspapers from around 
tbe country share the problem 
ol lack «l coouDunicatun with 
nlfnlnlflli s lfl i t 

Editors report adminis- 
trators seem to be afraid to 
communicate with student 

Tha faar rasults, editors feel, 
from tha fact that tdiUn oo 
ISBflsr urn afraid to say what 
tlMy bslisva As a result, more 
and more editors art briagiag 
q> oartain truths wbidi annoy 
many administrators. 

of tha procass is be- 
comiag an important and con- 
troversial issue, as is the r»- 
presstOB of individual cs- 
prassioo and harassment of po- 
litical activity by admiaia- 
Bditars bsliavt Ihto year wiU 
turmafl, protest 
on campuses 
tiM naiioa. They 

firmly agreed "student power" 
can be more effective Uian 
many college administrators 
are willing to admit. However, 
moat editors do not advocate 
violence as a means of obtain- 
ing desired freedom. 

Editors feel tbey have more 
freedom than did their col- 
leagues of 10 years ago. Some, 
however, feel there is too much 
ioterfereoce from publications 

University of 
(ACP) The University of Min- 
neaota's Dr. James Beck, as- 
sistant profeaaor of physiology, 
cUinu that the freqtient occur- 
ence of violeot and noo-violent 
disnqidve actiea oa coUege 
campuses has stimulated a dis- 
appointingly limited discussion. 

Diacttssiao lias Imcd limited in 
two ways; it has iMan narrowly 
focused on sobw mppaatd pa- 
culiarMaa of tha university and 
it has coma larfsly from a rati>- 
er unifana groqp with a uni- 

form viewpoint — i.e. the liber- 
al in acadiemic and journalistic 

Beck believes failure to com- 
municate between the adminis- 
tration and the "liberal" is due 
simply to the fact that the 
groups talk of different things. 

State CoUege 

(ACP) Protest through re- 
spcnslbUity is tlie best way to 
express opinions. This can be 
dene at the c o Bhr snea table or 
by "a peaceful protest of some 
sort," suCRestad an editorial in 
the HeadBraon Oracle. 

Admittedly this is difBcutt to 
accomplish because neither stu- 
dents nor administrators realize 
the need for it. 

it is much batlar 
violsnea or "that ethor 
Uad of pretest often faced by 
small coOafas — Apatity" Apa- 
thy is the Und of proteat asaat 
Mia the 

breeds aou p i aa r e si 

aadanythlnf I 

Letters to the Editor 

Visw FroBi 

EdHor's Desk 

Love that LUV 

^Wtatls LUV? 

It's not the name of the latest sit-in, staodin or dcm- 
ooetration at a major campus. It is a natiooal campaign 
started by two pop singers, Boyce and Hart. Their obfec- 
thre y to amend the United Statei odBstitution to allow 19- 
year-old citizens into voting booths. 

To oonapkment their campaign the duo has released a 
song, appraprtataiy titled LUV. (Let Us Vole!) Proceeds 
from the sale of the record finance the group's efforta. 

Tbey also are esecoting tiwtr rampaign in a very in- 
teresting manner. Each mmk tha dno makes an appear- 
ance in a metropolitan area to stimulate student leaders, 
on tlw high school and coUege laval, to gather petitions for 
their cause. Completed student pettttons for the issue are 
mailed to LUV's national headquarters in Stockton, Calif. 

We i^plaud the action of these two pop singers and 
Harper s op h o mo re Jerry Maculitls, who is sponsoring the 
campaign on the local level. It seems to us that more 
campus leadars throughout the nation should involve 
themselves in backing such worthwhUe issues as LUV. 

Interested Harper students should contact Jerry Macu- 

He came to us, i(t saw him, 
wa hoard his words and w» ax- 
hls tova. Now it Is our 
MrdsB is oo us. What 

■er. Jaaa* Jackson was r»- 
ooivsd 4rila wal by Harper stu^ 
id fMiy and by a 
sf ( 
ia o» aomsBHrity. This was a 
far Karpw, but 

bers of our community. Oritval 
ezchaages with tha pra- 
dominately black achsab of Chi- 
cago and iavlhMiaBB to thaaa 
to yMt Hwper sad ia 
studeoU vWtIng 
thair seharis wseU ba a sMp hi 
tha right dtoaetlaa tedbrd a 
wan Its wisp sil ( 


community to 
aaw campus as 

to our 

aa aflwt to be haard. 

«a bava Ma Mw 

NB. Thwe baa baaa 

dnire t« dsfalop 


body but I 

if wa win Jast 
1 la fst tanrebad. Oe- 
a dspar^Mot «f Ah*> 
Aaarieaa stadiaa, promata tha 
uaa af Uaek prahiriB la tha 
OB on 

to Iha (acaky aad una- 

"Hwy are 

to ehai^ ia 
warU wB flad 

Harper Calendar 

The Harbinger 

Terry S. Babb, Editor 

Jerry Jenkins. Executive Editor 

David Garland, Sports Editor 

Terry Carter, Business-Circulation Manager 

Bill Bohnhoff, Photo Editor 


Reporters: Edvi^ard Spencer, Jeff Vanko, 
Don Fraher 

Photographers: Joe Herrity, Dan Harris, 
Doug MacDonald 

Advisor Henry Roepken, assistant professor 

^*Srt«d n«lM (MMMy ky ana tor »■• MatfwMt of Wimam UMMy 
Hafpw CoHaia, SIO Ok erev* Blvd, Dli Qrvm Vlllaa^ III. 00007. 

T«l«phefM: 437-70001 IM. S> 

m. If-TW 

■r»M Ui >a i Ravfy 

Mat. Mh-Mr Vfnww D, 


lay ami 



Af« TOU 


a|w. I--Tr*ek M«M. AolR*t 
MUtH. Tbrrt. S am. 

iCm*. Piw* «. Ort. S> 

Oirt Jan Wei!«- 
tflta aa Inquiring head. 
Her qoention could weO be: 
Are you aa active an ahe 
ia? She ia a aeplHnore and 
has been active oa the 
Pompon Rqnad. H^r toter- 
e^ts cover art. Her goal te 
a career In education. 

I \f Vou Discoveteo ) - Bur y<Hi — 


^f^o Go Running 
TH«« TMe SrRctrs 





art* a sake graeea 

L, Harper 
of Harper art 


R. Foost are aiuyvsi by 
(left) LouUi> Porter ami Pat 
TMltea^ Students are hivitad to exam- 

Weekly Bit Runs 

Jackson Flays White U.S. 

A smaD circle of journalism 
is aetlveljr at work in 

I rM* 1. r«i. s> 

of adiitaat civil ri^«s fig- 


AfalB, ha dU not tak 
the "vtotenoe" of the GHril War 
aad dw atfaet ttot had on 

He dM sagr that a 


ia aaawar ta quaatia 

how to "reooodla" black aad 

wMe AoMrtea. Jackaoe wa§- 

study of Afra> 



Iha Ovfl War. Rccoaatnictioa 
Days aad tto foars thoroafler 
■ aay ctadss af 

atioo sodaty aad Uie future af 
AflMTicaa Naptwa. 

up his talk with a 
appeal for aa undar- 
of black AaMrtca, 
Jackaaa i iKkiiil Ua 
ance wtth aa laJ^Biil 

la n rnu A tht tnu- 
of Japaatu AaMrfeaao 

WorM War H. 

af Joe Lapto 
thaasaof a Mack 
for the 
s out 
JacksM alaa a««ia«« sSa- 
to baali la Snway Na- 

tha Day PliMfiHiai (dw \$^ 
af tha HARBINGER ar- 
T» praaa ttm: il byUac sl»- 
r«M kava appaafui le Ike 
widely ikiiislii Day 
TW kyltoaa «f 

raa an Jady aids, the new 
r. Terry Carter. Pal Ek Grere caftpus i 

Mi Paaia Altaaa- Practicalh aO pkaaas af 

Ha«tk Ufearvl 



•f "this tapkaMath 

ffla miaai sm i at 
cost tl.«S, said Frank 
oironor oi onoeni aouvaiaa. 
Guests returned tZTS la hoar 
Jackson speak. 

Tennis, Jogging Rate High 

Harper OoOatfa's spring ath- 
latie profruB may be one of the 
in Uie BoUofo's 
If tUap fa ae- 
[ to tha plea of Hawk tan- 
■ay Esana. He's op- 
ahout his cMb's 13 meet 


on tte high school Thiada haa >7 and Frank Olivar < 

So far the Hawk headman has 


"Urn have sp p r wiku ately 10 
paapb wfUi UB BOW and I expect 
U. We know what good tennis 
ptoyers sra nd I tUnk we have 

"We have three 
la Mil vaa 

tor. Al have 


I doal 

crowi is oat of the ^m ^ ^,- 
for BHI aad we expect ta have 
a saccesofal s eaa ea." 

In additioa to those three, 
Keams has five other men 
working out on a regular sched- 
ito Tbey are Ron McGreagor, 
^naea bgler, Dave Garland, 
Rass Barry and John RofEmaa. 
Berry has had aome past expe^ 
rto^pe as a player at St Viator 
hi^ school, Arlington HeighU. 

"Tf*i«— is s transfer studont 
fhim MiddktowD, Ohio, whore 

Bsass to be the edo- 
eatad maa's sport from the way 
thii^ leak at Harper thu win- 
tor. Hoy Kearm has intereated 
oeveral faoidty members and 
stadaula in tto sport. 

Sa tar, nhie facnky and one 
student have been running on 
the krioar track at the Elk 
Grove esapUB at aight or in the 
aftemooas. Tha rate ki thbtaon 
lapo around tiie Indoor oval ta 
the mile % 

BaselMll-coach Clete Hinton 
leads the healthy educators with 
a massive Wl lap total Wres- 
tling coach Ron Bessemer is 
second with 247 while Ken 
Vausch has ran up 207. Roger 
Musaifi ia the only other Jogger 
a b ofa th e 100 mark with 127 to 
his credit 

Assistant professor Henry 
Roepken is next in line with 82 
wtiilie Assistant Librarian Bob 

a while taolnetor Maitte Ryaa 
has fooe around tto oval oevaa 

The only student ki tto pro- 
paa Is MlBB Pat Tenerowfcx. 
So tar, Pat \m Jo«Bd Ml 

If Aurora College 

does not have 

the program you want, 

we'll suggest a 

college that does. 

We^ra confioaiil wioff Aiworo coeiowiat ma east 
Or avaryftiffiy you re lookinQ tar. 
k A tmoll, congeniot compu* with individual 
otlantion. Co-«d. Naor cownopolitan Chicogo. 

Involving I.A., I.S., and ft.Th. degraa programs. 
Yet pWnty of octivitiet ond tportt. 

Sounds ld(« whol you're looking for. But Mra 
we said, if wa orant, wall wggasi a college that is. 



fUl out- 

Tell vt to«i«a of your preferences and 
you find your place, kut w« worn you. 
It's probably at Aurora. 



Aurora, lllinoit «0S07 




V ». 



MomUy. March 17, 1969 




tnck airffWi 

(Ml to 

riffet) na Neal. Gary EUt. Mllw Ehrwt *md 
Fruk IMGntfle*. 

Cinder Pounders 
On the DaOy Run 

Kaeka. Two taHlen. Jaka P. 
"Seaa" Rjaa mmI 

Hawk tnck and (Wd coMta 
Robtft Nolan ha* aiat B« pi*- 
parinc for a Uncb !• iMit 
. Noiaa aakl, "W« have a brand 

warn prv*"* tii^ T**" *it^ oo 
ritaniiC IManaaa. Owgoalia 
la MU a food track m 

prograin tfaia 
baat we can thia 
torn wv're havia( 
tionu« drilla." 
hWaa'a towk 

and do the 
MOB. Right 


wari. PUi Meal. PM Waal- 
^cM. Gam CUa mt 


Noian aspaeta to hvP aavaral 
nan tiy aot ahoitly 
widi a eoipla of oUht. 
OBML Praetieaa ara 1 to S pm. 
■onday tfanogh PHdajr at tha 
Elk Gh>v« oampoa track. 

Intaraatad maMra ara larfad 
to poatort Ht»m la Harper 
Grava baidlag No. 4 or 
out to a praetiea. 

Measures Diamond Hawks 


located afaoaldH- aafhrad la a 
akiiBg acddaat raeaatijr. Bat I 
waa a pitcWag caack for a 
ad I tlMk wacai 

nUa iMva faad diptii at an of 
the poaitiana, asccpt pitcfah^. 
Ifa atin a M( qnaatka mark for 

Raeake was an AlKSeateaaea 
ptichar at Palatliia Ugh aeheei 
two jreara ago wha ha paalad a 
H record. 

Roeaka la Jolaad by 


we're going to Bad both as- 


ftoeake and Enknaa, 
iRkhlUUy. a 

ha^ a gaad aaa. hat ha mmt ha 
«lih « M thM hr a «hla. if 

Vtev. RMto pick- 
ad IV tha aaaM award as a aa- 
aiar at Paladaa. 

at MahM Waat Qgh Schad Md 
Gngg KroO. a itaiidoat at Uh- 

He can catch or play 0rat 

Jim aiaaihanh and Kavhi 
PreBBdwffl have to battb COm 
Maada and Roy Kaoats Iv a 


Oae 0t BhMaa'a 
tar Iha Jih hahM Ow pMa h 
a gradMto af Ar- 
Othv kMaroMa hKhrii 
I Mm Na- 
li aa aat. 

FTMad while Neauaiefa la m 
outflaUar from NQaa Waat R»^ 
far Jobto, a fbrnar lYaaMl 
piayar, it alao a 
aa ootflold eaadldate. 

Other awahan af tha 
are Jay Thaida af 
Roa Kiaala, aha pl«yad to- 
uleaRiHB nana np' acaaai, 
Tom yaehlar af Motait Proa- 
pact, Aagaia Ooaato ef PatathM 

it a pitching 
ahw. Codoto has al- 



has three other men. 
Roa Dall aad Don 
Magnana and Dall 
ArUagtoa JMi0AM 
rapped af Midne 
East hi Park Ridge. AB are out- 

The Hawka will be playing a 
36 game achedula aloeg iHth 

four vOVBMWHKSa St StdflB M 

*gla fnw afriHt EglB Col- 
lege at Elgin oa April 3. The 



MSportScope Jz^Q^^ 



BowuMG runa, sTAXDiNua 

Tmub« Oubc* PIm 

ScUUer-V. EBfWr < XIU 

HullLacbke I ITtl 

SUiila«»tt I m 

Manivderorn t Xtit 

MlduOikl-WUly S liW 

MUo-TlKrlaiilt I MB 

MayMMdMS^NaMr I Mi* 


BOWLUMi BESl'LTS (|m •) 
MaBM BDCP GajBM tr Av(. 

Turn Michalak! " " 

Al MayMuckela 
Tom Avery 
Steve Mam 
Stave Encler 

Paul Cornea 

—Tennis Me<?t Morton Col- 

Baner Ca le a< » r 
(Irani raiia t, Cat t> 

« 14 rtta 173.2 
u 14 an itf.T 

» It 237< 148 S 

.3 11 an 144.4 

3 1« 3»3 143 1 

ss i« an lat 

lege Here. S P.m. 

I H T a A ■ v a_A_L_ oTMMAanca 

Bare. 1 : 

Jollet . 

_ I . 
Oaii I 

o«u a 

■aa n 


Oalattdl GX iti A. 

^ ca. 





(4) A. 

amx Bwca: ... ,,^. . 

7s ) McManaway. ST (1 
Bulchnr, BI wlanlnQcore 4.10, ain: (d it 

<g*^ 01 - A, 
iore 4.10 Apr 

<tanl>an«ti OS (» Andanon. OS. 
(S). Wllkay. BI, wlaalns leaca 


MTAI. BAB: (1) WMh- 
Bt. (t) Kne. 


Here. 1p.m. 
A»r. 11— Track Meet Pralrte Suta 
and Sauk Valley. At Sauk Valley. 

A^l*!*— Baseball. Rocktord CoUege 

Away. U noon 
A^. Uk-Mendetssohn-i EBlak. Elk 

Grove-aBdIlortuffi. 4 p.m. 
Ayr. 14— Tannls Meet. Pralrte SUU. 

Ayrr^-lftSia Meet Rock Valley. 
Away. J p.m. 

naiaaall Morton College. 
Hoa^ ooMlaNaoa aa^M. 1 pro 
. M-BaaanU. ^fatlM CoUcge 
Away. 3:10 p.m. 

— Drew Pennon. 
.„. IT— Track Meet. Sauk Valley 
and Mottaa colleges. Al Morton. 4 

' — 'rtanto Meet Triton Col- 
lege. Home, t B^m. 

— BaMtell. Pralrte SUta Coi- 
lega. Away, 1:9 •■!. 
A«r. ta-BMabai OoPm* OoUeg*. 

Away. U I 

Sprlag traialag swiags iato hard work for th« diamond 
Hawks aa Caach Qete "Ball Faar" Hlnton demoo- 
stratea a pracUrr swat. Hiatoa sajv the hall clah wU 
I hMti« and fielding. 

*»>»—«niii*fr«naii l O ii wi i if ,iii«,i n pa.iMMiMnM 

»»'e' ^ a— ' ■^a»»»««»r«>»«.aii i >ya» 
liw.Oi^ i iiaiii I ■l a a*'— >aww^i— * 

* , 







DI to Leave for 
Wittenberg Post 


Dr. G. KenneCk 

—Harper to Witteobtrf oa July I 

Or. G. Kenneth Andeo, 90. 
dean of iaetnictiao. elected by 
Wttmtmt Unhrertttyt board 
if dbaeton to aerv* m that 
tcbooi'e iHlk iTMlilrt. win 
tate ovar Ua new patt on Mjr 


1M7 as an 
promatiaa ralaad 

He aaid ha was "rather sad to 
laava Harper" airi said it "was 
■ thriQ to be pert of a great 

Vol. 2, No. 11 

Tuesday. April 22, 1969 


Moats Wins Election 

Sophomore Lawrence R. 
"Larry" Moats swept to a sur- 
prise victory in the college trus- 
tee eiectioa — a victory which 
makes him the youngest elected 
college trustee in the nation., 

Achieving the voting afe o< 21 
just two days before tte elec- 
tion, Moats took the victory in 

He pledged "hard wart" lir 
(he ceUege la rsfressal aB 
segBMBlB el the eeauM^ ia 
Harper's dtahriet. SU. 
Moats piled up as unoffidal 
count (4 8,430 votes to drfaak 
John L. Kurans of niiihigiiai 
Kuranz, a truataa. carried 
C,7n votes. Board P raaidMt 
Bkhard L. Johnaoa of Arlington 
Bsf^gg handiiy won rwelectloB 
n» three ware running for 

Meats' campaigB waa 

LawTMc* "Larry" MoaU 
TisMiM Tntee 

aged by eaetber Hwper ata- 
I^ eMgTMt vtth brav't '^ 

his group 'cooducted a grass 
roots drive to bring out the 

His victory brought the full 
range of reaction from surprise 
to shock. 

Caauaaalty press reactlaa 
raa la (real page beedUacs. 
WBBM-TV carried aa iMer- 
view with Meats ea the Big 
Newt (!• Baaday. April 

In other student devalapoiaats 

tha cnOefe board of tmsteas in 

Hi Baatii« (Thursday, April 10) 

major revisions in s 

studnt conduct code. 

OrigiBally iltaffhad by a atn- 

aaBunlHaat Iho pn^ 

hjr th« heard attorney, 

Kteded in a 
4, eoL4) 

la la 

Andaeo is aa ihiMW of Up- 
aala Callage and the former Lu- 
tharaa Sc^ 4 Ttrnkmr. H« 
servad ier ta« jtwpi aa a Ln- 
tharaa ailaMar ia 

ofrrilgMa at 


'G)ver Girl' £i 'Pic' Surprise 
S^-^'iS For Soph Patricia Whitaker 

la wert wMh." LeeMiH la Ihe 

ef Hatper. he 

was "raal poleallal Isr 
eeoHeaed pn^eee." 

Uni versify, CV' 

I's a 

wasbehH tak 

aM aa Uw cwvcr ef 


"cover girl" — aad tqr aow 

' rally riiHintm>aUth 
r^ varHry, Is tha iKpit 

af » 

"»• .Pkk m » tmf af tha cat- .. .., . 

•e rhalnaaa af 
that aeheel't divitiea ef phl- 
Isasphy aadreUgtaa. 

Aflar al^aaaB yaan thsra< ha 

Taa'll eaa 


of a "I 

af aa 


It has an 

to Harper hi 

I el MM aad a telal 




I vaa «a hi Mgh 



r«lrtratian is schad- 
■a U, U aad 14 la 

*• sahl. call har a 

Harbinger Takes High ACP Award 

«f'. . . I ^ 


awarded eaa of the hi^Mt fw- 

eral ei aa B s Bca rattap by tha 

■ember ef * 
attoa aad that the llrst year 
the HARBINGER has beciF 
by the sUff af )aar- 

Tsrry 8. Bahh, editor of the 

Accordii« to Babb. 
from more 




•Hwea eaa cmenaa ay pra> 

^^ "This is the Orst sach swar^ 

a^l""^ praaHtad ta a stadHt argaate- 
el MkACP ttai at 

BfOHaled wBh Ualvcr^ ti B^b. "and Ira prood to have 
I's ashasi of JearMl- (Brected the HARBINGER staff 

of the points on which 

Dr. Kobert E. Lahfi. Harper OaOage 
li f Mi d eat , nceivta The Harbinger's aa^ 
tioaal award fraai Editor Terry 8. BaM. 

Lahti rnHMcntolated Babb had the 
paper staff for "an excellent job** te 
aecoriinf the first natkHial stndeat 

Phstograpfty. - 

Aeconhag to Babb, each 
daaslflratina carried a certain 
amount of paints. The total 
pcrinu were ad^ed by the judges 
to determine the publication's 

The HARBINGER totaled ia 
the high range fer tha 
dsaa, one ef tha twn 
awards available to Jnl^ esi- 
life W-weekly newspapars. 

Ms Is the flnt 

^ttllWIIfti;,^ 1 


T 1 . ..... „.,^.l 








t 'f 




mnmi m'' 





Taeiday. April rt 

TMaday, April 22. If6» 



View From 
Editor's bosk 


Censorship Now 
A Real Issue 

When you've got an acUvity that has won consid- 
erable praise and has been cited by a national associ- 
ation representing such an activity, why change it? 

This is the question that came to mind when we 
reviewed the Student Senate's agenda for a proposed 
publication board. 

If passed by the Senate, the board, in our opinion. 
Will be in direct violation of the first amendment of the 
United States Constitution iii that it prohibits freedom <rf 
th* preM. 

The four responsibUiUes statad in the respooti- 
bilities clause of the propbised board are: 

1. CoordlnaUon of all stadent pabUcatloni. 

2. EttahUsh aad/«r recwnmeMl policies govflraiag yfc- 
** " *~"^ ^ tfce role and purpoce of each pakH- 

t. Sabmlt appropriate budget reqaests for each pabUca- 


4. Salaet cWef edltor(s) for each pabUcatkm and recom- 
MMd adviser. 

We are of the opinion that through the second clause 
of the proposition, the Studant Senate wUl gain editorial 
control cf tiw canqws publications — the HARBINGER 
and the Halcyon. 

Publications never operate under a "p<^y." Publi- 
iona m a hrtatn a atyle which is determined by the 
adttorial Maff and in case of a campus publication the 
adviaer. A publication board dictating a "poUcy" would 
only add to the prohleoM d aasembling an award win- 

In a )oM ttatament Issued by 10 educational organi- 
iOBa aftar a November. UM WaaUogtan. D.C. meet- 
tag. fMadom of the preas. without canaonhip was up- 

toone of the ealriaa nndar atudent affairs, editors of 
pubUcationi are editorially given the right to 
print their ideas, claims the report. 

"Tha atadaot prais should be fre^of censorship and 
advance apfrsval of copy and its editors and managers 
should be free to develop their own editorial poUdaa and 
news coverage. " states tlie report. 

The publications entry continues to say tliat student 
editors should be free from suspension from academic 
activttioa baeanae of administrative disapproval of the 
podaoad \ef student newspa p e nu e n . 

How can yon, as a Harper student, stop the Student 
bte from adopting the proposed publications board? 
Qjr aslcing your elected senator to vote "no" when the 
UO oonaa vp for approval, or by writing a lett«- to Dr. 
James Harvey, director of student activities advising 
him that the propoae<L amendment is not in kaaplng with 
the United States Coaalitution. wUcb guarantees free- 
dom of press. 

Perhaps a oommittae to investigate the validity of 
the paMlcatton board AoaM ba.taken into consideraUon 
by the Senate. 

Tfce Harbinger 

Terry S. Babb, Editor '. 

Terry Carter. BusiriessCirculation Manager 

Bill Bohnhoff. Photo Editor 


Reporters: Edward Spencer. Howard Baylin 
Don Frahef^— -. 

Photographers: Joe Herrity. Dan Harris. 
Doug Mac Dona Id 

Advisor Heriry Roepken. assistant professor 

PubltatMd Iwie* montMy tay and for ih* Mwdanta tt WIHIwn KaUMy 
M«fp«r C — tt, SIO Bk On** MvtL. Dk SroM Vllli«a. HI. 10007. 

>l JllJ'SliSJS'SSSf?''-.*'?!"*^ '" ^ HARBINOER are tDow 
I Soiar tenSto^ ^^ necwiwrily those of tha admlnlatni- 

Letters to the Editor 


As a responsible student I (eel 
it n ecessary to express my dis- 
may over the free-wheeling 
comments in the Harbinger — 
basketball and Winter Carnival. 

Where you resurrect your 
^wrtswriters from I have no 
desire to find out. The recent 
basketball article was the poor- 
est piece of journalism I have 
yet to read in the "master- 
piece" you put out. Any fool 
with an average intelligence 
can copy statistics out of a 
record book. As a cheerleader, I 
know that no representative of 
your staff atteoded either of the 
tournament games and very 
few of the nine losi^ efforts. 
Yet the sareasa was so sour it 
nauseated me and many other 
readers. I should like to tell 
your sports edilar and his staff 
to vatdi the gaaMS and write 
what really haypws No record 
book shows dstenainatioa and 
hard work — both of wlilcfa our 
beaketbdl tMun had and wUcfa 
w«« evidsatly lackliv la dat 
aitide. Coach (Mdl dssema to 
be eosBSMadsd tor »"«iy*i 
tsHi spirit and the will to flfht 
ewi tlMogh thsf* was a ddoge 
of uncalled for derogatory re- 
marks and strained puas from a 
"tUag" act worthy •( the 



oar paper slwwiki 
to fitaw fMlB - a Jeur- 
I stadit is tai^ that 

no miter Canrivsl 
was a very lovely yoaag 
Mtas SANDY Lockowita - 
had to bungie that, 
yoa? Votes are 

published in a queen election — 
even a high school student 
knows that. And her escort was 
Mr. Bill Keehan, not Bob Spore. 
Winter Carnival was sadly un- 
derpublicized — more accurate- 
ly SHOT DOWN. Granted, the 
Qmoo Nominations should have 
been more publicized, or would 
you have charged for that, too? 
Hw dance lost money, but I'm 
sure an who were there enjoyed 
it Not all fuactiaM are held 
with the idea of creathig a ho- 
mangous (sic) profit. The event 
was planned and planned well. 
(I could comment on the plan- 
nfaig for some oditkns of this 
paper — !>• bo«i there whn 
doadttH roDs arooid. The truth 

A saggistisa — give yoor r^ 
porters AND EDITORS a 
course in newswriting. And, Fm 
certain there's more than 
enought (sic) news at the 
campus to pot hi year editorial 
newileltw (for that k what it k 
1) tatend of 
hem the Aaooe^ 
ated CoOeco Proas. Loeal sto- 
ries have BMre roadsr iateroet. 
As a atadaat aad a sohsldtaar of 
this paper. I eaa flad bottir 
driags to do wih aiy noasj 
Yellow Jonmaltaai saeh as dita 
woukl make OM — «>»">»^ to 
have my none la year mast- 
head, evident^ jmu have pride 
in your paper nor yov 

Pat ToBennrles 

inch spew aad enthusiasm in 
some time. I caa assare you 
that the former sperta editor 
will never write sports copy for 
the HARBINBER agahL 


Congratolatians for telling 
about thfaigs just like'they are 
at this college. Your newspaper 
is extremely readable and fun 
beeides. I know that like most 
of the other students here, 'I 
don't have time to fool around 
with high setwol types who be- 
lieve hi a lot of phoBy projects. 
That qosai eoalOBt was a Joke. 
So is the atadaot eenadL Keep 
OB telUi« it jost like it is. 
Ifaitia Aadsrsoa 

ED. NOTE: AHtoa#i the Ad-- 

of PraohnMB Mattte AnJariia. 

we are frWtef Ha letter la 

ED. NOTE: Yea ara to ho i 
menaad on jrov crMoao of the 
HARBINGER. I havrat road 

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Hate Us 
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Black Capitalism^ Ray of Hope 


(This is part one of a two-part series on the pressing 
problems and aspirations of the nation's black com- 
munity. Part two appears in the next ediUon.) 

^ Staff Writer 

As America enters the last thfrd of the twentieth 
century, she is faced with a crisis of the greatest mag- 
nitude. This crisis is commonly referred to as the urban 
crisis. As Senator Robert F. Kennedy stated a few days 
before his tragic assassination. "The next adminis- 
tration will face no problem more serious than the crisis 
in An^rican cities." For the last several years, we have 
seen this crisis deepen to a point where many wonder if 
the problem is even soluble. I think that it is. 
Although there ara many as- 

pects to the urban crisis, one 
prohioaa aooms to kiom above 
aUdMOthars. It is the problem 
of employment As SMMlor Bob- 
ert F. Kennedy pofertad out, 
"We aoed jobe, employmcot at 
• docoat pay " For too long, as 

Richard M. Nixon has 
white America has 
oooght to buy off the Negro. U 

this throogh fov«n»- 

. . the problem, but do 

aot solve it. The poUdca of the 
last thirty years have kopt taali- 
vidnals in unfortunate drcnm- 
stances dapoadoat on the feder- 
al government. Welfare has be- 

come a way of life for too amy 
ABMrieaas. bstaad of porpotu- 
adag this system, we should 
aoek to restore dignity to theae 
*faidhriduals. Hie best way to do 
this is throogh jobs. Fortmate- 
ly. much is boiog dttw ia tids 
area already, hot SBOeh aMre 
remahis to be dooe. First. 1st as 
coMidar what to i 
What b cadai 

a way ef life for maay. It to 
makiH it peasihto far hiacfcs 
!• bc««me eaptoyan as wd 
It takes many 
ad to called by numy 
In Kansas City. R to 

called Black Youth of Amer- 
fca. In Watt«. U is called Sans 
of WatU. In .New Orleans, it 
to called Black Youth for 

One form of black capitalism 
has been self-help. One of the 
Qrst examples of black self-help 
was started hi Watts in the 
form of the "Green Power 
Foundation." It started by pro- 
duchig basoholl baU, but has 
since expanded to hidude a 
trucking company. In cities 
acnaa the land, organization of 
Nogroeo are forming to start 
thata- own eorporatioas. and thto 
is ooe of the moot encotragtav 

ppoaiag on the Ameri- 

I today. 

Another form of black capital- 
ism has included ^n^rrm 
from sympathetic white iadhrid- 
uato and nnsntostlnns la thto 
area, Amerieaa besiaosB to bo- 

ginning to respond in a positive 
way. One example is Cleve- 
land's Warner and Swasey Qo., 
a machine tool firm, which has 
joined with existing Negro firms 
to expand their facilities. Other 
firms are providing on-the-job 
training for blacks. Recently, 
Ave. large Manhattan banks 
pledged $S0 million to assist mi- 
nority businessmen. The same 
thing is being done in other 
large American cities. 

•r help for 
black capitaltom to 
from the govamoM 

Smahl 1 

tnfim hu gaaraataed toou 
„,Mm. mlUton to prospective 
ha tto e as mea with incones he- 
tow the poverty level. Al- 
thoogk the program haa net 
hoan coaiptota^ saecoaoM to t, 
date, a to bolng rovtoed to 
make a I 

Black capitalism has also 
been successful when it receives 
aid from civil rights' groups. 
One fhie example of a auccess 
in this area occurred when the 
late Dr. Martin Luther King's 
Operation Breadbasket in Chi- 
cago forced local food chains to 
buy Mumbo barbecue sauce 
produced by Washington's Argia 
(Collins. After seven years of 
hard work, ColUns expects to 
earn a profit. 

These are only some of the 

1 of hiack capttaltom. 

Te he aore. there have heea 
some laUwres. Bat fortaaately 
the taltorea have 
ImaL Bat ta ■He tk 

to ho mode to m- 
der to make black Amer tea 
talMtBM parttcipaau ta the 
excWi« MaU of AaMrican 

Harper Calendar 

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Pro- The patatiag, 

A. Koadsoa, won a scape." to 

tlOO award hi the Msnicipal Art rtoo, 

LaagBo'a TInd Aanoal Chicago trate 
aad Vidaity Show. 

"City- cage's toop dnrii« 
of facte- school days. 



HARBINOER Editor Terry S. Babb (left) chedu with 
Bill Bohnhoff for Bohnhoff's latmt contribution, a 
cartoon panel. Bohnhoff. the HARBINGER photo edi- 
tor, combinea hto photofi^raphir talent with a sliarp 
artistic viewpoint. The adjacentvpaael, The life Cycle 
ef a Hawii, demonstrates that 




FMCe 4 


Taetday. April « 

Tteals Coach Roy Kemnu disciUMiA 
•HBe bMfe tectks with two of hi* ace 
ptoyen (left to right) Do(i« Mueller ud 
Von BoedBMHUL Mainstays of the 

Hawk team, Maeller and Voa 

maun pro\kled thr winning drive against 

the t>«o first op|H>aent». 




Ha«ks OdM 
tMB's iaiid 
■utch. 3 to 0. 

a M a«*-i: 


In doubles worii acainst Mor- 
too. Steve Engler aad Rao 
llcGr«(or worked three aets t» 
dMp Mflrtaa, M, M aod 14. 

The tMiis Hawks 
recular reasoB play _ 
too ia Racraatka Park. Ariia(- 
toa HaighU, oo Mooday. April 


Grove, ths Hawks weo, 
Acala K was Vaa 



In an carticr warm-up 
agaiBtt ■ (oor-year 

iar. Voa 

«.!. %X. MaeOer 

ler, M aad S-t. 

Kearas taw t 

"•trooc start. 

taa fUshad w«B tai 

Bis csnpatltkB last 

M. Eag- 

li a 


Tennis Team Wins 1st * 
Go^ Tops 4-yr. Squad 


Hm patkli« let Usck-tha 
"hof'-of tha sdMoB Is a 


; bacauM that'e 
for others 

hi Mr ptey. It's Im- 
U park tai their Ma: 
tts iMify la park la thaln. la 
Ms IBSIMII. the (tadeat teak 
ovar a lacally rfet la the facatty 

1- iHf. 

Ikolt iigr ai: Why oialn it 
harder by Januahig /into the 
facnity lot if it's i«raad that ths 
faculty should hasp to their ova 

Daoaoey and fair play demaad 
that we aQ maintain proper 
paikhiff decorum. Avoid parkh« 
eitatloM Uee the ahalMt Ms. 
Aad eocooracs the faculty to 
«s thain-hy allowh« thsm la 

;SportStope K^^\ 

Hawks Win 3 i^f 5 

Batting powerfully, tiie dia- 
inoDd Hawks have piled up 
three win and two loses in the 
young baseball aeaaoo. 

To date. Coach Oete Hbrtea't 
daggers kave wUpped Elgia. • 
U »: JoUot. 7 to •; Rock Valley. 
3 to t. 

The Hawks fell before Wau- 
aee, S to 1: Bock Valley. 1 to 
—the aoeoad gante of a double 

The pitddag raeord to date 
tees Kevia Biiiki with two 
wiu, DO ioaaes: Roa Kunde, 
ooe win. no kieaes; Ron Kunde, 
no wins, two loaaaa. 

.V Hfaitoo said Kuode lest a 
*'haart-breaker, " in the shutout 
by Bock VaUey Kuade faced 
Rock Valley's top m oa nrtwt a n 
in the loas which saw that col- 
lags iWd two ragrian frsa last 
year's taaas whkh paslad a Si- 
wio-aod-»-loaB raoord. 


Utnauml l|»S*or Tnck 
IM rtoc* Wta««r» 

"l.«« jum - u-io" - J«" 
iSi, nwMU - SI - Bin 

G<**>"- . . ...» 

ai(k BarSlM — S7 — Jrtf 

^ y4. Duk — «.l — J»e 

" Ui^ - M.1 - DM. Dutfy 
^ TtUi» — X2S — Brut.« Ai- 

Mlla — SOS — E4 LiMk 
IM>r "4" — 1 IIS - Ettl*- 


IMnmaml laSMT TnMk 

WUltem Gof*« 2 

euuKoucki « 

CS SSF 5 — - « 

'IS&.IduK" ■ » 

E4 DvTilM 

Angcto OimIuM» 
Omi Mdlrr , 


go la 



Jo* H«rTlty 
Chrt» P»n<-rmti 
MUu SchUWr 

\jn BardW* — 
Tom Ltnae 
Gerrj WlUKy 

BWk MatSlM — 
BlU Gordoa 

it VardOMh — 


are e*<aplalBr ef 
firit tatcrcalleglala 

*^"'"" aWtfTir 

— 5 

Dm Miri 

anaa Hal* 

a^u "«" — 

f»ld— Hrrrtty 

Moats Elected . . . . 

(cootinued from vt)^ I, caL S) 
rewrite by Dr. Jaaws Hini'vy, 
daaa of atadeaU. and Praak 
Borolli. dhactor of studeat 


Board critlcisai cHed the 
lack a( a 

report back to tho 
IKiaaduiH for priaary 
poley Is eaae than is 


railed criaiaal law — aad 
lack of review by alaiaal fjn- 

at tho board 

lalsak IMol 
Mbfllty af iwiliig ths 

aa "the boaia of 
wttlda the SSRC - 

the ravtaad coda wHch 
had hoaa drafkad by U» twa ad- 

the BoadMr of 
Iran the 


by a BUjority vote 
II WH BOW 00 resarrao lo lat 

for v^ 

at the 
of Apt* M. Bd Depha. 
tiaa C 

ler the If 

Oady Ewarts, 
aaotad a 
proval. Tho 
proved and 


The HARBINGER has been 
I to daoB op tbia parkh« 

for fata- play. Shrinis 
p«k hi their aroaa. faerity la 

idaat's dtaragard lor 
baale ralaa ia dtagastlBg. 
He's s hog-Us attitade hi- 
dkMes a general disregard for 
the rigfata of others. Ho 




S W. Cam^ri Sf. 
IW 1 



PHONE 255.t040 

^m My S sra. • 10 M- 

For The New 


in makeup. Go to 

the beil Blocked 

coBinetic bar around- 

f I iOIH Imp i>t— mi—kit li 
Omtmmmml k ■ ' 


II t. 







) - 





'30 Days to Replf^Kalish 

Harper College has been given 30 days, as of April 
24, to reply to a letter threatening a Federal court suit 
in the n<m-retention issue involving instructor Edward 
M. Kalish and Dr. Betty J. Enbysk. 

actions or otherwise to deprive leases made to the community making it "impossible for Mr. 

employes of their livelihood press, concerning the noo-reten- Kalish and Dr. Enbysk to de^ 

without due process of law." tion of the two histructors, were (end themselves against such 

The letter also mentions that re- . "vague and unprecise," thus charges ..." 

The letter, in the form of 
to board secretary Jessalyn 
ing at the Palatine campus 

Kattsh and Eiibyfk, who are 
Mk npresented by the Chicago 
fanr flm «f Wexler. Kaae aad 
See^awaig, were m( aoered 
c<«lract8 to retam to Harper ia 
tkeir tautnicttoiul pmMmu. 
Whea Ike board refaied to ez- 
plala why they were sat bdag 
iffsred coalraets. the two ta- 
retaiMd «h« law 

The first barrage of letters in 
the MHPHaiiUaD Imw of In- 
structor Edward Kaltah and Dr. 
Betty J. Enbysk wwe fired at 
the Harper CoUece board of 
during the March V 

b a lattw praMBM by Rich- 
ard L. Weodar fron the Chicago 

a legal writ, was fwesented 
Nicklas at the board meet- 
law firm, the board waa given 
two weeks to reply. The letter 
asked for the bowxfs reaaoa for 
the two taiatractors' employiBiat 

Copies of 'the two-page letter 
were mailed to Dr. Robert E. 
Lahti, Harper preaidiat; Rich- 
ard L. JohosoQ. preshhat of the 
board of tnwtees; Inatroctiepal 
Dean Kenneth Aadaen; John R. 
Biitbolz; history divlsioo chak- 
man, John H. Thompeon, divi- 
doo chairman of the science de- 
partment and Prank Hhies, the 
board's attorney. 

In part, the Isttv nutimi 
that A w i taiMt 14 of the 
Uattfld IMm OoMtMitta pnU- 
bita Uwi'arMlnrT or caprkiew 


Vol 2, N«. 12 

Monday, May 5. X9C9 


Drew Sees Roadblbcks 

$1,000 State Prize 
For Top Students 

a bnriMH firaia ia the state 
oat- vhid are ha^piic to 
the Junior 
also partldpate. 

he mat have good 
at Mi caOate^aad have 

Nationally famous cotamniat 
Drew Pearson k>oked into Presi- 
dent Nixon's future and pre- 
dicted roadblack action from 

mittee chairBoa. 

stadeat actiou oa eaaii 

But he wryly 
"campus wrecking, 

aimless de- 

more than 300 Hawfca and eem- 
miBity liilrtMdo in the Elk 
Grove campus fieU 
(Wedhwsdsy, April 14). 

He commeated oa the 
Itoa of Harper 
L.awreaco "Larry" 
the hoarg of 



Maahaaa aext May la CU> *• 

e^a. vlee 


— Congrasciooal ExpoMt 

ether event ia the cpnthalig 
coUage lectare I 

Two top vtaaars hi 
wil be cheaw Md «a MCh re- 
cMve a tMM cheek aad a tr»- 
fly. Hm t«a wtaasn at 
caaiyai wii reeeive (lit < 

T\» wftmtn tt tUa project 




ef the 

^ir S£'Sr-5 Board Lauds Publications 

"^" o*^ ^KM. paMC aMre aware ei ■■ aMg* 
• ^ twa — ton* Mttah «< the ^Hlar caBaga pr»- 

wHcfa is praeMlv $14,900 
M aiwrtai: 
ataHai M dw 
tte eompetJtioa 

of the 
to eacoan^ 

school ipMt. 



aad ta fba rae- 
diBM ia 

The eoOege board of tnateea 
otSdally praiaad the HABBIN- 
GKR aad the Halcyon, puhtt- 
>af TnaiBiliiiii in 


year. II wB b»' 

The A seecia t iea'i 


eaae la the 
ef a imlaMii preiialii 
tf Tlmftm Joke Haas aad 

Nkkla*. MUtoa 

A piMtaHiiB by 
Profaaoor Henry Roaphaa of- 
fered the IMi Halcyea aa|| aa 
editioa of the aewapoper heiira 
the boanL (llanday. April M). 

The boaN to Ma 
that the 


edHwt ef 

srry^. 1 

of Ae 

HaJryoa. IM7. Bahh wco( to 
work lor the HARBINGEIt as 
haatoaas aMaagcr to the eot- 

Staffer Calls For 
Harbinger Probe 

a war 

ta investigate the 

fltaadarda of the 


aa afRrmative vote of Harper 
I's atodeat seaate. 

The Good Friday "Hfte for the Rangry" 
■aw Hawks and fellow marchers huddled 
ambrellas and rain sUcfcen. Tteee 
commonlty stadents and faane 
adalts took part ia the 17-iiille Uke which 


aaaked from Park Ridge to the North- 
west Opportanity Center, Rolling Mead- 
ows Funds coUected west te three "food 
for the hnnpy" canM. 

The UMtka whieh was made 
St the Msr6h 17 meetmg of the 
senate, was sparked by several 
confhcto betweea reeeat HAR- 
BINGER editorial opinions and 

Tirry Carter 

NGQt it^ 

to seaata aiMalii, IBas Car- 
ter reqnctted "a hearteg. I»- 
vcfltigattag (he JoaniaHttic 
itsaiards hi the HARBI- 

A HARBINGER reporter 
asked Miss Carter what she 
meant by a "hearing." Miss 
Carta- replied that she was 
"sore" that she did not ask ter 
s "hearing" per aa. 

Chris Pancratz, senator, 
moved to a cc ept a 
pobUcatibaa hood. Iha 
waa accepted. 





, ^ 

PSfe 2 


MondAy, May 5, 1969 

Monday, Bby 5. 1969 / 



r , 




Haunts SSHC 

Indifference is common on a coUege campus, even 
more so in a community college, however, when apathy 
hiU a college organization the effects could be harm- 
ful to the entire campus. 

Like many other campus activities the student 
senate i< faced with the problem of poor attendance by 
itf ftadeot members. 

The problem is becoming more apparent at each 
meeting. At the April 14 meeting 12 senators were ab- 

The senate has a total of SO senators and five offi- 

There ere now fewer than 18 senators who remain 
in good standing Many of those who no longer remain 
were dismissed from the senate because of three or 
more unexeused absences. 

These senatcn^ were noCified by an official letter 
sUting they had missed m e el luf s and if they were still 
interested in remaining oo the senate they had to appeal 
to the ezecative board. Only one of the aaoalan liwired 
up at the next senate meeting and laqalrad aboot pncc- 
dures in remaining oMbajanale. 

Another incident involved students petttioitog for 
the vacant seats left by senators. These inler«ated stu- 
dents were sent a letter asking them to appear at a 
spedfic senate naaattag so thejr ooaM he recognized. Not 
one «f those '*new ssnatart" responded. 

Apathy is becoming apparent to the senMort who 
continue to attend meetings and work. 

With the end of the ssoMStar approMdiing. the sen- 
ate should net Merata this needless absenteeism There 
are budgets to approve, the speaker's policy to discuss. 
electians, the L.U.V. oampaiga and sodal eventa-4o 
meaCibn jut a f ew of the moneraits prajeels that shoaki 
be accomplished. There are too many proposals in pro- 
gress to quit now. 

In times when Harper student indifference is at iU 
highest, it's good to see a group diligently working on 
a worthwhile activity. 

During the past month, we've had the opportunity 
to sit in on elactions mnwirittae chalman Ed Dopke's 
Friday evening meetings Throughout the past four 
■uiiaslsiB at Harper we've never seen such orgaate- 
tion, mollvnUon and Auction in a student goveniMnt 

llie students at Harper owe a debt of gratitude to 
Ed Dopke and his election committee. This SMnselsr 
student voters can be sure tliat once they've cast OMir 
ballots, conflicts will not arise. 

Thanks for the excellent service. Ed, and the mem- 
bers of Tonr flaa committee. 

The Harbinger 

Terry S. Babb, Editor 

Terry Carter, Business-Circulation Manager 

Bill Bohnhoff, Photo Editor 


Reporters: Edward Spencer. Howard Baylin 
-«- — Doh Fraher 

Photographers: Joe Herrity, Dan Harris, 
Doug MacDonald^ 

Advisor Henry Roepken, assistant professor 

Harper Collac*, SIO Ok 

Tk« eptnloM •dlt«fl«II]r • 
of tb* editorial Mall aaS 
tkm or CMuItjr. 

of WimMn 
Wvd.. Ok Orswa vmi«a. Nl. 

Student Voices on Boards 
Develop As National Trends 

Harper College is not the ooly 
college or university ia the 
country to have student repre- 
•entatiM oo the boutl at 

b leaSacky. 

Uaivenlty el leatachy. Tke 

tmttM u 

a itale Uw 


At IfafyviOe CoUege la Teo- 
aasee, aeven students will be- 
vetiaf ntemben of tl>e 
' SMSta. The •'A1K:oI- 
lege CnaeU" hM beea farmed 
ot afat s hid a wti . six (acuity 
maasbars and afat ifSears el U>e 
admialatratloa. Hm eoiBcil will 
be the coUege's chief delUwr- 
ative and legislatiTe body re- 
spoaslble for loogjrai^ pian- 
aiag aad lor tHiwiing the aeliv- 
Ittaa of the aaivanitjr's caauao- 
At Southera DUnois' MacMtr- 

committees have been 
lislied at many 
througlKMit ttie country to make 
recommendations about 
chaagaa in atadent partidpa- 
At NortiMrn lUiMb Uaivenity 

(ACP) Nearly all studenU in- 
terviewed by the Star agrsad 
with the University Council pol- 
icy regarding student damaa- 

The policy, adaplad in Octo- 

ber, said: "Every attempt »: ' 
be made to diacuas iasoes 
rationally and to avotd violen 
or the uae of force. However, in 
tlM event ttw procesaea of d 
cnaiion fail, the issuea are de- 
tennind to be unnegotiabl . 
and disruption continues, the re- 
siiwiaihki officials will issue 
gal aetke to the group to d f 
If the aMmbars of ih 
refnae to eompty. they 
win be subject to arraat >n') 
charges of violatiag dvU bw." 

ray CaBafa, cuaaaa war* cao- 
ealad far throe days to allow 
atudeats to psrtMpato in 
caaspaa-wide dheani«s rala- 

facalty aM aA- 

•I the State \M- 

vanity ef New Ywk. 

Early Bird Barbara 8nMh Is the (irkt ttadeot to get 
her HalcyoB, as the yearheek nMde IU debut ia the 
Harper College book store. Thensas Rateliffe was 
there to Issae the first copy. 

Harper Calendar 

— iitf — Prtnt 



1 - Tr»<*. 

t »m 
Urn* t - t»M Say tar 


Away. I 

. IV 


■V 1*^ ''^'*<*- ■<•<* HaiA 
Rftera M«Mm*. 1 » n 

-• ft awto NiafftaM n^. Al Lki- 


■ar II - Ba««kaU WrlcM 
Colbtw Bom*, t so a ai 

TrnnU Baal WmI DfrMon 

■•» 11 - Trark NUn, At 
Blark Hawk CM(*(« 

u .j ^aat a a an nickiaixi 

May I* - TMMa. Oooiaimcc 

AtLa^rai«a. . 

— Awaraa mmmr at Caraaari 

For Joeane Yokes spring has spmag. flha takes a 
moment from a fast tsar of the recreatieBal sigbu 
to pose as the Calendar Girl of the EdltloB. She's 
active. RidiBg aad skiiag are among her recreaUon-* 
al iateresta. She is stadyhig Spaaish with an even- 
taal goal as a Spaidsh teacher — after a tear as an 
airline stewardoes. 

■y IT -Tnek. NJCAA. Oar 
San Oty. iTanaii 

Bat fhaB WWaiili BMW tJai- 
ytrwUf. Away. Ma.m. 

Ow Air" 4 U »m 

AM Dial. 

— Dantai 
campiM LttU* Th«at»r 

■ay I*. 

t a m . FnraM 


Coop Work Ahead in Racial Scene 


(This is part two of a two-part series on the pressing 
problems and aspirations of the nation's black com- 

What needs to be done? ITiere is much uofiniahed businaas be- 
te» tlie American people in the area of employment. There are 
aeveral thinp iHikh govanneia aad hialnsas oan do in cooperatioa 

Tb be sircaBiftil, any project most have tiie cooperatioa of all — 
fovsroneat. honasas, and most importaat of all, ttw individual par- 
ticipants. Working togetlier, g e w na n e u t and buaiaaM caa work on a 
three-point program which wiO do much to aolv* the proMam of 
employment in our poverty areas. 

1.) Homan Investment — One of the firat programa needhig 
is the Republican-sponaored Human Investment Act now 
ia CoQgraaa. lUa act would provide ux credt to tiMaa 
which train aad naplaj the anakiUed and imprava the 
tuts of the Mdsraaipkisfisd hi o« aatioa'a ghettoa 

Tba fact that Ola pnfreai veald probably he nueaarfai was 
soea a few years ago when Araaricaa buataaas waa given a aavao 
per cent tax credit for modenWag indaalrial ei|BipnMBt. 

As the record stiows, Amaricaa bosinaaa r w a pnn ded over- 
wfaatasiagly. Oaee aiMctad. iadoalry ahouU be oivad to uaa tUs tax 

1) Gore City De»a hi|i» s U - Tax cradhs ahooU be 

through legislation first offered by the late Senator Robert F. Kenne- 
dy, to thoae buaineases which locate new facilities and expand exiat- 
iog facilltiea in the core city. 

As PreeUeat NIxoa stated, comaieatlag oa a similar prs p aa 

al. "Free eaSerprtae goei where the praflta are. Tax laceattvea 

caa place theae proAts wktre the people are, aad where the need 

Enactment of Senator Kennedy's proposal wouki do juat that 

3.) National Job Opportunity Survey — There are aooM three to 
four millioo able-bodied American citiaaoa wtw caanot Qnd jobs at 

In spite of this fact, the claasified pagee of our a a w spa p a ts are 
thick with "Help Wanted" ads. The best soiution to solve thia prob- 
1am came from Preaidant Nixon early in his campaign for the Preai- 
dancy. He proposed the creation of a National Jo») Computer Bank. 
As he psaaad eat. "TWa H aa area where medera tec^ 

■alogy caa aarve haaua aaada." aad the pre^am waiUd sat ceat 

The computer woukl be placed in areaa of high unemploymeat 
and wouU contain information on available jshs, both hi the keal 
community aad througtnut the nation. Aa anamplofad man would 
tall the eoeipotar his akiUa, background, and aaeda, and wtthin min- 
atos. he woukl know where to aoak the Job or tmiaing he naeda. 
Ihsre is no reaaoo why compatars caaaot ha^ aaiva this proltlem if 
tkay caa be uaedHo match bays aad gtais for coUega dataa. 

Gold Coats Gild Harper Students 

GoU "coato" haven't become 
a fad oa Harper's campus, the 
gah you see waariag tham are 

byglaaiat greatly is dUhrat 
from iMth. 

The prtaiary daltoa al a 
eaatal tocMa oral 

The gaU smocks were erigl- 
aahy ehsiia tor wear aarlag 
lab milii : laay at the sl» 

wev to a their daaaoa. 

^i*h fci-«««. prafhytoala 

aptog X^aye. applytog pta- 
voattve ^tnto aaeh aa topical 

PriBarfly, they're for Ubora- 

Daatal Imlsaists are eflaa 
esateod wih dsatal iiilitiili 
sr Ub IsdiBlcim. The dnaal 

The sarvtoas of tfM daatal hr 

gintat ve parfanaad hi vuisos 

and ladanilM. Hi^iiIHi iha 

fs lato raMarch, taaehiag.aBd 
fiivato practice. 

I Election Group DraiU Plans \ 

Deatal Bygleae stadcats Marion Bauer (left) had 
Sherry CoHaua wear the aa« geld roaU worn by 
the Dental Hygleae gals oa the Harper Campus. The 
goU coals are wpra darlag all lab sesateaa. 

TlMrt w« ora -f- and kotw 
to ba, M o yaoc tnca dcmis 


A w »l i >9 ml Hm 

vofwtjf M flspsctoo^ to 
sotfud tfc« •(•rt for 



Electloa ComaOttee 


a fao. 

ITMB May » to May n aa Um 
Elk Gfwva aad the Paraat 


out strict proeadwal SMdtods to 

a special explanatory flyer 

wMd) waa published oo AprU 12. 

Ia order to be eUiiUe fto bal- 

tat plarnawt. atadsato maat 

wtth lao aaaaa 



• W. CaaiaMI St. 

ArllafHa HalaM i . HI. 

nr 1 


CarSi. eia# 
PHONI 2»-M4t 
Opaa eah S sjBL - 10 paL 


% poaU as oCtlcars most file peti- 
tioaa with ITS naaiaa. 
The ofOdal flyer spaOad oat 

flee akal be 

a ded al atlaa af 

tar aa al- 
to aiga 

aerve the 

to raa 

af af- 

For The New 


in make<^Pt Go to 

the best stocked 

coftneiic bar around — 

yA(M)*H AceissoaiSS 

Prom Fashion 

for your 


Beoutiful toft, toft 
chiffon,,colors white, 
pink, yellow, beige, 
light blue, block. 

rASHioM Aceiaaoaiis 



PheiM 392-3400 

Hoort Doily 9:30 to 9.-30 Sotunfciys 9j301o MO 






-. K 

PHB 4 


Monday, May 5, 1969 


>■»■ ...I I ? 

Teams Hit Rain, Foes 


Ace Hawk pitcher Kevlo Roetke has a 
moand huddle with catcher Gregory 
KroU. Roeske holds a three-win, no-io«s 

record (or the slau«n- Coach Getc Hln. 
ton ranks Roseke amoag the top huriers 
In the conference. 

Hawk shiggars ran the 
wkb 4 viM and 4 k«« as ratal 
irtliBiiiil to hampsr Ihs 
sad track onits. 

GMC^Otte HlatM praiacd 
EaMo't r«r«MmaacM. 

•TM«k hwfc - jBlt ■•( 
ia Mf kattfeig 


as tha «aa«iid aett fcD 

liaiin <l-«), iMBkM 

I (M) aad the* fefl again 


In the WUsoB 

uaaffidal "practice"win agslnit 
Georfft mutams CoUefe. a 
(our-yasr sqoad. 

Caach Roy Kcans Ufkad 
abairt a "Jaaipaekad" icia*- 
ale to catch ap wtth the taa- 

a l-and-S record, kidag 
his tiy against Triton. 

"Tlieae teams ^'vt 

■d kit's 

la the l-t»« kas 
lids was the lecood aiwtaat 
"haartbreaker" that Kuada^ax- 
1 00 the mound. 

Hw iHHris squad watched the 
rain opaas down. 
lU rseard to date - 2 wins 
— as well as an 

In track — the dnderpbaad- 
« — raawlthSwinsaadS 

Ia the first hone Beat 
(Thanday, April M) Chach 
Rshart Nalan's man pOad i* 
4M pstata ta 
with its tm pa 
VsUey ran off with hoaors 

"SportScope W^iS^* 

Who Wm Be AY? 

Who wiU be the IjAliBINGER 
Athlete of the'VeuT 

It's up to you to help the staff 
decide who it should be. 

Look at the good 
that are playing and hava 
played. Run over the roetars of 
athletes who competed in eron 
country, wrestUng, golf and bas- 

Than — hwk over the maa «a 

the track, tennis and 


The hacky ysaag 
who geU the HARBINGER 
■ad win ncelve the ■»«•- 
paper's AtMala af the Year 
award at the ealaga's awards 
dtaaar, PitdayJUay IS. hi Iha 
Arttagtaa Belghta C ai iaii l 
Pte the winner there wiD ha a 

paper wffl a^ttain a per- 
wlth year-to- 

p h i 1 Wnastcnf eU 


nahhad the half bOs with a 
111:04 and anchored the win- 
ata« mile relay team (3 44:«). 

Oraaa county ace Mike Elwart 
a^^f^ hesM a winner in the 
two«ils (U.UOS). He pUcwl 
ssesad hi tha adte ran with a 

In the unit's flnt nast (April 
4), Baipar soorad » palaU to 

year listings of tiie athlete so 

How do you heh) the news- 
paper select this atlUeta? 

Siaapiy write Us aaaie and 
Us team on a piece of paper 
aad drop that lata the news- 
paper's ho« la BaMlag «. 
Harper Grove. The HARBI- 
NGER aiallhos b aasoag the 
fscalty BiaBboies Jut off the 

AB that's left Is for you to 
"vole" ia this informal mi 
for your favorite Harper 

Who knows? You mlgld prafer 

of tha baaahaU 

team; perhaps you think 

of tha track team 

tha trashy. And 

of tha 

It's for you to fm hi tha 
blanks. Vote — and vote often. 

run second in a meet with Sauk » 
Vallay aad Prahie State. S«ik 
Valhv was firat with « patats. 
Prairia IMa crawtad hi with a 
meager S poiato. 


•ordy adiaed Isar af Ms 
lars ia ttMt aveirt. 

Woeateofdd woo the « 
raa for. tha taaa^'s sad 
place hi tbe( 



.fL .,' 


p, ... 



«• » 

.._• ■, 


\ ' 

I . 


""-lA .r 



Plan Grove Election Picnic 

It's a picnic for Harper students, announced Elections Com- 
mittee chairman Ed Dopke. 

In an effort to promote student voting during the elecUon 
week. May 19-22, the committee will sponsor a picnic at the Elk 
Grove campus on May 21-22. Dopke is hoping for a record turnout 
at the polls. 

The most pleasing part of the picnic klea is that the event is 
cost free. Candidates who are running for the various senatorial 
po.sitions will donate foods. The food will be served by the conunit- 
tee members. 

The picnic will also serve as a political arena for candidates 
soUciting votes from students who have not voted. '. 

Dopke said that through an informal gathering, such as the 
picnic, student voters have the opportunity to get to know the 
candidates and actually talk to the students who wiU be handlin* 
the projected $70,000 student activity fund next year 
* ^ ^'' P'*""'*" K^ound* on the Harper Grove wffl be open from 
6:00 p.m. untU 9:00 pjn. Dopke Indicated tluU the cafeteria will be 
used if weather prohibits the use of the Grove. 

Final Exams Roar Closer 

Final wramtnaficas — the pe- 
riod to the aaotsnee of the se- 
aieiter — b^ oa Ttauraday, 
May ». 

Doo't be overwhelmed by the 
•cbeduliog. Be viae, dip the 
dip several. Paste 
ia your noteboolB. Keep a 
in your waOal or your 

May n — SM to 7:00 pja. All 
dasMS (or labs) liiithwlin «a 
Moaday or Wm^miv at 4:io 
PJB. (F.V.) or S:00 pjn. 
1:00 to 10:00 p.m. AO Ei^lish 

win dhlMbals rooai sehsdaie) 
t — »:m to •:•• pjB. AO 
(or labs) liiglsslin oa 
r Waitesdigr at S:> 
pjB. (P.V.) or C:S pja. 

•jW to 10.10 p.m.'-AtfT 
or hOii) beghmins oa Moo- 
day or Wodaasdajr at 0:2$ 
p.m. (P.V. ( or 0:11 pm. 

Jaao > — 6:00 to 8:00 p.m All 
dasaes (or labs) begiuung on 
Moaday or Wednesday at 7:00 
p.ra. (F.V. (OR 7:50 p.m. 

— :30 to 10:90 p.m. AH rlaasis 
(or labs) bcfimiing oa Ttooa- 
day or Thuraday at 4:10 p.m. 
F.V.) or 5:00 p.m. (E.G.) 
*m» 4 — 1:00 to 1:00 p.m. All 
dassas (or laba) t>f*™'»^ « 
I^MSday or Thursday at SM 
pm. (F.V.) ( OR •:» pjn. 

•:» to »:» pm All daaas 
(or labs) »«i*""i"g on Toss- 
day or Tbursday at 0:S pm. 
r V. ( or t^lSp.ra.. (E.G.) ; 
*-><:« to t:00 pja. All 
(ar labs) bsfii^l^ oa 
rsd^ at 7:« 
p.m. (F.V ) or 750 (E.G.) 
— :S0 to 10:30 p.m. Any coo- 
Itobe arraaied 
witb sa iastroetor 
Except for the Eagliab 101 
toit, each in s tr a ctw wM 1 
ia I 

Law Skirts Campus 
With Female Stars 

Harper seevlty girt* 

girls. MiM Pst (MiU (Ml) aa4 Umim Laaden. 
files la tW sccvlty afficc at tkt Forwt View 

Don't bs sarprissd if yoa fiad 
Ttwr car boiit tkiatsd fev a to- 
nals la blao wui^ ■ gur 
HarpvOaOsft bss two womea 
sa the security force. 

The seearity gMa an Itts 
Liada Laaders aad Mks Pal 

Mist Lsadan said Uicy usual- 
ly don't isns tkketo altho^ 
they can. Tbtj bave eibsr 
duties - aecrotorial wort and 
patrol sssifHBsato. 

hUl Ume 

par, abe ssid ahs win pnbabiy 
caattaas hsr sdaeatisa ia tbb 

Misi oyta is Mharf^ a Ub- 
aral arts parma aad "may 
trsHfer to circle campus after 

Tbey became iaterested in the 
security dspartnaat ahsa Uht 
wore saksd to Isok tato ths pos- 

sfiiility of becoming security ca- 

tes of bar Jsbs is to scecpt 
payaNat of tidnto. N«rt year, 
aiw said, her duties as a sscre- 
tory-dsrk will be wkisaed oa 
the asw caoipas. Ttas sacority 
deps/tmsat wfO bavs a aew of ■ 
fk^ and wiD be using a comput- 

Miss CHsta usuaDy talces pa- 
trol duties sad works part-tbne 

waat careen 
aalaide tbe seevlty field. 
Miss Landers Is t T o U ad to 
the secretarial scieaee. 
After ber second year at Har- 

"Thcrc are a lot ef advaa- 
toges wwrUag hi tbe secnity 
dep«rtBieat.'\s«kl Mlsi Olsta. 
"Mka aa a s rta g people and tbe 
wai i bi g bears." Both can lor- 
■alate tk-lr bows tn salt 
tbeta- sebedrie. 

Baaidas Mlsa OlsU and Miaa 
Labders Qwre are nine men to 
tbe aecurity department. Whoa 
asked if tbajr receive say spe^ 
rial atteattaa troai ths men. 
Miss OMa aaswerad, "We're 
Just tto aas of the gays' 

Miss, Landers was graduated 
from Barrington high school 
and Mlas OisU from Sacred 
Heart of Mary. RoUiag Mead- 

room vhsrs tbe daas usually 

Any student having a probton 
or cooflict should make ar- 
rangements witb bis inatructor 
to uke tbe taM at Msthsr thas 
and place 'i— 'f^H by tbe in- 
structor With all testing com- 
pleted by 10:30 p.m. Thursday 
night, grade reporting forps 
sbouM be rsaipiatiJ sad ra- 
tmsd to the OHlea af ths Rag- 
istrar by 10:00 a.m., Saturday, 
June 7th. 

Voter^s Decision Time 
Campus Pix Scenes 

— page 2 

A Calendar Spring 

— poge 2 

Year II in Retrospect 

— pages 4 and 5 

Athlete of the Year 

— page 6 

Vol. 2. No. 13 
Tassday. Mby M. Wi 

WW Dean 
Sees Summer 

Tom Qark Wins 
MSA Scholarship 

Dr. Cbrisoa E Cnm. dsoa sf 
lbs dhdsioa of pubUc ssnrfcss at 
Western nitoois Uahwsity. 
orvis juaior college graduates 
tobsglB ssator ceasfs wait to 

Alt slaitet Tom Clark woe a 
aehslanMp to lbs MlHsspsHs 
Sehssl sf Art, MtoBsapeUs. Mto- 
Bosoto, ss s Oaallst to tbe first 
year srbd a rshi p caaipetMioa of 
thai ~ 


ia a 



for adviaiag and coun- 
, and lbs raiasad 

dark bapca to lake part in 
Am Miaacapnfa MmI •! 
Art'a Jaaiar year akro^. TMs 
plan altowi aotocMd 
tn attend aae of 

•ratod by fto sew 
of Oaleb ailtols to 
% Nctherlaada. 

with the artist 

Harper College art 
tor. Aaslataal ProfeMor WD- 
baas R. Farnt. cnamealcd on 
curb's award. 

"Tms la aa earwilHty lal- 

ented yooag aua wllh a great 

deal af 

all very | 

Oarfc will attend the Min^ 

aeapotis Scbod of Art hfi™*^ 

witb the Ml fall i 

comb, m., wffl 
aad tad Aagiat IS. 

•dtag tbe aum- 

nay sani op to U 

of crsdK to vsr- 

ad e»«mfcaiar actMttsi. All 

Punkay to 
UI Science 

Top 13 are Slated 
For Fall Semester 

r. William R. Ponkay 
sf msrlianlcal design isdi- 
Ddogy. bas bsaa sdscted to st- 
tead tbe Itohrars^ of nibwis 
Natkmal Science FoundaUon 
summer instituU in Urbaaa. 

Punkay was one of 90 tasthv- 
tors cbossB natioawkle to attend 
the SBBuaer inatltnte from June 
16 to August 9. 

Tbe partkipants were cbesaa 
gaograpbically^ in order to 
irtreagthea engineering tecb- 
Bdogy programs to fflineis- and 
tbrsagbout the Unted States. 

An partidpaato chasaa have 
bad at leaat two years of taacb- 
tog experience in machine de- 
sign technology or electronics 
technology programs at the ju- 
nior college or techntoal in- 
stitute level. 

Punds for tbe summer ia- 

I wffl attoad Har- 
per C^oOegs tbia fall AIT of the 
wiaaerB are Ugh school aeniors 
from ths sarrsaadtog Northwest 
sf ths U sto- 
^ to 
the program 

Tbe esecativc dirertnr' af 
the «ut« Bchatanblp cnmmis- 
alon. Dr. Jaocpb D. B«yd. said 
tbe acknianhip candMates are 
first evahutod en the basis of 
class raak dbd ACT test 

The next procedure is to then 
chose a aemifinahst grtxip 
This group usually consists of 
per cent of the total 

senk>ra in the competition. 

Each Bcmi-liaaUat cbnsra 
then receive* a stole schnlar- 
ship s ppB c a t toa. wWeb la 
oaad to fDc for a maaaliey 
award, in honorary award, or 
a certtficate of owrlL 
Hw sppli csttoa s ssnt back for 
monetary awards sre p ro ceawd 
and analyxed to determine fl- 
nandal need. 

Oa tbe application each stu- 
dent must relate his family's fi- 
nancial cu-cumstances to the 
cost of aa nUasto coOege se- 
lected by the stndsat. 

Stadento wHb fteaM^ial need 
are awarded np to $1,XOO, the 
•r taMoo and fees. - 


I provided by NSF It 
ia ader tbe direction of Profes- 
sor Jerry S. Dobrovobiy, head 
of the Universtty «sf nBnds' 
general «igineering depart- 

Punkay attended tbe Univer- 
sity of lUinoia where he re- 
ceived his BS. and M. Ed. de- 
grees. He majored in machine 
design, stren,{th of materials, 
architecture and 

Before coming to Harper, 
Ponkay taught in tbe 
Champaign Oxnmunity Schools 
and also at Canton Community 
College, in Canton Illinois. 

Siibjecto to be covered at the 
su'nmer institute wiU be "Ap^ 
plied Mathematics for Teachers 
of Engias sria g Technology " and 
'Analysis of Machine Systems 
I a c 1 u d i a g StatisUcs sad De- 




Page 2 


Tneaday. May ». Ita 

When Voting-Remember 

It's delightful decision time again at Harper. This 
week you will enter votii^g booths and vote for the can- 
didate of your choice. If elected, your candidate will 
control nearly $70,000 of student activity money, be 
instrumental in making important campus decisions and 
head the SSHC — a group which has certainly been on 
a downhill course this past year- 

In reviewing the candidates for the president's 
office, we really can't really support any of the candi- 

First, we thought that Ron Raup would be the can- 
didate of our choice. Raup, who is the most recent ap- 
pointed public relations director of the SSCH, has failed 
miserably in his duties. As public relations director, 
Raup's duties should have included supplying the HAR- 
BINGER (jyith voluminous stacks of information. We 
received Just one news release from Raup. 

Raup's big feather in his cap was the innovation of 
the information center in the concession stand in the 
cafeteria of the Elk Grove campus. The information 
owter was a great Idea until someone realized that stu- 
dents were not seeking information from the informa- 
tion booth. If a "winning" record such as that shadows 
Raup, he obviously isn't the HARBINGER'S presidential 

^ Since we beard that Christopher Pancratz was a 
praridential candidate we have been in a near state of 
shock. Pancratz. "The Riddle" (no one can figure him 
out) has l)een one of the newspaper's biggest hecklers, 
the basic principles of journalism. Pancratz 
•mazed when the HARBINGER won a national 
award for overall excellence. If elected, Pancratz. will 
be a real problem to every organiaed student group on 
campus. He may talk a smooth Une, but we don't think 
that "The Riddle" will practice what he praadies. 

A third candklate, — ]« a new- 
comer to the Harpet'pf^tical scene. He hasn't made an 
introduction of himself at the HARBINGER office. 

mtflt UBMcn, we woukl be persuaded to vote for 

-, rather than take a chance with either 

Pancratz or Raup. 

Here, There on Campus 

TMaiay. May M. vtm 


Page S 

A fire drill emptied Uie college- 
the Elk Grove campus on Tues- 
day. April 2». For the Hawks 
it was aa anexpected break ia 
Um ciaaarvem routine. Kmamg 
IMM, tiM nimor of "toaik 
■care" was circnlated. The drill 
waaat tke renlt ol a komk 


track aaa, Bab Spore, 
griauteea u he pala that eitra 
aMaatkiag into It for extra dia- 

M la 

VaOey and Trttaa. Harper waa 
in the meet. 

SSCH Adds 2 Topics-. War, Frats, Yippies 

On Probe Group 

Two sladSBts luve b«en 
Buned^ t wpteiMl board of 
tnalMs coBiaitlss ioniMd to 
probs pssriUs rtirflH-flf-tiK w - 
est created by the election of 
Uwteoce "Lartjr" Hosts t» tks 

Ite ^adsat ssasts pagod Sue 
MeOade sad Robert 
McDooougb for tte job. 

ns Kadsat saMts §1 Uanm 
coiapietod aad passed the So- 
deat Ceadoct Cods sad Sbosk- 

Both isnsB vort proseatod to 
w— bsi i at tbo Board of 
Troitoos bjr Um Kaseattvo 
Board if dM MBC. Ito ksaw 
will praeood far approval frsat 
tbo oaUro Board of THMtoos. 

The thind smMdmeat 

Section IV of Article I 

of the purpoaot of tbo Mdsat 

According to tbo SSHC coo- 
ttitution "All ■iiu»*t»ft rti 
pasaod by SSHC bhM ho eoa- 
flrmod by a majority of the itu- 
doat body of Harper CoUego be- 
fore becomiag effaedve " 

U Uieoe amandmeoU obtaia 
approval in thlf waek'a oloetlaa 
tbey win be affective oa June I 
•[.this year. 

A raduotiM Hft hM hasa 
MUoatod bjr la— b« of Bar- 
pot's fint gradaothv cUas. The 
idea was origiDatcd by aopb- 
OBMre Rick Wslsb. The Use to 
asv boiag coaskiorod tajr away 
■Is h hipss if startii« a 

(ACP) - If the bombing halt 
ia Vietnam leads to sn aad of 
the war there, the principal 
cauae of student protest in tias 
comtry wiU have beta re- 

that categariaoi m coMift 
■tadeMa la all tU|y dKWoaa. 
graattag oa "lliMlty" oaly 
•■CO la awhile aaeag the dl- 

A astionwido sarvoy by 

, that tlM war aov nuks 
fint — ahoad of donaitory 
rogatstioas aad civil ighu is- 
saas — in causing uareat tm 'W g 

deriag the iWT-« 

tm rmlt m y nialsttaaa 
•aid ta have caaaed yro- 
al 34 per c«at ef the to- 

te tho 

had It ro- 
^prevsl frooB tho otu- 
T1» sujvlty of 
Wt sao 
}■« Iho adMsr of 

Iko Iroo wu approvod by a 
msjertty ol aooators: howovor, 
tho pfoMoai of I 

It was diseaMad (fert tho 
taadi ttt ths tias bo oBsealsd 
by the aMslo kitka MM if tto 

Ooog MorDMaM. itafr phe«o 


I aagatlve 10- 

Map to the 

lag •yateia bcgm by him aad 

y ef ike 
to the oewipapcr aad the 
yearbook. The Halcyaa. 


tar MP-IO was pr»- 
bgr OM^ Bwarts. troo». 

felt the iodro atodnt body 
gradHstiaf daos ehoald 
part boeaaso It «aald be 

k ssBlroat. ehrU rltfMs _. 

•Uehsfsw yaors mo wort by 
brteM^ casM of rtadaat 
"^•oBKraiiiM, ism yase dri^ 
pod ta IbM ptaca - aceaoat- 
hW lor protosU St » par cast if 
thalBadtuU as. 

(ACP) - LeRigh IMvanity. 
Botkiibi. Pa ~ 

bf Okk LmIs. vko pnoUMt if 
Borkliy'a lator-fratOTdty CaM- 
dl, to aa iamo of " Mo a s aaii l " 
auqr ho tho roaaoa Ifeal k«lM> 
alliss sro bofoiBiag srchsk ■*• 

Tho total bodgot is 170 jn. 


aaaipM ora sf 
Oraafe wsy 
that hM faflad taf 

if Haipor 

flo May 5 to the 

Tho thTM 

a aix- 
r. May M. S-U 
p ji. to tho Elk Gro«« eafctaria. 

Tito utam mitfmlk 
for Friday. May a, vB I 
ths Idas of Msnk sad ths CM- 

• IfrolorBltlct wMh tU 
pto<|pa eight ymn age. nto 
yoar tt b dawa to u 




Another year, and another volume of this newspaper, 
is about ready for the record. Many things were accom- 
plished : a lot more has to be done. 

For those who worked, who tried, congratulations. For 
thoee who cried and moaned — and were even too cow- 
ardly to act or to write a letter to the editor, a kaid 
Bronx cheer. 

IWUflf about cry-babies, there are a boat load of 
thoaa aboard this collegiate ship In case you don't know 
what a cry haby is: Distinguishing features are loud 
complaints, preferably behind the backs <d those com- 
plained about. A cry baby doesn't confront an issue. He 
sneaks. He smugly disguises his actions as "personal 
'd^^kmacy, clever social politics." 

Jtet remember: Anyone who is afraid to confront an 
issue, to write a letter to the editor — and that includes 
faculty complainers — doesn't appreciate nor under- 
stand what decent, upright, direct action means. 

Harper Calendar 


■•*1» — Th* BulMnerr on ii»w»- 

■V I* - tt - SSHC ElMUom: 


tn» wttt ID 



p m EHi Orov* csmfiw auOlto- 

Hu » ■ SI— BBMlMai NMcmd 
— SsobmS 




Mmt n u ~ rtont, omni 

b««eh»ll tnumaineat 

May ts - Cnuntlng oT SBK SaBals. 

chlf^m PIrr Barpar MaiMli 

••nm} aiafvr." Raa4 IUI5. Noon. 

E» nmpm. pmrktnt lot. S« »*r 

ear. . 
■■V to -•- ttodmi Smatr Ms^laa. 3 

P . m Raofn 120. Eft (>Bv* 

campu* ^ 

■•0 M — iMt day of Mtool. 

■ay ia - MMMirlal Day 

*•■• t • • — Pbial Ekaiik 

*•» • — Oraioatiai Procram. SL 

Viator a» « Mu innn. ArUi«lan 

*mmr 11 - II - Sumnirr SdM 

•••• '• — Iwwnipf Si htMA b^ifna. 

The Harbinger 

Terry S. Babb. Editor 

Terry Carter, Business-Circulation Manager 

Bill Bohnhoff. Photo Editor 


Reporters: Edward Spencer, .Howard Baylin 
Don Fraher ^ 

Photographers: Joe Herrity, Dan Harris, 
Doug MacDonald 

Advisor: Henry Roepken, assistant professor 

PuMlahad twica monthly by and for tha ttudant* el WItlUm Ralnay 
Harpar Collaga. SIO Bk Oravo Blvd.. Ok oAiva Vlliact. Ill 60007. 

Tfe* opinion* adltorlally 
of Um «ditor<«l lUff and 
tlon or (acuity. 

In the HARBINGER are thoaa 
Raiily those of the admlntstra- 

The Sports and Activities Ckib of 
Harp«r CoU«9« is sponsoring o Rood 
Rally on Sundoy, Moy 25, 1969. 
Registration will bogin at noon at 
tho Ettc Grovo Hiah School parking 
lot. Tho cost win bo $4.00 por car. 
All students with a valid Harpor I.D. 
card are oncouragod to portkipato. 
Trophios will b« awarded for tho first 
three winning places. 

(ACP) -lews Stoto IMoor- 
sky. Asms. lows. Yoasf. 
id Yippto taadv Mny 
whoa stno of yoa aiay have 

read about to tho pspsis, to a 
apodal brood. Al Iho saaa tkno 
he'f our nprosMtsMvo. cvca 
thoogh ha prehahly dldn'i watch 
or car* about Jotanay Caraon's 
ahiw I^Modoy 

' crack a hook. 
'Tvo Jaal rood 



Calendar Girl MIm Margie Mart«n enhance* 
tb« lakefroBt to a begailtag gammer pose tbat'a 
mshing Uie tcaaoa. The blae-eye<l coed has 
brown hair, weigfai US pooada aad tUads S 

feet 5 inches. She's aodecldod aboat her tatore! 
Her cnrrent edocaUoaal latereat Is Hheral arta.' 
She's not only at home te a beach pooe. she's 
also at ease wUle water akiiag. 

For The New 


In melw^ i p, Go to 

the b«§t $tock«d 

co$metic bar around* 

ki yt «l — a. Stall* aMAkMLMtaw 
•■ Mrti, mm $ltM 


II Sw 

if thoM Ave categories or else 
ytu'n aiBOBg the graveyard 
gOBoration. That's aalf-ex- 

If yoM'ro a Jerry Rubin you're 
ia Psychology Today's malevo- 
taet dreamer eotogory. The ar- 
tido aays tlut oa sigtati^ yau 
tho uaiversity adsdalitralors 
pray ailiotly, roatore to us the 
apathy of tho UU's." Mslovo- 
lont droankars are also braaded 
aa activitiou, leftists, rsdlcals 
or saa rrh i Hi . If yoa taol oat of 
place aaiiat boards sad hhie 
JMM. JTM ml^ ho a mooihor 
of tho "kapt fMsratea." You 
fit horo If yM stlD vrtts 

If this aidtos your tai««st. 
aaothor ^cadamidoa offara 15 
hypothoaea to oiplain what is 
happoaiog to the younger geaar- 
aUsB. Psr iastaasa. you have a 
eholn bstwsM his critical 
bypothsais vWeh las* to the 
moral wtahMM asaeag m sad 
hia i fna s M O hypothoda wWch 
blames psreats for aur idool- 

Uke gahMO 

pig* wrttots. 
•dacalara awl 

•ta r ootyplag 

sad erack tho bosks bo- 
foro Johaay Csrooa. 

Joahay CarsM. study 
oa tho wook oadi (bocauaa you 
cM't got a dsto) sad rolMo to 
sMa iiijiiiBlit 
ty bakagtatho 

Mgkly MO Bads It hard lo 
■ay aoythh« arlghMl aboat 
What twe 
* U aiUch 
at dtsaMar IW ta« 
auiy hoi 


hovo plaoo. loo. Wo*f« 

Oa tho ottw haad. if tho 
varlTs est wvth ssvkif hi 
yaw way tt tMakfeig, ysaYo a 

WfoH Da M IM 
■arfiala at Iowa italo argw 
eoM Iha aam* fttau •< riewf 

I nrgo yM to road — pkk up 
a "Nowawook", a Hmpm% si- 
moot any cwraat pwtsdicsl. 
UitM - to tho boordod oaw in 
ho ball Chsafs CM M|r MMP 



thor it St losat mo 

la isasM ■ dMa's 
yM ts Isara, 


THE HARBINGER will sell 
you your favorite photo 
sports — clubs — 

activities — caltiulor girls — 

porking bogs ~ mixers — 


photo editor 

Mon. — Thon . Mon. & Wtd. Fri. 
2iOO-3:00 p.m. 9:30-10 p.m. 10.00-3:00 






Tho A^idws(t Coliogo of Fnginooring ii chortorad by 
tffo Stoto of lllinoii and operates utxiar tho guidanco 
of the Ovi Kano and the Solt Creek Chopters of tha 
Illinois Society of Professional Enginoori . 
Educational programs leading to tho locholor's do- 
groo ond lo tho AAoster's dogrM In Civil, Eloctricol, 
iftduttrial and Mochanlcal Enginooring, and to tho 
dogroo of Master of Engineering Administration ora 

Two years of pre-englneering oducotien it raq t l f rad for 
admission to the Bachelor's program, and a Bocholer'i 
degree in Engmeering or Science ii required for ad- 
mission to the Master's program. 
Cknsos art conducted at our Educational Center, 440 
South Finloy Road, Lombard, lllinoii, from 6-.00 P.M. 
to lOiOO P.M., Monday through Friday, and from 8;00 
A.M. to 5:00 P.M. on Saturday. 

The Fall Quarter will begin on September 29, 1969. 
Registration will bo held on September 25th and 2M%, 
from 6:30 P.M. to 9:30 P.M. For furthor Information, 
write P. O. Box 127, Lombard, Illinois 60140. 







TiMaday, May M. IMt 

A Look Back in the Harbinger 

On June S, Harper CoUege 
will officially et>d its aecood year 
o( operation and its last year oo 
its temporary campuses. 

In reviewii^ the iSMae of the 
•waod vohne «< the HARBI- 
NGER, the ataff VM awpciead 
that so maogr aetMttas hud tak- 
eo place dnriag the peat year. 

Ttw aeeead year started off 
with a reeonl eoroUmeot of ijsa 
atadMta — a record breaUag 
total wfaieh aieeeded the admto- 
sioos proJectiflB. mth more 
thaa eaoagh itiahiii fillta« 
hallwaya of the Ponat Vinr nd 
Bk Chtive earaposea, parUaf 
fNhlHBa aroee — and re- 
aaiaad wUk the 
thiwuliil the 


On Oct. 8, Dr. Bergan Evans, 
a Northwestern University E^- 
Uah prnfeaecr, was booked for a . 
return speaMng eogagenaeat at 
Harper. More thaa M» studeaU 
turiMd up to hear Evans. 

Othtf studeot activities ia- 
ehided a dance at the Elk 
Grove cafeteria, which featured 
the cmtanla PrsM AtfviMry 
Board. Claae ta m Hatparitaa 
attnded the Biinr. 

HARBINGER number S also 
carried news of the golf team 
five of six matches. 
I ta eoaline the Judo C3uh 
the dbaetlaa of Frank 

News e« iMmhafiia of the 

one game of the aevee reported. 
The bcglMilag ef the 
issue was 
la the Jaaaary M HARBIN- 
GKR. As a way ef es- 
prsirtig sappert fer the tw« 
firad facelty. CMUseltag Di- 
rector Or. Thomas Seward re- 

aaa wMea ran freai 

The first iasoe of the second 
heralded a lower en- 
than projected. One 
improveaMBt noted by stodaata 
was the smooth registratifla 
proeee s mapped out by Harper 
Registrar Doaa B. StaaatNoy. 

More thaa 1» stodaDU were 
hooored for their Ufh scholaatic 
ratiap. Hie stariaota ware di- 
vided htfo three divWo« - 
Tmateea, Deea's and Honors. 

The Director of Operation 
BresMlbftsiiet, Jeaae itk- 
son, spoke to the 
iMMly. After hb 
Jackson aaawcrcd a t a- 
deaf a qnea tl o n a pertain- 
ing to nfdal hnnea. 

and art work ware aoMiunced in 
the March 10 iaaue. The poblica- 
tioe wiU fall under the juriedic- 
lien of Stadent Adtivitea. 

Bob Wiats aad Hatb Baylin, 
two SSHC veteran avators, re- 
n* two aanaters dtad 
laaena for Quitting a dte- 
of the way the adminis- 
tratiot) over the seoate was 

An editorial critidsiag dM 
way studeot aenate irraapaaai- 
bility loat money in adminis- 
trating the Winter Carnival 
OB the ad- 

Ism's Asseciated CoBeglate 
Press. The ACP is aa associ- 
attea far college 
Mere thaa «• 
were iavolved la the eriti^ae. 
awarded a First Class cita- 
tioa. Aecerdfaig te HARBIN- 
GER Editor Terry 8. Babh. 
the newspaper award is the 
first award pre ae nle d te a sta- 
dent activity at Harper. 
Harper again made history — 
again this time oo i national 
baaia. TwentjNae year old Har- 
per BBphiaawa Larry Moats 
was aleetad to the eoUege's 
board of Ttust aaa at a commu- 
nity vote oo Sat. Apdl 13. MpaU 
replaced loduatrialiat John L. 
Kuraas of Barrington. 

The Rev Jeaae Jackson made 
haadhnea in the HARBINGER 
after he ticked off argumanta hi 
at Uaipar. lite 

Baglatiatioo proved to be aa exhanatiag; 


appeared 45 mtaalaB lata for bis 
acbeduled talk aad am await 
ifmttktBB Harperitas asked af- 
ter faia diaeertaUoo- 

Appeartag far the »it tine 
ia the March IT HARBl- 
trwrn the taealty. TW Ihtfft- 
falg Lot H*g" caasisted of a 
ef a faeahy aiaaiher's 
ta Ike siBdeat 
let. The lint target 
I "Uag" teatare was Ike 

Twenty-one y« 
dent IjuT)- Monta 
leetad to ^ the collcm's 
honnl of biuteea. AIhik- 
adly. Monta Is th« jroaoK- 
mt trustee to mfrvr on any 
eoUegr board. He defeat 
cd Imlniiilalial John Kar- 



dieted the reealte ef tta na. 
The baals af 
was Ika RAR. 
SINGER pek. whkh waa lah- 


The ant HARBINOER also 
pr«Biaii«M«a of 
frif aad 

The second HARBINGER r*. 
p««id the rsMKa «f the flto- 
dM 8mm» sbettn, which lat. 
«r In Uh yaar eansad s eonfhct 
iMeh nsaksd la the qaestka- 
^ of several sensto^a. 

ed hitke Ikkd HARBINGnL 
on Oct », Miaa Jaaa %af« 
•as aaaMd iiiiiiiil ii Ike 
Harper branek s( tka PMare 
a( AMrka. Tha la- 
van ksM at tka Drake 
aekidad a pre- 
view of the baakethaU taam'a 
plaae for the IS gaaM saasaa. 
Cross eeontry waa in ks Bid- 

Totally. m 
named to the Una. 

The sports page carried more 
bed news from tla hMJmthall 


Tta .. 

•VS TiBjy Beyer, Sandy Lack- 
owtti, Pat Teaarowics. Ckidf 
Bweits and Lanrhia West. IfbM 
LsckowlU waa elected by MP 

Per the eecead tkns in its 
ay. tks paaklM ef 
I of iasnactisn bM been va- 
cated. As of July 1. Dr G Ken- 
neth Andeen wiU leeva for WU- 
teaberg Uatvarsky. flprk«fieU, 
Ohio • 
with the 

aiag . will As dntiai «f 

at tha Hbaral arts 

■t Richard M. Nixoa. 
The ooUega beard of 
paaeed a reeotatia 
the HARBINGER aa aa award 
winning ahakat pahBcation 
Iks mstiaB was caOsd by 
Btaa aad was 
was the targalaf 

Allar a year ef hard work. 

five eeafliaad the paper's ear- 
lier prslsetlan of a victory for 


Plaas tor a literary publica- 
tiOB to conaiat of 

tacka. the BARBINGBR 
a w ai d i d ana ef 

by the Ualveraity ef 

" " " ef 

Abo aanoanead ia tke iMt is- 
sue of the eampoa ssaipapai 
were plaae for an award to be 
prosaatad te an athlete, who, 
•ccordiag ta Ike UABIOfOKR 
standards meats Ika ^aaM■ 
tk»tkm for Athlete of the 

«ve «e *e R alaa y Daae Cef^ 
lae Heaee. The par 
the iaeae Htfl Ihe 
wes aieved te safer 
The celfee 

Is ba pah- 
liahed. The p^sr WW aehsdrisd 
to be printed fay tha iMflttlsB at 
the PalathM eampoa. Ike pro- 
posed *>■§- ''ni ilie uader- 



the front page of 
thelasna, waa a story reportii^ 
that AM aSBC had accepted the 

lag Ike PaD alactian wMch 
CoouBktae chaimaa Ed Dopke 
charged was ennw a h e d with ir- 

One of fke speakers whn 

tbt Hnrper stn- 

boij was nationally 

cotamniat Drew 

Penrson dted 


thnt any 

hrto randMechs for 

Rk;haH IL Nix- 

ki m 

made the HARBINGBI'8 
iTMt page. The issae star t sd 

hi tm wttk tke mtK 
le seB dgarettae ki 
the bookstere. Campus admla- 
iatratars decHaed clearaace ef 
the stadeat alitioa. aad Oe 
c^arette sale Iseae weal ap ki 

flie iaaoes and 

I's sufwsl annual 
visk was another HARBINGER 
aadnsive. In a pa«e feakre 
each prominent facuky member 
was givaa a gift rsiative ta his 
coarse of iiislniction. 

b sports, Bsws of the basket- 
haO team's fumbling the ball 
rspoctad. Ths 


Taesday, May 20. 1969 



Duriflg the past year, several young 
co-eds have brightened the pages of 
the HARBINGER. Here are a few of 
our favorite Calendar Girls. 


The Winter Carnival qaeen eaadhUntes Sandy Lockowita wns elected qneen af 
were selected by the Student Senate, the week-long event. She's fieen at lower 
CkMW to 250 student balloU were cast. left. 


The HARBINGER'S "Parkinx Lot Hog " 
feature wat started off with a fHctnre 
composite of several noted faculty car.s 
parked in the stadent facility. The 

newspaper's feature sparked several 

faculty comments and persuaded some 

faculty members to park in their own 


The HAKBINOEB did it! The first stadent nettvfty to 
be cited by a national assodation waa the HARBIN- 
QER. Dr. Robert Lnhti. left, received the ACP awanl 
from editor Terry 8. Babb. The board of tnwtees 
hter app in ndBd tkn work of the newspaper with n 

The lack of parking space for students, 
enosed by record enrollment figures, was 

a situation students will never forget. 



♦--r^" ■ >, 




t ■ w 




Tnesday, May », M«» 

Hawks Post 7, 9 Record 

Hawk shiggan pounded aloag 
with 7 wins and 9 loeaes as the 
Mumn rolled to a close. 

The ilag<en went dowa be- 
fore the Bdgkty bata of the 
IHtaaia Jnior college cham- 
ylaM. Wright. U te 2. Pitcher 
KeviB Roetke loat It. (Ivln 
a mark ti S whM wU 3 

11» kne Harper scoring came 

•8 third baseman Kevin Freund 
poled a home run, driving in 
Jim Stamborski. 

In earlier action, the Hawka 
lost a douUe-header to Amund- 
aoi, 13 to » and 5 to 4: battled 
EI^ in another doublihtarter 
2 to and 5 to 4; A m u ad wn 
dumped the Hawks, l» to 1, and 
Tlioruton was pasted 6 to S. 
"This was a toogh bat re- 

wai^Uag first intercoUegUte 
basebaU seasMl." taid Coach 
Clete HlBtoa. "The team has 
played well and wiU be evea 
stroagM' ■''* seasoB." 
Hinton praised pitcher 
Roeake. He listed Jim Stam- 
borski, Kevin FYeund and sec- 
ond baseman Jim Erdman as 
"top notchers who have done 
much (or the team." 


cope -^^o--** 


Von Boeckmann learned 
Harbinger Athlete 



Fraat nm (left to 

^ ^ Gregwy KreO. Mig a iiw, J 

WmA r«i (I te r) Rkhard Tdly. Alaa Mayen- agar, aad Ang*** Co*i«*- 

■cheta. Kevia Roeske. CaMh Oeto Hlataa. 

Ti—da. aaa- 

Cinder Men Trot Home with 
4 Wins, 5 Losses in 1st Season 

Tennis ace William "Bill" 
Von Boeckmann is the HAR- 
BINGER athlete of the year. 

Von Boeckmann received the 
newq>aper's firct annual award 
at the college's award dinner, 
Friday. May 16, at the Carawei 
RMUnraat, ArUngtoe HdgMa. 

Described by hU csach. As- 
sistaiit P rsfc s as r Ray G. 
Kearas. aa a -s l i i i. a 4e- 
ttMs — aad a flae 
laa." Voa ■ ss c taa aaa 
irasMl mfhy 
aa the pet^taMat 
HARBINGER traphy. This 
pwaaiat trsfhy — aMre 
Ikaa twe (e«( un — win I 
la the ceOege'i trephy 
case aa the aew caaipaa. 
tt win serve as a latttag ra- 
mtaider d the cxceOat alhMk 
catribotioos made by devoted 
yoaBg meo determined to win 
(or Harper. 

"The choice was difficult to 
make — despite Von Boeck- 
mann's obvious excellence on 
the tennis court," said Terry S 
Babb. editor of the HARBIN 

"Many tiae yiaag Hawk 
athlete* had to be caaaMered. 
Aad If il ware paaaMe te 
award trapUes la thaai all. tt 
wsaM have heea ( 


tntftv fv 

■*• aiBHai "tiBMia of 

the year" is one of the coUagt's 
most notable. 

Capped with a bowl 
above a lymboUc athlete stand- 
ing in a i»<><V^*^ of pillars, the 
trophy is moused oo an sbsajr 

The Ustc aad imprcaalaa af 
hy the taw. 
as a wtB> 
goal far futare Har- 

OMck Bab«t Nolo'* OndM- 

fhw imm !■ Htm taaai's debut 

*1t wae a 

the saull 
eaC" saM Nalaa. "I'l 
ta aaH 
tarafaterdi y 

track team wM ha a pawar ta 

1 wMh by an af ear 

Wright 74. Haip« »; 
gl. Harper »; Wright 

Mart tt Barpar's aeariBg was 
hi tUvd plaea, •'ihav" poeitiaaa. 
ahew Ray 
placed third la »b«( 
acUML Scett Hap- 
la the pale 

Nolan said "—ihwi. a 
taraeat" aMaos a 1st la turutag 
aat a eaMMMtty H^eag unit 

la aetlsB agaiaat Ihorataa 
«d Wr^ with Wright la the 

IV Beat at 
River.' the Hawks aiaa- 
agai «• place Jaha F. "8eaa" 
Rysa nrtk ia the high hwdtea. 
Other thaa that, the sveat 
was a gtaaaiy eae ler the chi- 


li dul 

Baipar a 
far a 14th plaea 

Tennis Aces Sweep 
Perfect Season 

The Hawk racqaat 
waoad ^> a sucoaaiM sapsoB 
with 10 whis and what Isshsd 
like a clear Aot at a i 

William "Bill" Voa 
■aaa. aadcfeated Umself. led 
the teaais stars U aa 

regalar seaaea with Jast eae 

Geacfa Bajr 

Wright, Crane, 
Triton. Rock VaBcjr, 
and WlhMO. 

If there was aar other team 
to whip — the Hawks didn't 

"Ifpilihg aad grattfytag." 
aaM Eemraa. "This first aea- 
aaa hraaght eat a slate ef 
straag yeog aaea that be- 
came a gaed, faat team."* 
Keaiaa praised his onit (or 
play that saw it 

aasaag ths piayars 
was Tea I sec km a a a. Oeag 
Maelsr wcat thraagh the 

la the doablas. Steve 
aad Rbm Barry ran a caai- 

Vince E^- 
ler, competed in the singles (our 
times. And he won that many 

IWi was the flrat saaaoa far 
Hawk tataitaOafiate iMiia 
It showed again 
coaching, good play- 
ers and determinatisa could do 
in a toogh divialsB. 

Harper teams — twglght 
hi kecpiag with the 
schedale ef 
the caDege - had a big hill la 
cUmb. The tcaahi Ipam did 

TVe dMkr peaeders iae 19 far tfMlr "family 
pertraM:" Fraat rwv (I la r): Beb Warder. 
Fraak Dei C ladlc e . Paal P iaaat. Phil Ncal. 
Gary ElUs aad Jaha Maltaaa. Beeh rww (I ta r): 
Ceach R«i Bcaaemar. gcett Bivha. Mlhc El- 

wart. Doa Daffy, Boh Spare. Phtt WaealeafWd. 

Tern Mkbalfkl. Paal C ir a stt. a 

Nalaa. Team mcmben Faal 

Jaha "Seaa ' Ryaa are mls il ag (ram the team 


it raced ta the samadt 
sweeping ail appaaitioa 


Book Sforo, Inc. 

Senate Praise 

RaprtbUcan Senator Edward 
W. Brooke of Maasachusette 
congratulated 'hit HARBINGER 
and staff writer, Donald E. 
Frahw Jr., on Fraher's rccert 
two-part coverage of the racial 
sttoatioa in the United SUtes. 
Brooke called tht articles "a 
meaningful coilributioB." 


ahead . . . 





S Weat Campaea 

Arilngton l l al gtm 

CL 94641 

Alt Typn 0I Faprrbarkt 

Cliff and Monarch 

Study NoteM 


I have many excellent 
jobt for gait who ore 
planning a butinett ca- 
reer. There are position 
opeaingi for golt witt) 
no office training and 
openiMfs for golt wrho 
hove hod classes in typ- 
ing, shorthand, business 
moth etc. No matter 
what your skills or your 
coreer problem (college, 
marnog^ or business) 
give me o coll and I'll 
be glad to help. 


FS. i'm 23, m<Hri9d and 
hove five y*<''^ buiin^tt 




325 W. ProipKt A««. 

Mt. FrofpKt. MNnoit